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Trita’s top 10



I just got my latest give-me-money Trita email.


Before getting to his money pitch, the lifetime president of NIAC lobby has attached the above list of “NIAC top 10 accomplishments.”

Needless to say NIAC Lobby is quite proficient in taking credit for others’ efforts, exaggeration and even outright fabrication. This top 10 list of theirs is no exception.

However, since NIAC Lobby is too bashful to mention its most glaring failures in 2012, here are 3 of them:

1- Losing the lawsuit the lobby and its lifetime president jointly brought against an opponent of the Messianic Islamist Republic who through documented articles had outed the connection between the lifetime president and various high officials of the regime.

2- Delisting of the MKO from U.S. black list even though the lobby and its lifetime president had gone all out to block, something the Messianic Islamist Republic wanted.

3- And of course the long silence of the NIAC Lobby and the lifetime president after almost everyone in the world had condemned the brutal state murder of an Iranian weblogger, the late Sattar Beheshti.

Having said that, I wish NIAC Lobby and its lifetime president a prosperous 2013, and hope they will see the errors of their ways, register their lobby under The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and continue to make a good living serving their client(s).


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This looks like an end of the year review that Trita wrote for his boss who is wondering why he is paying him his salary but not getting any results!

"See boss, I have been supper busy all year!"

No Christmas bonus for Trita this year!

His biggest failure has been the ongoing and strengthening of the sanctions against the Regime, followed by the lack of progress on sham negotiations.



I see the person of many cyber identities with ADD is back. Not that his other personas on the new site were not recognized.

Keep on truckin!


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

Again a lot of hot air. First of all Mr Daei cannot continue with his untrue claims thanks to the verdict. Also you ridicule NIAC for fighting against MKO? So you like MKO? And you must have selective reading filter on, NIAC has been vocal on Nasrin Sotoudeh and others. Why would they be quiet about Sattar? Do they have family ties with the cyber police in Iran who committed the crime?



NIAC 2013 Goals

"Support a diplomatic agreement between U.S. and Iran to prevent war"
a noble cause, but is NIAC going to criticise IRI (for a change) for bringing this situation on Iran and Iranians by refusing to be responsible vs UN resolutions and the civilized world?

"Stop sanctions from blocking sales of food and medicine to Iran"
hardly a goal, there are no sanctions on food (IR has actually increased imposts of Wheat), and there are no sanctions on sales medicine , as Ms. Datsgerdy (IRI's ex minister of Health) has confirmed (she was fired today for admiting this and blaming IRI's central Bank for medicine shortages. is NIAC going to condemn IRI's central Bank (or IRI) for their shortcomings in providing medicine to Iranians?

"Support serious measures to advance human rights in Iran"
This a noble goal, I wait to see what are the details of the "serous measures" against IRI, that NIAC supports (since IRI is only entity that causing the human rights violations)



@IranFirst, There is a shortage of Speciality Medicine in Iran right now, and it's directly connected to the Sanction imposed on Iran.

The blame is both on America and Iran. They are just playing stupid Politics and innocent Iranians have to pay the price.



sweet, thank you for your comments. You are correct about shortage of some medicine in Iran. But IRI (both the health ministry and the central bank) are saying it is NOT due to sanctions. Health ministry says Central bank is not providing the money that it has promised to allocate and Central bank says it has the necessary money. I agree that Iranians should not be suffering, but it seems it is all due to IRI's mismanagement and priorities (which is not Iranian peoples' priorities, in my view). Unfortunately IRI has left not other ways for UN and other countries to respond, except war or sanctions, and as you mentioned above "non of us wants war". It is acceptable for the international community for IRI to continue its current behavior. Sanctions are the better choice of the bad choices that the irresponsible IRI has left for the international community




Having family in Iran who had his medication paid for and avaliable before the Sanctions were imposed on Iran, it makes it difficult for me to accept that the only blame is on Iran.

I see it as stubborn Politician on both sides,(America, Iran) that can't sit down together and talk something out.

Instead innocent people are stuck in the middle of it and have to suffer.

It's obvious that the sanctions have nothing to do with IRI current behavior,

when there are FAR worse governments out there that kill and torture their own people, and conducts acts of terror all around the world. yet the international community does NOT sanction those regimes.

The Sanctions have to be lifted , so Iran can sell it's oil, and spend that money buying medication and such., for Iranians.



I agree that innocent people are suffering, but I think it is ALL IRI's fault. IRI has lots of funds, for example IRI is paying daily for terrorist Assad to stay in power (it costs a lot to pay for a bankrupt country), it is building FREE housing for Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and it is paying Hamas, it is building FREE hospitals and housing in South America (to buy friends)..., these and many other misappropriated funds can be spent on Iranian people's many needs (including medicine). As I mentioned before, it is matter of priorities, and for the un-elected IRI, Iranians are not important (Islamic Causes and adventures are). The international community (not just few) has decided that IRI is acting irresponsibly in the matters related to nuclear arms and meeting its obligations (I wish the sanctions language included language about human rights in Iran too, but I don't think it does). The sanctions have everything to do with IRI's international behavior and being on the side of terrorists worldwide at the expense of Iranian people. Sanctions are the lesser of the two evils (sanctions and war) that IRI has brought on Iranians.Unless IRI changes its behavior , I don't see that the civilized international community is going to change its positions.



I see Iran playing politics and trying to extend it's influence across the region just like America, or Saudi Arabia at the moment.

Maybe you don't understnd Politics, but if America is Sanctioning Iran, it should also Sanction other countries in the region that are acting irresponsible.

I see the nuclear program as an excuse that Israel wants to use to bomb Iran.

I will support NIAC because it wants to bring democratic reforms to Iran without violent means , wars, and Sanctions.

I see the Sanctions as war aganist Iranians. If my family memeber can't no longer find medication due to the Sanctions, This is already a war aganist Iranians.



Dear Sweet,
Have you ever asked yourself why Israel wants to bomb Iran?
Have you ever asked yourself why we didn't have this problem when late shah was on power?
If one day you answered these 2 questions, all your puzzles will be resolved.



Helping terrorist Assad who has killed 40000+ of his own people is hardly extending influence, besides all moral issues of helping a war criminal, once Assad falls the new Syrian government won't be a friend of IRI for generations. If we had a democratic country Iranian people would put a stop to this and many other Islamic-inspired adventures of terrorist IRI is not USA , it is a poor, industrially backwards country that is living of its oil money with a large population (compared to Saudi). IRI routinely kills and jails its brightest minds to stay in power for few more days (2009).

Maybe you don't understand politics. it is UN and civilized world (not just US) who are sanctioning terrorist IRI. Free democratic countries can choose who they deal with. They refuse to deal with IRI which now wants to acquire atomic bomb to extend its dictatorship and the misery it has brought on Iranians (just like North Korea). US and other countries that are putting sanctions of IRI are democracies, their PEOPLE decide what is good for them and the world.

What is NIAC's detailed plan to bring democracy to Iran? and what is the time frame for it? This was tried in 2009 by Iranian people and we all saw what the terrorist IRI regime any aspirations of even slight change to its rule. How is NIAC leading this? I am not talking about few watered down "me too" statements that they release selectively after the fact, after everyone else has condemned acts of violence against Iranians in Iran. Why is it that NIAC can not bring itself to criticize IRI for the current mess , wht is it that in NIAC's view it is always US's fault in US-IRI dealings? Where is the daylight between NIAC and IRI? where is the "American" in NIAC's stances, and since it also claims to represent ALL Iranian in USA, where is the Iranian input to its pro-IRI (in my view) stances? do you or other members have discussions and input about this foreign policy approach, if yes , please provide a link. If these issues are not shared and are decided by Mr. Parsi , I will ask why? I applaud any work that NIAC's (and other Iranian-American organizations) volunteers and members have done for the betterment of life of Iranian - Americans. But at the moment (with no Iranian-American, and no American inputs) their foreign policy stances makes it looks more like "National IRI - Americans Council"

I hope your family gets the medications it needs.

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FYI alot of iranians I know blame both groups.
Maybe your social class is blaming one side of the equation.
My social class understands politics and blames both sides for this.

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Nasir Khosrow Poet, scientist, philosopher, mystic and traveler

With best wishes to you too, Fred, and hopes that your boss Daniel Pipes may also register the Middle East Forum under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) while disclosing to the IRS the fact that his main source of funding derives from the state of Israel.



iranvatan One Iran for all Iranians

I do question NIAC...I really don't understand Trita's position and stand the man is mysterious..

He wants to remove sanctions but he has no solutions on how to remove the Apartheid Fascist regime

He talks about helping Iranan Americans...but what help is he talking about

Trita and NIAC claim the speak against human rights violation committed by the fascist Islamist...I don't belive them because ther are no evidence of that..occasionaly they spoke but nothing Vocal or they have not been outspoken...

Trita...never has protested the rapes of Iranian prisoners

Trita has never protested the Murder of Iranian oppositions

So who are they and who do they represent..


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

I think you should visit their site I think you get most of your answers there.

A very very important thing to think about is that NIAC has always said that they are not an opposition group. They do not look for a regime change, they want to improve the international ties with Iran to benefit of its people. I agree with you that they do not seem to have a plan for Iran's future, but that is maybe because they do not see themselves as an opposition group.

I think also since they did not see themselves as opposition group, they are not as vocal as some other groups, but they have been very vocal about the political prisoners and have cooperated with persons like Shirin Ebadi on human rights situation in Iran.

I am not a member but I see them as a positive step for the Iranians everywhere. Other groups are mostly talk and some like MKO are into terroristic activities for different foreign countries. NIAC get actually somethings done.


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

But because NIAC isn't in the opposition camp, it's branded as "paid by the IRI", "IRI dogs", etc. We're a very black and white, either with us or against us culture.

I wonder what people think of PAAIA? From what I know they are run by Goli Ameri, a world famous neo-con.



Just wondering why this site is continuously attacking NIAC ??

Most of the points highlighted in this post is something most Iranians want.

None of us want a war with America or Israel.

Most of us think the Sanctions should be lifted, why should innocent Iranians suffer for stubborn politics on both sides (Iran and America)

Fred, If you have a better solution for Iranians, why don't you open your own organization?? Iranians would appreciate your help very much , we don't mind that you are an Israeli citizen!

Mr Parsi effort to help Iranians through diplomacy is commendable.

Most of the accusation about NIAC comes from Jewish media and lobby, because they much rather prefer war, death and destruction than anything else.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

I am a bit puzzled by this request for money. Based on numerous reports I've read , Mr Parsi and his organisation NIAC have been very amply funded by the islamist Republic of Iran. So why this nrequest for more money? Is this a question of a certain life style?