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NIAC Profiteering from Deceit



Based in Britain, Potkin Azarmehr is a tireless Iranian democracy advocate with special disdain for all the enablers of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic.

He has just posted an investigative report on the unfortunate death of the 15 year old Manoucher Esmaili-Liuis, the hemophiliac Iranian teenager whose death was used by all sorts of lovelies including NIAC lobby to erroneously blame sanctions which has begun to squeeze the Iranian murdering Islamist Rapists.

It is true, “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

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Arash None of your business

I have decided to make a donation to NIAC for every Blog that is posted against them on IC.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

I'd never buy a second hand car from this guy, not even a 1998 volvo with only (claimed!!!) 4000 miles on the clock! Not least since that would involve shaking his little, greasy, sweaty, soft deceitful hand!
And that is all I have to say about this blog, this man and his gang of lobbyists, ever ready to serve the highest paying employer!


iranvatan One Iran for all Iranians

This is what is important. We Iranians need to learn not to be sheeps and follow people, individuals and symbols or emblems. We have the tendency to exaggerate and make mountains out of people to a point that we have Fuhrers like Hitler but not like Mandela.
NIAC is a lobbyist group. You have to admit they are successful. Who they lobby for it has not been established yet? But one thing is true that they don't lobby for Iranians.
Most of their story had been about Palestinian and Palestinian causes during the Israel attack.
One commentator replied back to me that NIAC doesn't want to get politically involved and that is not true at all.
NIAC does advocate strongly for the Palestinian cause. But it falls short when it comes to advocate for the rights of Iranian people.
The fact that our Fascist Apartheid regime is pro ARAB and supports the Arab causes such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian terrorists groups is the core of their existence.
An Arab state and an Arab regime against the Iranian people and Iranian nation.
NIAC is their voice and advocate



Thanx Fred and thank you Putkin.
It's goo to see TP exposed........he is doone - we now need to focus on those who make TP our spokesman in America. The guy is neither Iranian nor American - yet he speaks for Iranian-Americans!!


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

Does anyone know who Arash Irandoost is? I've seen his website and articles, he asserts that both NIAC and PAAIA are IRI Lobbies in the US. I find him somewhat questionable. His group is called PDMI, I have never heard of them before.


G. Rahmanian

Dear Liberated,
Nothing should be shocking when it comes to Trita Parsi and the cunning wiles he employs to deceive Iranians in diaspora. NIAC lobby is hard at work trying to save the ruthless regime of the ayatollahs and their goons in Tehran. If Trita Parsi were smart, he would have known by now that nothing can save the regime.



IV fluids:

I must say I was shocked when I got the email from Trita Parsi with his IV fluid fairy tale of an aunt of an Iranian American. The story sounds like a badly written comedy for anyone with medical knowledge. Give me a break. Saline is a salt water solutions. there is no shortage of salt in Iran, and no shortage of salt water.
How out of touch is Trita. Why does NIAC work just to antagonize AIPAC a much more powerful entity.
Iranian-Americans are intereted in regime change. Anyone that lobbies for anything less is a direct or indirect agent of the Islamic regime.

Time for organization of a true representative of Iranian Americans and freedom loving Iranians in the homeland.




You and the Israeli Lobby can write thousands of articles bashing NIAC
It still doesn't stop the fact that thousands of Iranians identify with NIAC in every way possible.

I have alot of respect for NIAC because they are looking for a solution to bring democracy and freedom to Iran without violent wars that will only completely destroy Iran.

I know Israel likes wars, because it will destory Iran and make it a divided nation sort of like whats happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, but you have to accept the fact that Iranians don't want this.

We much rather support organizations such as NIAC that are protecting Iran and at the same time working for major Changes towards Democracy in Iran.

I hope you are enjoying Tel Aviv. :)



Dear Sweet,
Have you ever asked yourself why Israel wants the war with Iran?
Have you ever asked yourself why we didn't have this problem when late shah was on power in Iran?
If one day you find the answers to these 2 questions, most of your confusion will be solved.


G. Rahmanian

Dear Faramarz, IranFirst & Faraway,
Very well put!



The false IV-fluid story: Excerpt:

"In an appeal for more donations from these out of touch Iranian ex-pats, NIAC have come up with a story of an unnamed "aunt of an American Iranian" who was taken to hospital and needed IV fluid but the hospital had run out of IV fluid and couldn't buy any more because of the bad bad sanctions. NIAC claimed he unnamed "aunt of an American Iranian" was instead given a water drip and died as a result. So what can the super wealthy out of touch Iranian ex-pats living in America do to help their compatriots in Iran? Send IV fluids and medicine to them? No! Send money to NIAC!

I personally talked to at least ten hospitals throughout Iran and enquired about the possibility of something like this happening. All ten without exception laughed at me and confronted me with the question "Do you think we import IV fluid from the West? It is one of the most basic things we produce and even if it is badly required in remote parts; at a minimum we can produce a saline solution with common salt".

How sad is it that some people donate their hard earned money to this man?""

I personally wish all the wealth in the world so he doesn't have to stoop so low. It's embarrassing not just for him but for all Iranians he supposedly represents.