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Wrong from the very first page. What Rouhani simply doesn't get about Citizen's or Civil Rights.

Recently, as part of the latest ploy to convince the world, and then after that, common everyday Iranians, that Islamic rule necessarily equates to justice, Rouhani’s “Office” issued a grandiose scam intended to look like a declaration Citizen’s Rights.


On the very first page, a rambling pre-amble attempts to find some sort of golden goose-egg in the Ghoran, that ends up being nothing more than an ironically fatal typical Hafez faal (fortune telling), to abuse, to try and prove that the Iranian version of common Islam is really a fair minded oppressive religion. If you would just shut your damn mouth, and listen for a minute, before I give up, lose my temper and ask a Basiji to come by later tonight and shut it for you.


You see, that is the problem right off the Basiji’s proverbial bat. Citizen’s rights are determined by Citizens. They are not bestowed by self congratulating unelected caretakers, who want to look and feel “benevolent”.


In the first page of what I wouldn’t use for the removal of fecal matter, the assumption you are to blindly accept without argument or objection, is all too clear:


"…and according to certain principles in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, specifically the principles in Section 3 regarding the rights of the people, and in consideration of [Khomeini’s] historic 8 Article Directive [aka Commandments] in relation to the rights of the people, the law, the judicial, AND THE NEED FOR [THESE] RELATIONS AND RULES TO BE ISLAMIC…"


There you have it.


No need to read any further, as long as you like your Civic and Civil rights bathed in Islamic vinegar. Here are your Civic and Civil rights as Rouhani sees them, through Islam’s and Khomeini’s narrow-minded lens of ultra biased tyranny.


What’s that you say? Out of curiosity what does Section 3 of the the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran say about Citizen’s rights?


Good question!


Like most of the Iranian Constitution, that Khamenei rewrote in 1989 to suit his personal needs and simple boyhood yearning to be a Superhero one day, there are buried contradictions to what looks and sounds perfectly harmless, and even pretty good actually. This is it’s most evil genius.


The first 2 Articles of Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran go like this:


"Article 19 [No Discrimination, No Privileges]
All people of Iran, whatever the ethnic group or tribe to which they belong, enjoy equal rights; color, race, language, and the like, do not bestow any privilege.”


Sounds good so far right?


OK, now look at how it subtly shifts from clear total freedom to total Islamic interpretation;


"Article 20 [Equality Before Law]
All citizens of the country, both men and women, equally enjoy the protection of the law and enjoy all human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights, in conformity with Islamic criteria.”


See how cleverly it works? What is Islamic criteria you might say? Another good question! You will likely find out the answer when you are sitting in front of a Judge. One of the ones that Khamenei picks (It is his Constitutionally guaranteed job after all), appoints, and then bribes to do his bidding.


Further down you can read it in all of it’s full frontal tyrannical glory;


"Article 21 [Women’s Rights]
The government must ensure the rights of women in all respects, in conformity with Islamic criteria…”


And then there is this one;


"Article 22 [Human Dignity and Rights]
The dignity, life, property, rights, residence, and occupation of the individual are inviolate, except in cases sanctioned by [Islamic] law…”


Then, it looks like he simply got tired of “beating around the bush” and simply hurried the rest of it through, like this;


"Article 24 [Freedom of the Press]
Publications and the press have freedom of expression except when it is detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam or the rights of the public. The details of this exception will be specified by law.”


"Article 25 [Secrecy of Communication]
The inspection of letters and the failure to deliver them, the recording and disclosure of telephone conversations, the disclosure of telegraphic and telex communications, censorship, or the willful failure to transmit them, eavesdropping, and all forms of covert investigation are forbidden, except as provided by law."


Article 26 [Freedom of Association]
The formation of parties, societies, political or professional associations, as well as religious societies, whether Islamic or pertaining to one of the recognized religious minorities, is permitted provided they do not violate the principles of independence, freedom, national unity, the criteria of Islam, or the basis of the Islamic Republic. No one may be prevented from participating in the aforementioned groups, or be compelled to participate in them.


Article 27 [Freedom of Assembly]
Public gatherings and marches may be freely held, provided arms are not carried and that they are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam.


You can see the theme here. Pretty obviously oppressive.


By stacking the deck with the “Unless it violates Islamic Law” trump card, Khamenei has all but ensured that all that is needed to foul out of any game of independent thought, freedom aspiration, or any from of unapproved Liberty, is a law to conveniently prohibit it, as a threat to Islam.


Want to shut anything down in Iran? Simple! Call it a threat to Islam. And if you think about it, EVERYTHING could theoretically be a threat to Islam!


Ironically, the biggest threat to Islam seems to be Islam!


See folks, this is what happens when you get too much sleep, and allow thieves to run your life, and re-write your Constitution, and then willingly walk into the streets and under the gun, approve this nonsense in a sham referendum, and then call it your expression of freedom. You are most certainly a moron if thats what you did. And Boy! did we do it. Twice in fact. Myself included.


Now, on to Khomeini’s 8 Commandments. Once he had inherited power as the Shah went on an unannounced quickly planned vacation, Khomeini needed to establish the rules of the new game. And these rules needed to be in his favor of course. So he issued a Declaration of Independence of sorts, -no more of an 8-Directive set of Commandments of sorts. he set down 8 points which he needed in order to first set God as the ultimate ruler of Iran, but then in absence of God, all Mollahs in charge of God’s work. As long as everyone believes in God, this works. To be safe though, Khomeini wrote down 8 points as an insurance policy, that any funny business entertained by non-belief, would ever be able to make it into power.


It worked.


"Following the reminder for the need to Islamize all government organizations especially the Judiciary organizations and the need to put into effect the Commandments of God in the system of the Islamic Republic instead of the tyrannical laws of the former despotic regime, it is necessary to remind all the relevant authorities about certain points…"


"1 Providing the religious laws, their ratification and their announcement should be undertaken with the necessary meticulousness and speed…"


This was in order to use the law to put down anyone and everyone with the slightest objections. Iranian Islamic law is nothing if not meticulous.


"2 Attending to the competency of the judgment and the lower and higher courts should be done speedily and meticulously so [that] they are legalized and [made] Divine. Investigation of the competency of the rest of the staff and administrators of the affairs should take place [without] any silly faultfinding that is sometimes seen from certain radical elements…"


Or, allow religious approved people to do the work, and be put in power as soon possible.


"3 The Judiciary officials who fulfill the necessary Islamic conditions, whether at the prosecutor’s office or the courts of the Revolution must deliver the verdicts of Islam with independence and decisiveness and without procrastination and hesitation. [It] is also important for the rest of the organizations and bodies of the Islamic Republic system [the] armed forces and security-forces, the Guards Corps, the Komitehs, the Basij and other positions of authority to practice it…"


Or, anyone in this new club gets to practice this new Islamic justice as soon as possible. This is why today, brutality can be seen in all branches of the Iranian government. They have simply been given this license to act according to the set standard interpretation of Islamic Justice.


"4 No one has the right to prosecute any person or summon him without the order of the judge that must be based on the religious norms…"


Again, more proof of the establishment of the full authority of religious based law. Keep in mind, NONE of these commandments were ever debated in a public setting. when he wrote all of this nonsense, Iranians were told to stay in doors, and shiver in fear, awaiting their verdicts as sinners. The Iranian revolution had very little celebration. and as you can see, even less to celebrate.


"5 No one has the right to take ownership of possession of the property of any person whether movable or immovable or to usurp the right of any person, or confiscate and take custody except with the order of the religious magistrate…"


Again, religious rule without question, discussion, or debate. The 8-Directives of Khomeini are rarely read as they ought to be. Edicts of oppressive religious rule. Sometimes when I read them, I think I am reading something out of the Spanish Inquisition days when Catholicism ruled in this way. Maybe all of this is Karma. It certainly feels like deja vu.


"6 No one has the right to enter the house or shop or workplace of a person without the permission of their owners or arrest any person or in the name of discovery of crime or committing of sin. No one has the right to pursue and follow somebody or insult an individual and commit inhuman and un-Islamic acts or eavesdrop over the telephone, or make a recording on a cassette recorder on the pretext of locating a center of vice or in order to prove a crime and sin- however major the sin be. No one has the right to place listening devices or unearth the secrets of the people or work undercover to discover the sins of others or to disclose the secrets of others even if it is to a single person. All of these are crimes and are sins and some of them because they spread immorality and sins are among the cardinal sins. Those who commit any of the previously mentioned transgressions are criminals and merit religious compensations while some of them are liable for the religious verdict."


Wow! This one actually sounds great right! Not so fast. Remember I said, these edicts often bait you with a seemingly fair-minded item, only to rip it’s heart out later. Keep reading…


"7 What has been mentioned and declared to be forbidden are other than the instances that are in connection with the plots and groups that are opposed to Islam and the Islamic Republic order….

  • "Groups for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic system"
  • " assassinate sacred fighters"
  • "Groups that engage in hatching terrorist plots and spreading corruption on earth"
  • "...committing sacrilege in all the universities and colleges..."
  • "...severe action is to be taken."
  • "...leniency and negligence must not be shown to them."
  • "...find [center] of espionage and corruption against the Islamic Republic" 
  • "...act in accordance with the precept of” forbiddance of evil”"

"8 [The] chief of the Supreme Court and His Excellency the Prime Minister have a religious duty to thwart the above-mentioned affairs speedily and decisively. [committees] should then submit the results of their investigation to the sirs, and they by referring the complaints to the relevant authorities and prosecution of the violators, punish the guilty in accordance with the religious limits and penalties prescribed…"


Directive 8 tries to do two things at once, task the head judge and PM withcarryign out Islamic justice, and to assure the people, Islamic Justice is fair. As long as they abide by it. The hilarity of this proposal, “I will kill you if you try and spite me, now lets play!”, the cornerstone of why Islamic rule as experimented with in Iran has been an utter disaster in either establishing a moral society, or even promoting Islamic rule as being anything more than God enforced Marxism.


As all naively insulting Mollahs do, there is the traditional wrap up statement. This is often a synopsis of everything that was just spit into your face, repainted as a kind hearted moral honor, bathed in the most transparent vomit of feigned piety and totally obviously insincere selfless humility. It is absolutely intended to make the Mollah look like a servant to God, as he outlines all of the God-like powers he has just told everyone are his absolute intention to wield.


Here is Khomeini’s truest expression of what he really believed and the truest statement of his unfiltered and un-edited intentions.


"From now on when it is the time of consolidation and construction, the nation must feel at peace, secure, and continue with their tasks with relief and assurance. They should support the great Islam and the Islamic government and regard the Judiciary in respect of the appeals and execution of Islamic justice and verdicts, to be in their service. The security and police forces and the Guards Corps and the Komitehs should be regarded as being responsible for the peace and security of themselves and the country. This is the responsibility of all, to enforce it results in the consent of God and happiness both in this world and the afterlife while the violation of it results in the wrath of the Omnipotent God and the chastisement in the afterlife and prosecution and punishment in the world. I beseech the Omnipotent God to safeguard us from all omissions and sins and that He sanctions the Islamic Republic and links it to the worldwide rule of the Up-riser of the progeny of Muhammad- May God’s peace be upon him and his progeny. May God’s peace be upon His righteous servants."


Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini


Visfor Voy @VisforVoy

Voy! Is an Iranian expression of great frustration. A play on the film and comic book adaptation "V is for Vendetta". Get it? Object to Iran, and put energy into Pragmatic (not reckless, dangerous or foolhardy) Opposition to it.


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When a nation believe and trust a free loader Akhond they deserve to be threaded as they have been. As we say in Persian “Khalayegh Har Chi Layegh”. Shah was a dictator however every person with average IQ knew Akhonds are free loaders, lazy, and useless creatures. Islamic law is the Arab law of seven century, the least civilized society of time.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Visfor Voy and Zendanian, don't mean to burst either of your bubbles so I won't insult your views today, but just ask for some clarification and entertainment.

In "a democratic system", these mind controllers are the same people with their supporters who be one side of the national electorate. The other side, let us call them the relatively sane, will be able to and will likely commit unimaginable crimes themselves and have people support them out of the terror of these morons coming to power. Does logic work with either of you at any point? How do you really make your decisions? Because I sure would like to know how you hold views that would send those you say you care for to a hell worse than the one the religious con artists invent with their imagination to scare their first victims, ie their supporters and for this hell will stay for good or until the country is freed by an act of foreign invasion? For just one moment take your mind off the reality of how "democratic systems" are the most unjust, criminally murderous regimes in all human History so far for the rest of humanity, just focus on the price Iranians will pay with these people, who by the way will never accept a separation of Church and State.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Agha jan you are simply allergic to the notion of self organization & self government.
Iranian people don't need any "agha baala sar" to tell us how to live, think or behave.
Iranian people have demonstrated many times that they're fully capable of self government & self rule.
After we overthrow Islamic Republic of Hell we shall demonstrate to the whole world our capacities of self rule & self organization once again.



Agha Jan when was the last time you traveled to Iran. It is not the regime that is in hell, it is its people who believe in their religion deeply. It might be wrong to your purified, filtered Iranian born mentalities but the majority people in Iran really believe in their religion and practices even the government of Iran is against some of their rituals. Travel to state of Azerbaijan during "Ashura", you will see how people lacerate their heads with knife or any other sharp objects in order to show their respect to Imam Hussein even though the government has totally banned the rituals. Do you remember the first day you used the "Frangi" toilet'; First you sat on it with your two feet on top then you modified yourself in between and finally you sat on it like any other people who use it. 1400 years of Islam needs at least 100 years of modifications and understandings. The government of people did not come from Mars, they are all Iranian who try to move the wagon ahead even evils outside the country would not like this wagon move forward. ( Iran-Iraq war and chemical agents, Nuclear issues and so on so forth). Please don't blame something that you have no idea who is ruling who, government, people, or other elements.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Agha jan people of Iran did not revolt against shah to establish death by stoning, flogging in public or Gender-Apartheid.
People all over the world, including Iran, are religious, that does not mean they want a religious government or theocracy.
If "observers" such as yourself weren't so clueless they might have recalled that four years ago, people of Iran actually voted against the system, and this government is there only because of brutal violence.
Take away the Basiji thugs from street corners these murdering mullahs will be out of power in less than a day.
You may keep you cleaning rituals to yourself, we all know where your "spirituality" emanates from!


Ashianeh Raise your words, not your voice It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Rumi

At no point Khomeini lied about the nature of the regime he intended to establish. What we have today is exactly what he had in mind, in words and in actions. His promised utopia is this “diabolique” Islamic Republic we have today.


Visfor Voy Voy! Is an Iranian expression of great frustration. A play on the film and comic book adaptation "V is for Vendetta". Get it? Object to Iran, and put energy into Pragmatic (not reckless, dangerous or foolhardy) Opposition to it.

I would agree to your statement with a qualification. At no point AFTER he gained FULL power, did he lie. In his path to gaining this power, he totally lied all the way from Paris to Tehran. Listen to the tapes that paved his way home.

Of course, according to Islam, you can do this. In Islam it is OK and even encouraged to lie if your ultimate aim is to protect Islam.

This is the primary argument as to why Iran is now lying about it's true nuclear intentions. There is no proof or inspections needed.

The simple only question that needs to be asked at these Geneva meetings needs to be this:

"Iran, according to your religious beliefs, and in order to defend your stated intention of protecting Islam, if you were intentionally building a nuclear arsenal, would you tell us the truth about that?"

To which Iran has to answer, "No, according to my belief, it is perfectly OK to lie in order to protect Islam."

Which is why any agreements or sanctions, are entirely pointless.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Ashianeh jan do you remember the statements and promises he gave everyday while he was in France, under that apple tree?
I don't think anyone could find a single "diabolical" statement or promise in there.
We as a nation were naive & stupid enough to buy his horse manure, he was also a very polished bulls..t artist, a true akhond!


Ashianeh Raise your words, not your voice It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Rumi

All I can say is that we wanted to be duped, otherwise, who would have expected anything different from an akhond?


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

That's really not saying much, plus the fact that is incredibly simplistic & reductive. Those fateful months from August 1978 to March 1979 remain a lot more complex than reducing them to a single unitary "we".


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

This is why regular Iranians, educated and uneducated, keep Re-creating a Khod-Ah, in wish to be saved from individuals with mental diseases who base their ideas on other people with mental diseases and wanting to spread their nonsense on others. I suppose the Holy answer from the corrupt religious authorities is Iranians should all start playing tic-tac-toe.

For these IRI Officials to be hold any Official Reputation in Iran, to influence anyone is a disgusting disgrace and source of National Humiliation. Iran has become under the C.I.A. of Iran, The Corrupt Islamic Authorities of Iran, like a fertilizer for mediocrity, ignorance, retardation and viciousness on a scale that, based on her recent passed was unimaginable. The Success for the USA and UK in this case is forcing most Iranians within Iran to Live with out any sense of true accomplishment, health, well being or happiness in their lives, not just the USA and UK, but also those who support the I.R.I. politically so it can be this source of this despotic tyranny for All Iranians.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Thanks for a thirty eight paragraph article proving that a theocracy in Iran cannot guarantee the right of Iranian citizens!
What's missing and sorely needed is an Iranian Human Rights Charter conceived, written and consented by Iranian citizens ourselves, from the bottom-up.
As usual Iranian religious & national minorities have long developed their own versions of Human Rights charters. We need to put these together, synthesize them, and out of that amalgam hopefully we'll come up with a Human Rights charter that is a true expression of our needs.


Visfor Voy Voy! Is an Iranian expression of great frustration. A play on the film and comic book adaptation "V is for Vendetta". Get it? Object to Iran, and put energy into Pragmatic (not reckless, dangerous or foolhardy) Opposition to it.

Sometimes, I admit that I can get carried away.

But it is important to document the details sometimes :)

I would argue that we don't really need to do much. Everything has already been done, the shop has been laid out for us. All we have to do is make the decision to go shopping.

"The store" has everything we could possibly need to prepare a fully delicious Iranian meal. Of course this meal has not been served before, so it will take us some time to perfect "the recipe".


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for documentation too (after all isn't that what they tell you first when learning to write computer codes: documentation, documentation!).
Although we have all the parts ready and the "only" thing missing is putting these parts together, this task of synthesizing & coordination amongst different parts of Iranian communities (inside the country or abroad) might prove to be the most difficult part.
A good portion of our community remain highly sectarian (true to our Shitte heritage), not used to dialogue (true to our monologue driven Aryan-Islamic culture) and safely tucked away in our respective comfort zones (due to our lack of work ethics & enjoying Oil monies for a bit too long).
Despite these obstacles many objective factors are working against IR: its deepening legitimacy crisis, Iran's economic crisis, and a slow but sure resurgence of hope amongst ordinary Iranians. As that old Persian saying goes:
"Shab deraaz ast o ghalandar porkar!"