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قاچ زین را محکم بچسبیم، سوارکاری پیشکش! | iran-emrooz

فرارو- یک استاد دانشگاه در بیان دلایل عدم بازگشت نخبگان به کشور گفت: «یکی از دلایل خیلی از ایرانی‌هایی که در آمریکا، اروپا یا کانادا می‌مانند و به کشور باز نمی‌گردند فارغ از مسئله عدم امید به آینده کشور و فقدان احساس امنیت سیاسی و اجتماعی، موضوع آینده فرزندان آن‌ها است.»

وزیر علوم، تحقیقات و فناوری آمار خروج نخبگان از کشور را ۱۵۰ هزار نفر در سال عنوان کرد و گفت: با مهاجرت مغز‌ها سالانه ۱۵۰ میلیارد دلار به دیگر کشور‌ها کمک می‌کنیم.

رضا فرجی دنا به تلاش کشور چین برای ...

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G. Rahmanian

Now suddenly the ruling mullahs want their cake and eat it too. "Ham kharo mikhaan ham khormaa!" For the authorities in Tehran, talking about the real causes would be like spitting in the air. "Tofeh sar baalaa!" They know exactly what's wrong!

Rouhani is here to save the regime. That's all. He loves sloganeering as much as his foul-mouthed predecessor, Ahmadinejad. For thirty-five years Rouhani enjoyed chanting "Death to America!" This and other slogans in addition to regime's devastating economic and financial "plans," unprecedented graft, nepotism, social and political suppression, etc. have only brought misery and despair on Iranians.

One must be out of his mind to taste freedom and have opportunities for growth in the West and want to return to the Islamic hellhole created by the regime in Tehran. Educated Iranians have no interest in living in the "Golden Era" of Islam of 1400 years ago and witness the destruction of their country in the hands of a bunch of ragheads and their goons.

If you don't believe me, ask Mr. Zarif, regime's foreign minister, who raised his kids in the US. Or talk to other big and little regime supporters who live in the free world!