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My Questions for Trita Parsi

I posted this comment on Trita Parsi's recent blog.  I'm also posting it here as a blog in case he decides to delete the comment and block me from the thread.  Here's the comment:


The irony here is, Mr. Parsi, that you speak of those who try to silence you, when you're the person who deletes and blocks those who post comments that are critical of your organization.  see below, and the deleted comment of Rozbeh Gilani.  Unless the comment contained a personal attack against you (personally) or profanity, why did you delete it and block the user?  Care to explain?  An explanation will help boost your credibility and the credibility of your organization.


Also, can you please explain why you include those email addresses (such as mine that you obtained from as "subscribers" and supporters of your organization?


Incidentally, I will go ahead and blog this comment in case you feel like deleting and blocking me as well.


I would also like to ask two other questions of Mr. Parsi:


1) Where do you stand on the imminent execution of Behrouz Alkhani, the Iranian political prisoner?  Please be specific.  We do not want a general answer that you're opposed to all human rights violations anywhere in the world. 


2) Has Houshang Amirahmadi, the person who helped establish your organization, and the person who brought you from Sweden and made you the head of NIAC, ever received funds from the Islamic Republic of Iran for various activties, including seminars, etc.?

Thank you.


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I asked him under his own thread - no I ask again:

Mr. Parsi
For further clarifications - can you provide us with the names of the Elementary and Middle Schools you attended in Sweden and under what name?


G. Rahmanian

Faramarz's comment is on the spot.

The guy is weak. He lacks in self-confidence. He has been on a short leash for far too long. Remember, he came to the US for his initial orientation for his future job whe he was a high-school kid. He grew up knowing nothing but taking orders from people who have no mercy on anyone or anything when it comes to their personal or corporate interests. At times, I feel sorry for Trita Parsi for having sold his heart and soul for a mere tiny handout. He does not seem to be ambitious at all.



Trita did no think to like my comment and hence he deleted it. Here is the comment that I forwarded to him which he decided to delete instead of answering. Any wise person would see a worthy feedback in that, but not Trita.

"Your anti war stance could have had a lot of support if you combined it with care for human rights and political prisoners in Iran. You claim to be the voice of Iranian-Americans but have turned to be the voice of IRI. Whether you like it or not you are not trusted by many people now and deleting this comment would not change that either."



Dear Faramarz, I am sorry I did not see your comment to me in time. I hear you!


Anonymous Observer

NIAC's "vast neocon conspiracy" claim is a page out of IR's handbook. For the past 34 years, the IR has spent billions of dollars in constantly and relentlessly portraying itself as some sort of the "victim" of the amorphous "West." It never does anything wrong, and everything that happens to it--and by extension--to the Iranian people, is a result of everyone's conspiracy against it. So, it's really not that strange to see NIAC follow the same line of propaganda--and in the face of overwhelming evidence that shows its connection to the Islamic Republic---it tries to portray itself as the victim. In NIAC's case, and because of the fact that the organization is actually based in the "West," they have to find another make-believe enemy, and that is unfortunately you, Mr. Dai, and the amorphous "neocons."



Okay here is my comment that I want to post in Mr. Parsi's blog: just in case I do not come back I don't want the message to be lost; :)

"What is Freedom of Expression? Without freedom to offend it ceases to exist." Salman Rushdie.

Okay here I go........Nos moritari das salutamos :)



Trita Soo'edi is on a short leash!

Those of us who have been around the Corporate America for a while know how it operates. They give you a set of objectives with metrics and except you to meet and exceed those objectives, otherwise they show you the door.

Trita had two measurable objectives. First was to use fear mongering to get Iranian-Americans to join NIAC and get him the support base that he needed to lobby on behalf of the Regime and the oil interest. Well, the Iranian-American community rejected him and NIAC like a foreign organ to the extent that the guy can't even show his face in an Iranian restaurant, grocery store or concert.

Second, he was supposed to get the wheels in motion to lift the sanctions on the Regime using all the available tools such as the threats of war, rising oil prices, Israel lobby, closing of the Strait of Hormuz and the shortage of food and medicine in Iran. None of his efforts worked and here he is at the end of the year looking at two serious deadlines; Regime's nuclear file being referred from IAEA to the UN Security Council in March and the Regime's Presidential 'elections' in June which represent the last opportunity for the Regime to put something new on the table.

I believe that we are witnessing the last chapter in the NIAC saga!



I used to be against bloggers deleting comments in their own blogs but this is actually quite amusing. It is a sure fire thing to know what kind of a person you are dealing with :).

I was in Mr. Parsi's blog it is riddled with bodies of great bloggers at Ic :), I want to post something there but I am afraid he would shoot me too. :)



Mehrban Aziz,
Please do not post over there. Injustice against one, is injustice against all. Who said that!



Dear AO is the link to Perry Cox. S/he deleted his/her own comment.

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Yup =) Thanks Mehrban.