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Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

The Life of Sasan. Part I

I remember that Dastayoufsky the Russian writer had written in one of his story that the lives of poor people are very similar to each other. May be the life of middle class people are also similar to each other. In this way the life of super rich and or very rich people are similar to each other or?

The poor people are fighting for bread or food, like the poor people in some countries that they are hungry. The middle class people fighting for education, better work condition, freedom, and a better life. They have enough food and or they have also clothes and also a place to live. What they do not have, is freedom, good education and a good condition and welfare. But the super rich and rich people in the whole world want to destroy these people. Why? Because they want more than poor people expect.

The poor and uneducated people are satisfied first with enough food, clothe and work and later they want to marry and have their own house or apartment. Or they will change to the middle class people and they want more. The system in the world is controlling them, by different religions, lack of knowledge and information, or fear and killing. They should keep in a stage of ignorant and prejudice, and they should not be united with each other. If you see carefully in the world affairs, most wars are because of religions, nationalities and or races. Why, because the world order or the system controlling the world is preparing those.

The hate between Shia and Sunni, the hate between Jew and Moslem, Bahai and Moslem and or other religions is bringing a lot of disaster in our world. Many Shia are killed in Pakistan by Taliban Sunni and the Hamas and Israeli are also killing each other. 30,000 Babi are killed in the Nasereddin Shah’s time in Iran. And recently about 200 Bahais are killed again in Iran. Why, because they were born in a Bahai family and the system expect that with a Bahai mother and Bahai father is may be Moslem. 10 young women and girls are killed in Shiraz, because they were teaching the other Bahai children in the Sunday Bahai schools the teaching of their religions. The religion which was heritage by the parent was for the regime a crime.

You can compare in the past in the USA that the people were slave because their parents were slave. Nobody could blame on them why you are slave. If you have Bahai father and Bahai mother, you cannot be Moslem or Jew or? Now imagine if a child is born with a black mother and white father or a Jew mother and a Moslem father which problems he/she could have. Or 100 years ago, is a child in the USA was born from a black mother or a white father. How the society of the USA at that time brings problems for her/him?

We read Shakespeare stories, Othello, and Romeo Juliet. We think that is only stories and belong to the past. But I see and know a lot of example of these stories even today. Still million of girls in the third world or other world are killed, because they did not listen to their parent to marry what they select for them. Or even in Pakistan a girl is killed by her parent, because she looks to a boy?

You can read in the newspapers that many girls or boys even in the west and mostly from the immigrant of third world countries are in trouble here. Still millions of example like Othello, Desdemona, Juliet and Romeo are suffering from the system governing the world. Because the race problems, nationalities problems or religions problems still exists. We know that still millions of people are hungry in the world and millions of people do not have the minimum of life standard something like having water and food.

From the other hand many super rich people or so called smart and intelligent robe the whole world and bring disaster in the world. Especially in the Moslem countries and third world, some leaders are very cruel and very greedy and they want to have everything for themselves and not for their people. The people who come from the third world here, most of them especial the middle class of them are not really well come here in the west. And the system is different and they are lost. The west systems are not helping them, but misguide them as the employees in the west system learn to destroy them legally.
Suppose they are not rich and or not very intelligent. They need help and guidance from the host countries and native people, but they get no help and the system or people destroy their lives to made more money from them or just they want to damage them.

This hate in Moslem countries is more obvious. They say to the people you are not Moslem, so cannot work here. You are Bahai you have to be killed. Or you are Bahai you cannot marry your Moslem fiancé. But in the west it is verboten to say directly those, so the system had a indirect way.
They give the person for example they gave to Sasan an occupational license. After Sasan put all his money and effort and time in his business, they came and cancelled the license. They told Sasan they did a mistake. So they did mistake and Sasan should be destroyed. Sasan told them, I came to you and explain my situation and the condition of the houses I bought and you gave me the permission after examined my case. Yes, they told him, the employees at that time were not careful and did a mistake. Sasan told them how I can pay the millions dollars that I borrowed from bank and by your mistake is lost. They told him, you can sue us. Now Sasan should go after attorneys, but attorneys generally are after money and not just. They do not take his case, because they cannot get huge money.

The system legally destroyed his life. He wrote letter to the president, congressmen or women. None of them act properly. All of them seem to be indifferent or useless for him. They do not care and they are indifferent.

He has no other choice that he rent his business which was a boarding and language school with farm, rent to the regular people. They thought he is rich, as he had a lot of loan for the school and the building improvement, so they did not pay the rent to him. But he should pay taxes, insurance, repair and mortgages.

He went to the court and paid the sheriff and court to come to send them out. But it takes time and the people got angrier and destroy the house and did not pay him even the utilities. It takes two months until the court give the police authorization to send them out. So the tenants had enough time to damage what ever they can and take or robe what ever they needed. In the time he could get the house back, it was totally damaged.

He has a lot of bad checks, the people do not pay and for the system it is fine. The insurance companies do not pay and it is also fine and the whole system does not care. But he had to pay taxes, insurance and repair, mortgage with fine and late fees.

The systems systematic destroy his life. That is the land of opportunities for the third world people. He came here with all his saving and worked here hard about 20 years and he had negative capital. That is just in the USA? The system is extremely indifferent and cruel to some cases like Sasan, case.

The patriotic American that they believe everything is good in the USA say to him. Go back to your country, if here they robbed you. And the religious people say, the Job had worst than you, so you are OK. There is no law in the USA to support people who have no money to pay the greedy attorneys. And there is not just for the people who are robbed? The police do not act properly, because they did not lose anything. So they are indifferent and useless and they do not care.

No he has bad credits and the system punish him and he cannot be also hire to work in other places. As you see in this way the so called free country like USA is worst that the dictatorship countries. You are free, but nobody will listen to you. In dictatorship countries, you cannot speak, but if you speak you can get your right or put in jail. But here nobody listen and the system is so indifferent and useless. And the people in the offices are trained to ignore people like Sasan.


Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

چگونه کمتر از یک در صد مردم دنیا نودنه درصد بقیه را بخدمت خود گرفته اند؟

بارها همه ما شنیده ایم که حتی در ولایات متحده آمریک هم اکنون صدای نود نه درصدیها در آمده است. چرا زیرا کارد به استخوان آنان هم رسیده است. درگذشته کشورهای مثلا قدرتمند اروپایی با استعمار و استحمار بیش از حدشان دهان نود نه درصدیها خود را می بستند. ولی اکنون با بودن اینترنت و تبادل اخبار اوضاع کمی فرق کرده است. این است که آنان هم برنامه های بهتری برای غارت مردم دینای سوم تهیه دیده اند. البته این موضوع جدیدی نیست حتی اسکندر هم گفت اگر میخواهی برکشوری مسلط باشی کارهای بزرگ را به اشخاص فرومایه و بیشعور واگذار کن و کارهای پست را به انسان های والا بده؟

آن یک درصدیها که دنیا را می چرخانند از ثروت نجومی و دست های باز برخوردار هستند آنان بیش از چهل در صد تمامی ثروت دنیا را در کنترل و اختیار خود دارند براحتی بهترین دانشمندان خود فروخته و جوانان ساده دل را استخدام میکنند. در جمع آنان والاترین جامعه شناسان و ملت پژوهان و زبان شناسان و... سایر دانشمندان وجود دارند و دست بسینه آنان هستند و برایشان برنامه ریزی های صد ساله میکنند.

آنان به کمبودها و نکات ضعف و قدرت مردم و ملتهای دنیا واقف هستند. پس براحتی میتوانند آنان را برعلیه هم طبقه بندی کنند تا بخود مشغول باشند و کاری بکار آنان نداشته باشند. دعواهای سرخ سیاه عرب عجم ترک فارس پشتون وغیر پشتون و.. نفاق بین سنی و شیعه اسماعیلی و... بهایی و مسلمان یهودی و مسیحی و... رشتی و تهرانی و... بی دینان وگروه با دینان زن مرد سیاه سفید همه همه برنامه ریزی شده است. وگرنه یک کارگر معدن شیلیایی با یک کارگر معدن روس و یا فلسطینی و عرب با یهودی و اسراییلی چه برخورد منافعی دارند؟ هر دو مثل ...کار میکنند ودسترنج آنان هم بسرعت از بین میرود. امتیاز فروش اسلحه های مدرن و کشت کشتار های جوانانی که از آنان مثل اسباب بازی دوست داشتنی در دست کیست؟ یک موشک شصت هزار دلار قیمت دارد. این پول را کی می پردازد همان کارگری که با عرقش دسترنج کمی دارد.

کسانی مثل بن لادن و صدام حسین و قذافی در واقع مامورین و بازیابان آنان هستند یا دانسته یا ندانسته. وگرنه چه خدمتی بن لادن به اسلام کرده است. همه ما میدانیم که اکثر مسلمانان غیر عرب قرآن کریم را نخوانده اند و یا اگر خوانده اند تمامی آنرا همراه با ترجمه به زبان مادریشان نخوانده اند. دلیلش هم این است که اگر گیر یک مثلا مسیحی متعصب و با سواد بیفتند براحتی مسیحی می شوند. ممکن است از ترس ابراز نکنند ولی حالا یک مسیحی متعصب شده اند. بسیاری از مسلمانان دو آتشه کم سواد و بدون داشتن معلومات عمیق از اسلام براحتی مسیحی شده اند.
همانان که تفنگ و سلاحهای مدرن دست مردم ساده و برادران افغانی ما دادند و آنان به برادر کشی رو آورند و کشورمان را ویران کردند. فساد و دزدی و رشوه خواری هم از دست مایه های آنان است. وقتی انسانها در شرایط بد مادی و معنوی باشند براحتی دستهایشان آلوده به فساد مالی و اخلاقی میشود. و درنتیجه حس اطمینان واعتماد و دوستی بین مردمان ما کم کم ازبین میرود. برادران کرد ما در بیش از پنج کشور تقسیم شده اند وبرای هرکدامشان هم یک رییس ساخته اند که باحتمال دست نشانده خودشان است تا آنان را از وحدت باز دارند. کشورهای مارا کوچک تر کرده اند و بین همه ما فاصله های مصنوعی انداخته و نفرت و تعصب و غرورهای الکی به مردم ما تزریق کرده اند. مثلا امپراطور بحرین که کشورش را در اختیار کی گذارده است؟ و مردمش را به چه روزی نشانده است؟

یک مشت دزد عظیم شان به روی ثروتهای ملی مردم ما مثل دوآلپا افتاده اند که گویی سرمایه وارث پدریشان است. آنان این سرمایه ملی را که بایست صرف خدمت به مردم ورفاه و دانش آنان شود غارت کرده و با توسل به اربابان بین المللی شان مردم را سرکوب میکنند و بین آنان انواع و اقسام تفرقه ها را پایه گذاری میکنند و به نام خودشان در کشورهای کافرستان ها ذخیره برای روز مبادا و یا آخرت خود میکنند که به حوریان بهشتی رشوه دهند؟

سرمایه داران بی خبر از خدا و انسانیت مردم را سعی دارند بی شعور متعصب ابله معتاد به امراض دنیا وحتی سکس بار آورند و بعد هم از آنان مثل یک ربات یا آدمک سو استفاده میکنند و آنان را بجان بقیه مردمی که تا اندازه ای هشیار شده اند می اندازند. کشت کشتارهای بین مردم ما از همین جا سرچشمه میگیرد. حتی آنانی که مثلا از فساد و دزدی و آزار فرار کرده و مثلا به کشورهای پیشرفته و دمکرات پناه برده اند باز بایست اکثرشان برده و بره اربابان باشند و با دریوزگی زندگی کنند. همین موضوع برسر جوانان کشورهای ما آمده است که برده و بره دستگاه هایشان شده اند.
راه نجات چیست؟ وحدت بین تمامی مردم و تساهل کنار گذاشتن تعصب و گرفتن دامان علم و دانش خرد و عقل. همکاری و تعاون بین همه مردم کشورهای ما. آنان که فکر میکنند تنها یک کشور را نجات دهند کاری مشگل در پیش خواهند داشت. این مشگل بایست در سطح کل خاورمیانه آسیای مرکزی و شمال آفریقا یا بهتر بگوییم در سطح کل دنیا پیاده شود و همه مردم متوسط و فقیر بایست باهم متحد شوند وعلیه هم با تحریک غارتگران اسلحه بدست نگیرند و دیگران را برای خاطر مسایلی موهوم وبی ارزش کشتار نکنند.

متاسفانه با وجود اینکه همه پیامبران و همه فلاسفه و دانشمندان والا و انسانی این موضوع ها را چه بصورت شعر و چه بصورت داستان گفته اند ولی متاسفانه گوشهای شنوا و دلهای باز و چشمانی باز وجود ندارد بطوریکه حتی شیطان گفته است بمن انسان نشان بدهید من اورا سجده خواهم کرد.

تنها یک شعر سعدی که فرمود بنی آدم اعضای یک پیکرند که در آفرینش زیک گوهرند برای دانا کافی خواهد بود. مقصود اینجا انسانهای ساده و والا هستند نه دزدان عظیم شان وغارتگران تریلیونی دنیا که دیگ طمع و دزدی آنان هرگز از چوشش نخواهد افتاد. یا مولانا که خطاب به حاجیان میگوید ای بی خبران کجایید کجایید محبوب در اینجاست بیایید بیایید؟ ولی آیا حاجیان به این نصیحت مردی که دنیا در برابر عظمت فکری و اندیشه اش سرخم کرده اند گوش میکنند؟ آنان در بیابان حیران و سرگردانند و به شیطان سنگی سنگ پرتاب میکنند در صورتیکه شیطان در وجود شیادان و غارتگرانی است که برآنان حکم میرانند.
به امید روزی که بشر به آن بلوغ فکری برسد که برای خاطر یک مشت تلا وبرای این زندگی بی ارزش پوچ و کوتاه همدیگر را آزار ندهد و غارت نکند؟

پیامبر پارسی فرموده است گفتار ن یک کردار نیک اندیشه نیک یا حضرت بهاالله فرموده که ای اهل عالم به چشم بیگانگی در هم ننگرید که همه بار یک دارید و برگهای یک شاخسار و گلبرگهای یک گلبن. که خیمه وحدت عالم انسان برپا گردیده است؟ ولی آیا همه بهاییان که اینهمه جان عزیز را فدا کرده اند به این گفتار رفتار میکنند؟ یا باز اغیار میگویند احبا یعنی غیرها بیگانه و دوستان و عملا با آموزه پیامبر خودشان در تضاد هستند. همان تعصب جاهلانه همتایان یهودی و مسلمان خود را دارند. حتی در امانت داری که اینهمه به آنان گوشزد شده ویا غیبت هم دست کمی از همتایان دیگر خود کمی و کاستی ندارند. بعد هم بهانه میآورند که چون در فشار هستند مجبورند که سرکسی کلاه بگذارند ویا در امانتها خیانت کنند زیرا دستگاه با آنان خوب رفتار نکرده است. و عملا از خون شهدای بهایی و عروسان شیدای شهید بهایی و یا سی هزار بابی شهید شده سو استفاده نام نیکشان را میکنند؟
دسته بندی اخیر اینان نفرت بین بی دینان و با دینان است. مواظب باشید که در این چاله هولناک نیفتید؟ برای ما نباید مهم باشد که کی چه است اگر انسانی خوب خوش زبان سالم و انسان دوست بود کافی است ولو اینکه بگوید خدا هست یا نیست؟ کافری که دستهایش کمک میکند و دست های مظلومان را میگیرد بهتر است که مثلا با خدایی که دزدی های میلیاردی میکند و ملتی را بخاک سیاه می نشاند؟

کسانی هستند که همه رفتارها را از سکس میدانند؟ ما باید در گفتن حقیقت ها با انصاف باشیم.

پدران ما از دین اسلام یک دین علمی مملو از مهر ودوستی زیبا پرستی که پشتوانه عظیم تمدن اسلامی را هم دارد بما گفته اند آنان حضرت محمد وحضرت علی را سمبل راستی پاکی دوستی علم و اخلاق به ما معرفی کرده اند. البته ما زا کودکی با این حس احترام به آنان تربیت شده ا یم. تصاویری هم که از حضرت محمد و یا دیگر امامان شیعه در دسترس ما بوده است اشخاصی کاملا مهربان و روحانی بوده اند. البته هستند کسانی که نماز میخوانند روزه هم میگیرند و جانماز آبکش میکنند ولی به مال و ناموس مردم هم تجاوز میکنند براحتی دروغ میگویند و از دین بعنوان حربه برای مقاصد مالی یا حتی جنسی خود سو استفاده میکنند و این تنها مختص مسلمانان بد نیست بهاییان بد هم که اینهمه در فشار و ناراحتی هستند باز برخی از آنان همان خیانت در امانت و دروغ را سرلوحه خود ساخته اند واز کشتار و شهید شدن بیگناهان بهایی برای برداشتهای مادی سو استفاده میکنند درست مثل همان آخوندی که شاید به اخلاق اهمیتی نمیدهد و براحتی ساعتها از مظلومیت حضرت حسین تعریف میکند ولی در جای خودش دزدی میکند و به مال و ناموس مردم هم در خفا دست درازی مینماید. بسیاری کسان هستند که واقعا به دین و حتی خدا و پیامبر هیچ اعتقادی ندارند و این تنها وسیله ای برای آنان تا دیگران را غارت کنند و یا به زنان و کودکان دست درازی نمایند که حتی همانطوریکه شینده اید کشیشان هم از این کارها مستثنی نیستند دست درازی کشیش ها به کودکان مومنان در خارج از کشور ما هم بسیار اتفاق افتاده است. بدین ترتیب گروهی از دین ها به عنوان یک حربه سو استفاده میکنند و گروه دیگر هم تمامی هستی و حتی جان خود را برای خاطر دینها از دست میدهند.

حضرت بهاالله به بهاییان وصیت کرده است که ای اهل عالم سراپرده دوستی در عالم انسانی بلند شده است به چشم بیگانگی به یکدیگر ننگرید که همه بار یک دارید و برگهای یک شاخسار و گلبرگهای یک گلبن. ولی بهاییان در بین خود به دیگران اغیار و به خودیها احباب یا احبای الهی میگویند که این درست برخلاق گفته پیامبرشان است. همان تعصب و همان نفرت با دیگر ادیان بین بعضی از آنان است. درحالیکه اکنون اسلام قدرت دارد و اینهمه بی انصافی میشود بهاییان با نداشتن قدرت از همتایان مسلمان خود کمبودی ندارند. البته بعضی از آنان در بین آنان هم انسانان والا زیاد هستند همانطوریکه در بین مسلمانان هم خوشبختانه زیاد هستند.

اکنون بعضی ها که حس انتقام جویی شان بسیار تحریک شده حتی نوک پیکان ناراحتی های خود را بطرف پیامبران گرفته اند.و به حضرت محمد تهمت بچه بازی میزنند زیرا حضرت علی را در آغوش میگرفته است. یا اورا در رختخواب خودش میخوابانیده است. همانطوریکه میدانیم حضرت علی بعد ها حتی داماد حضرت محمد شد؟
مردهایی هستند که دختر بچه و پسر بچه را با عشق افلاطونی دوست دارند و هیچ نظر جنسی به آنان ندارند مثلا در یک رختخواب خوابیدن یک دختر بچه با یک مرد نمی تواند همیشه جنسی باشد. بخصوص در شرق که عشق همراه با سکس یا عشق جنسی ناشناخته است و عشق بیشتر حالت رویایی و غیر جنسی دارد. انسان فریفیه زیبایی است و همیشه زیبایی دوستی با عشق جنسی همراه نیست همانطوریکه شما یک گل زیبا یا یک پرنده زیبا را دوست دارید. کسانی هم هستند که زنان زیبا را تنها بخاطر زیبایی شان و یا همدم بودن واستفاده از دانش و و ظرافت شان دوست دارند. البته من محقق حضرت محمد و حضرت علی نیستم اینکار را باید کسانی که سوابق علمی و تاریخی دارند انجام دهند. ولی به عنوان یک مرد میگویم که عشق تنها عشق جنسی نیست. شاید هزاران نوع عشق وجود داشته باشد ومثلا عشق به همنوع ویا به کشور یا مردمان کشور. مولانا وحافظ و سعدی هم از عشق میگفتند ولی آیاعشق در نظر آنان هم رابطه جنسی بوده است یا رابطه معنوی والهی. متاسفانه با مردن عشق است که این همه مشگل ها بوجود میآید. اگر عشقی عرفان آسمانی و معنوی وجود داشته باشد بسیاری از مشگل ها حل خواهند شد. دختران زیبا و زنان دلفریب هم میتوانند از نظر بعضی از فلاسفه شاهکار سازنده ای باشند یا خالقی که ما از درک او عاجزیم. اگر مثلا بجای خدا کلمه عشق ومحبت را قرار دهیم و همه را دوست بداریم همانطوریکه مثلا حضرت مسیح فرمودند همدیگر را دوست بدارید همانطوریکه من شما را دوست داشتم. حضرت مسیح هم کودکان را دوست داشتند و آنان را بغل میکردند و می بوسیدند آیا آنهم عشق شهوانی بوده است؟ بطور کلی تا مادامی که عمل جماع صورت نگرفته است ویا به آلت های جنسی دست درازی نشده است عشق میتواند عارفانه و عمیق و دوستی باشد یا؟ کما اینکه در غرب زنان و مردان همدیگر را بغل کرده می بوسند و در آغوش میگیرند آیا این عمل جنسی است. البته برای یک جوان شرقی که مملو از محرومیت جنسی است ویا مجبور به جلق زدن است چون نمی تواند مشعوقی داشته باشد و پراز عقده جنسی است او حتی ممکن است نگاه تحسین برانگیز یک مرد و به یک زن را هم تحمل نکند و با آن مخالف باشد یا مثلا شنای مختلط مردان و زنان با مایوهای دو تکه برایش غیر قابل هضم است ولی در صورتیکه در غرب اینها کاملا عادی است.

بوسیدن یک زن توسط مرد البته بوسه های بسیار کوتاه نه مکیدنی ها لبان و یا در آغوش گرفتن یک زن توسط یک مرد و یا دست دادن همه بطور کلی عادی است. مثلا در کلیسا های زنان کنار مردان می نشینند و دستهای هم را در دستهای یکدیگر میگذارند آیا این عمل جنسی است؟ مسلم که نه ولی ممکن است از نظر یک جوان مسلمان متعصب این کار ها گناه باشند. ولی همین جوان متعصب غارت های میلیاردی و دزدیها و رشوه خواری های عظیم کشورش را زیر سیبلی رد میکند. شاید بطور کلی دینهای الهی از ساختن و تربیت همه مومنان خود به انسانانی والا عاجز هستند و گروهی از دینهای سو استفاده کرده و آنرا درست مثل حربه ای برعلیه دیگران بکار میگیرند. در این راه برخی از مومنان تمامی دینهای الهی با هم حتی مسابقه هم میگذارند تا در سرشت بدی از هم عقب نیفتند.


Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

Dear Mr. President Barak Obama.

You are the president of one the most powerful country in the world and the advertisement in the whole world made the USA a dream land. I agree that the young people can study here well and many of my students are very successful here. But also a lot of them have killed themselves, because of unjust for the honest people is govern here like all other countries. I wrote many letters to you and to other important people like the congressman John Mica. But after four years no action had happened here.
I tried very hare, but all your and the whole system is useless and nobody feels responsible and nobody will care? Is it Just here and you are the president or? The system ignores me. Is it right?
I am robbed in the USA and the whole system is useless. Who can help me? All my wealth is robbed and I cannot do anything as the attorrrneyii will a lot of money to go after the right and just. There is no just also in the USA.
The people are here like in other countries, most of them indifferent or cruel.
1-I trusted your local government Orange County zoning department. They gave me occupational license. But after I put all my effort, money and time in this school and helped for three years the students. They came back to me and told me they made a mistake and cancelled the occupational license. They did mistake and I should have been punished? Is it right? I lost over 800,000 dollars plus time and energies I spent for that boarding school. They called me I can sue them and the country had law? One attorney charges me money, but she thought I am printing dollars and she wanted more money.
2- I rented the boarding school to the regular people, they robbed the materials, damaged the building and did not pay the rent. In the time I went to the court system, they got angry and destroyed the house. Robbed materials and in the time I got so called paperwork of the court, they left the building and I have to pay all the damages.

3- The insurance companies did not pay me the water damages and vandalism. They just collect money and in the time that they have to pay, they bring excuses not to pay. I should again go after attorrneyys to fight for me. Attttorneyss want money in advance so their problem is solved. Most of them are useless like the whole system is indifferent and useless.

4- The people gave me checks, but their checks are bad and cannot be cashed. I should again find attorneys to help me, but which attorney will help. They are all after easy cash money. Your court system is more useless as in the third world. At least over there you can write to important people and sometimes they help you.

5- I am a college teacher and can teach 8 languages. But the companies do not hire me, because of have bad credits. And I have bad credits, because the people robbed me. Police is useless. Five times my boarding is robbed and they did not do any serious action. It is fine for them, because they are not robbed. I have bad checks, it is also fine? Nobody take here responsibilities. It is four years that I am writing, because I have no other choice. The system robbed me and I should be punished. Because I cannot pay the bank and they damaged my credit. I cannot work, because the system is useless.
6- As I told you, the congressman John Mica and his office tried to help me, but after two years your indifferent system even do not answer them. If they do not answer the congressman, how can I expect to answer me?
Sorry, but I should say, the whole system is really useless. The people are indifferent or cruel. How can you solve the problems in the world is in your own country that you are president are so many unjust and the system is useless?
The dream land of USA is good if you do not trust anybody here. You want to be honest and work for humanity, the whole system will misuse you. I have documents and can prove that the whole court system and your administration are really useless. Paperwork and no just. You get tons of paperwork, but not just here.
I wish I could be more useful for the world and not be misused so much.
I say this as a friend and I hope the humanity will not be disappearing for ever from here.
We can build a better world, if we can bring just in the world and not train the people is useless, indifferent or cruel.

Respectful to the one of the most powerful president in the world.

A college teacher in the USA , Europe and other countries with 35 years work experience as a teacher. Also as a consultant and translator. Amir Ghiassi. 3217657108


Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

Julius Caesar By Shakespeare , compare with the life of two persons from Iran.

Th the human being, in the time has a lot of money or power gets crazy and cannot think properly and cannot act also properly. Mostly the people around him create from him a dictator. We
Are human being and too much admire and too many good words especially that they are not real, can change even a normal man to a dictator.

Caesar was a great man and a great commander in chief and huge personality in war and a smart general. He won and he could be a huge dictator and some of so called his friend afraid from his condition and situation he got and killed him cruelly. After his death his name was equivalent to a king of kings. And many great kings called them Caesar. The emperor of Russia called himself Tsar which is the same word as Caesar with Russian form and in Germany the emperor of Germans called himself also Kaiser which is a German form of Caesar.
You got power and you got also millions or billions of gold coins or Diners the English words for it is Dollars and in Middle East called Dinaar. The people around you for some propose admire you so much that you think you are the God in heaven. You forget that you are a normal person and can be sick and die. As soon as somebody attacks you, all your so called friends will flow him or her.

The first person who attached Caesar gives encouragement to other people to do the same. He attached him with a knife and other people did the same thing. They killed such a great man in a very bad way. All of them attacked him and hit him. You can imagine if ten people with the knives attacked you, especially if you trust them as friends what can you do? Caesar refuge to some of them and they did the same, they cut his body with knives or daggers.
At the end he was full of blood and still they cut his body with swords or knives.

Before that time, they admired him like a God of Gods or king of kings. In few hours everything had changed against Caesar. All so called friends of him who had a lot of benefits because of him killed him with the excuse that he may be a dictator and we will lose our freedom?

I write now two examples similar to Caesar position. The king of kings of Iran, the Shah had the same or almost the same condition. The people around him admired him and told him that he is a very beloved person or king. They kissed his hand and even tried to kiss his feet. But as some people started to be against him and another man told nice stories to them that they got freedom if the Shah disappears and they got the money of oil and a lot of other benefits if they remove the Shah. And opposite as in Caesar time, now the media did also a huge advertisement against him and for the new leader.

Now the people who had a lot of benefit of him returned against him. And let him alone. Two four stars generals, his close friends went to the opposite sides. The people were so brainwashed that they thought if the Shah lives, Iran will be paradise. The media also trained people to believe like that. The King has been left behind and had to leave the country. All his so called friends or at least most of them returned against him.

The other example is Sasan one of my best friend. His father was a general and he was in a rich family. But there were also a lot of problems exist. His father was rich and a strong Moslem believer and his mother was a Bahai also a strong believer. Both of them were very influenced by their religions and they had a lot of discussion in the time Sasan was only four years old. One day after a hard discussion, Sasan’ mother was crying bitterly. He asked his mother why she is crying. The mother told, your father believes that the 12th Imam will come one day and he is disappeared from the people, because the people may kill him as they killed all of the Imams. Imams are the person who has almost the same power in religion or in the world like Mohammad the prophet of Islam. And the Bahais saying he has come and is killed in Tabriz.

Sasan told his mother so you may say also that he has not come and so you will have peace together. His mother told him how can say a lie. He had come and had been killed and he had even a miracle in Tabriz, 750 soldiers shot at him as he was bind with the rope to the bars. And he is not killed, because the God did not want him to be killed and many of Tabriz i people said at that time he is the 12th Imam and believed in him and more than 30,000 people in Iran have been killed, because they believed in him and could not deny it. It is a true and how can I say that is not a true. Sasan told his mother in the same way that the father says, he has not come. You see even the truth is different, for one person it is truth and for other person it is not.

Sasan in his all life as a child had the same problem. In the school the Moslem children teased him, because they thought he is Bahai. And they told him every day bad words about the leader of Bahai religion. I shy to write them here. But there well sexual bad words about them and even dirty words. For example I did…. On the glass coffin of Abbass Effendi or I put tomato in the bottom of… after that they through to him small stones and dry mad.
Every day his head was covered by blood and in the time he was home, his father told him, come quickly and washed yourself and pray… now the Bahai children were in the house made fun of him. O you the child of a clergy man Mullah Child, go and pray Arabic prayers that you do not even understand. His father wanted that he should pray loud so that all children could hear what he is saying. As his father was rich and his mother was also a government employee, they made good money and so many poor children were also joules concerning his nice expensive clothes and he was the only son of his parent also.

Later he got important person, but after the revolution again, the religion of his mother made the life hard for him and he was persecuted. In this time the Moslem robbed him as a Bahai and Bahais robbed him as a Moslem. He lost his power and his huge salary, so he lost everything as in the Caesar story. The people see if they cannot have benefit of you, they leave you or even they fight with you as they think you are weak and they can win. The story of Sasan is very sad that all his Bahai family and Moslem friend robbed him and even tried to kill him. Generally if you lose your power or your money many people will be against you and will fight with you. The previous friends or close friends change to cruel enemies. The people that you thought are your best friends and family try now to destroy you as they did with Caesar.


Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

ما اصل ها را کنار گذاشته ایم و مرتبا به فرع ها چنگ میزنیم.

اگر مشگل بیسوادی عمومی حل شود و و اکثر مردم به خرد خود تکیه کنند و با عقل و درایت مسایل را ببینند نه با احساس و تبلیغ ریشه بسیاری از مشگل های ما خشگ خواهد شد. اگر دزدی فساد رشوه خواری بی انصافی حق کشی بی عدالتی خرافات ریشه کن شود دیگر مشگلی بنام برخورد بین مردم وجود نخواهد داشت. اکنون آنان که مثلا با دیکتاتوری مبارزه میکنند شاید خودشان هم دیکتاتوری باشند که دنبال فرصت هستند نه اینکه واقعا دلشان بحال ملت سوخته باشد و بخواهند که دیکتاتوری را برای خاطر رفاه عمومی و پیشرفت ملی سرنگون کنند بلکه میخواهند خودشان به آن سریر دیکتاتوری تکیه بزنند وهمان عیش نوش و غارت را که دیگران انجام میدهند خودشان انجام دهند. محمد مرسی خودش یک تبعیدی بود و عملا اخوان مسلمین در مصر غیر قانونی بودند و تحرکی نداشتند ملت مصر قیام کرد و حالا آنان میخواهند جای دزدان و دیکتاتورهای سابق را پر کنند. پس از ماست که برماست.

همه کسانی که رهبر و پیشوا شدند وقدرتهای بین المللی کسب کردند گذشته خودشان را فراموش کردن و به جنون دیکتاتور کسب مال شهوت رانی و عیش نوش و قدرت طلبی روی آوردند. بیشتر کسانی که حنجره هایشان را مثلا برای آزادی پاره میکردند بمحض اینکه سوار خر مراد شدند و دستشان به دم گاوی بند شد خودشان دیکتاتورهای قهاری شدند که مردم گفتند رحمت به کفن دزد قبلی؟ ما بایست اول این مرض دیکتاتوری را در مردمان خودمان معالجه کنیم و اینکه تنها به فکر منافع خودمان باشیم و دیگران را هیچ بدانیم. حتی در لایه های بسیار پایین اجتماع هم این غارتگری و تنها بفکر دزدی و غارت بودن هم وجود دارد در حالیکه در این لایه ها اصلا دولت نفوذی ندارد.

مثلا وقتی برادری سر برادری که با او اطمینان کرده است کلاه میگذارد و اموالی که به او به امانت داده شده است غارت میکند هیچ رد پایی در دولت و قانون وجود ندارد بلکه این خود ماهستیم که دیکتاتور و غارتگر هستیم منتهی آبی نمی بینیم تا شنا گر ماهری از آب در آییم.

اگر ما بتوانیم نیکی صالح بودن امانت دار بودن انصاف مروت دوستی را بجامعه برگردانیم بسیاری از مشگل ها حل میشود وگرنه تعویض یک مشت دزد غارتگر در سر پست های مهم با یک مشت دزد گرسنه دیگر دردی دوا نخواهد کرد. و متاسفانه اکنون هم فرع ها هستند که متوجه میشوند نه اصلها؟

مشگل ما داشتن انواع و اقسام دینها نیست بلکه مشگل تظاهر به دینداری و جا نماز آبکشی است بدون اینکه واقعا بعضی از ما اصلا به دینی اعتقاد داشته باشند. وگرنه بسیاری از دینها ما را از دزدی فساد امانت خواری رشوه خواری حتی نگاه ناپاک و بیشرمی نکردنها تشویق کرده اند که حرام است ولی کو گوش شنوا.

اگر مشگل خرافات برداشته شود بسیاری از اماها هم حل خواهند شد. علم و دین بایست باهم منطبق باشند. دینی که مخالف علم است خرافات است. مثل دانش آموزی که شب امتحان بجای درس خواندن مرتب دعا بخواند که در امتحان قبول شود. مسلم است که اینکار غیر علمی است. یا اگر مریض شدید تنها با دعا معالجه نخواهید شد بلکه بایست به پزشگ خوبی مراجعه کنید.

مشگل دیگر تفرقه بین کشورهای ماست که همه کشورهای ما را تقسیم بندی غیر منطقی کرده اند. و تازه مارا برعلیه هم مرتب تشویق میکنند. ما مردم خاورمیانه یکی هستیم دلیلش هم شکلهای ظاهری ماست. در حالیکه دنیا بسوی وحدت میرود مثل اتحادیه اورپ و ولایات متحده آمریک با آنهمه تمدن و نژادهای مختلف ما که همه یک تاریخ و یک فرهنگ و یک گذشته داریم از هم متفرق میشویم که هیچ بلکه باهم به مبارزه هم بر میخیزم و کشورهایمان را ویران میکنیم.

بیایید راهی که رهبران فکری و علمی ما به ما نشان داده اند بر گزینیم سعدی حافظ فردوسی عطار مولوی بلخی و... با تکیه به دانش و گذشته های با افتخار خود بیاییم دوباره کشورهای خود را بسازیم. تفرقه خرافات جهل حسادت خیانت روشوه خواری دزدی فساد غارت و بی انصافی را کنار بگذاریم وهمه استانهای گذشته خود را یکی سازیم. افغانستان تاجیکستان ازبکستان پاکستان قرقیزستان قزاقستان ترکمنستان و... همه ما برادران سابق هستیم بایست دوباره با وحدت و دوستی کشورهای خود را بسازیم تا جوانان ما از بی دانشگاهی بی کاری بی همسری بی ورزشی و بی انصافی رها شوند.


Sahameddin Ghiassi Saham Ghiassi

1-The painting of most important Persian, Parthian, Iranian and Middle Eastern kings, painted by colonel Ghiassi. 2- The second picture, Piruz the grand son of Bahram e Gur, a Sasaniden Emperor. 3- Anushirvan the Just, a Sadaniden king and 4- Nader Shah Afshar a Turkaman Iranian great king of Great Iran. Painted by colonel Ghiassi


Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi Amir Ghiassi


Dear Mr. President of USA, Barak Obama. Why your system does not attack the root of terrorists?
I could be also indifferent like a lot of other people who are more and less like a robot. But I think if we do not share our experience and knowledge for the humanity that will be very selfish. I am more than 40 years college and high school teacher in different countries including USA. Sorrowfully more than 20 students of mine have been suicide in the west. You know that two beautiful and handsome children of the king of Iran have also suicide in the west. Both of them were nice young people and also they studied very well. You can imagine in the time that the children of a king kill themselves, how the life could be difficult for other people, especially young p[people from other countries.
Sorrowfully there is a hate between some American and the people from the Middle Eastern countries. Even it is illegal, but it exists. They do not have the same possibilities if they are not very smart. As a black man said we should be three times smarter than a white man to be hired.
Your government spent more than few trillion dollars for the terrorist fight. But these huge amounts of money spent just to cut the leaves of terrorist or their branches, the root is there and got stronger even. Why? Just because of unjust in the world. The young people in other countries do not have possibilities to work or even to study. And if the systems close all doors for them, they will be attracted by terrorists. The systems that govern now in the world mostly are indifferent cruel or useless. The government employees or even police or judges do not care concerning the problems of young people or people in general. They are completely indifferent or even cruel. In the east if you do not pay bribe you have less chance to survive. And here in America if you do not have money to pay the greedy attorneys, you have no voice in the Just system of USA.
I wrote letters to mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, newspapers, TV and the white house and… all of them ignored me and did not listen or read what I said and what I can prove. I worked very hard as a college and high school teacher, translator and consultant and I was instructor in the Seminole community college in Orlando. The students wanted to learn more and they came to my house to learn. The subdivision was against it and I asked them what I can do. They told me if I buy houses in the county with acres, they will provide me occupational license. I did it and they gave me the license, but after three years of operation that I spent all my capital and time in that school, they told me that they did a mistake and I have to close the school. I said I will lose all my capital if I close it, they said USA is the land of law you can sue us.
The greedy attorney wanted a lot of money to start the process, I gave some money, but they wanted more and more. I rented the building to the regular people; they destroy the buildings, did not pay and stole materials. The police and sheriff did not do a serious action, it was fine for them. The water damaged the building the insurance companies sent a company to dry the house for one week, but after that they refuse to pay for the repair, they said that was a leak. How leak can destroy the whole floors?
So I have been attacked from three sides and robbed totally. I could not pay the bills so the school is foreclosed. I paid for the school more than 500,000 dollars, but the bank will sell it for less than 170,000 dollars, but they do not me to operate it. I lost all my capital by the mistake of Orange County zoning department and the robbing activities of people. Now I am responsible to pay, but they are not responsible to pay me and have over 80,000 dollars checks from them that I cannot cash and it is fine for the system. Polices, sheriff and court do not help me, because they are not robbed and they do not care concerning my hard situation. As I know a lot of languages, I wanted to work as translator or teacher, instructor again, but I cannot get security clearance so I cannot be hired by different companies. I can teach eight languages all Middle Eastern languages, but I cannot be hired, because I am robbed and could not pay the bill. If I can work I can pay the bills even for other people, but if they do not let me work how can I pay the bill of the people who robbed me. Is it not a double punishment? I am robbed and punished, because I could not pay the bill that the robbers left for me to pay.
The system and people are so indifferent or cruel that nobody will even listen to my problems, all of them want money from me and they think what I have is not valid. In the position that I am totally robbed and cannot work, how can I pay?
Now I understand why the people kill themselves or themselves including other people that they think they are cruel or indifferent. So please do not let the love dies and the people change to a complete robots. You are an attorney, you know if a person is totally robbed and see the people, employees and the system is also totally indifferent or cruel, gets angry or? I hope with our cooperation we can build a better life for our children and the USA that is trying to be a leader. God save America from the cruealities and to have people like robots or completely indifferent. I know also a lot of other cases similar to my case. Yours Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

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