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The radicals in the Iranian regime are planning to assassinate nuclear physicist Mehran Mostafavi


From two channels, Iran’s former president, Abolhassan Banisadr has been informed that radicals within the Iranian regime have made plans to assassinate Professor Mehran Mostafavi, an expert in nuclear physics at Paris University.  There are two main reasons for this decision. The first is to undermine President Rouhani’s attempt to end the nuclear crisis.  The second is that, through Voice of America, he has been successfully challenging the regime’s rationale for building nuclear reactors enriching uranium and exposed the great damage which such policies have had on the Iranian economy. The arguments and information he has provided to Iranians within Iran have enabled them to question the logic and cost of the country’s nuclear plans, which have put the regime on the defensive.


According to the same information, Rouhani’s government is aware of the plan and trying to stop it. But the radicals, who have their own resources and structure for assassination, have ignored his attempt.


It is important to know that, in the past, the Iranian regime used to systematically assassinate its opponents in European countries -- nearly ninety overall.  At the Mykonos trial in 1997, which followed the assassination of four Kurdish leaders in Germany and the arrest of the suspects, Banisadr provided information which proved that all the assassinations were taking place with the direct approval of Iranian leaders.  As a result, the court issued an international arrest warrant for Iranian leaders including Hashemi Rafsanjani, then president, and Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader.


The political crisis which followed only subsided when the Iranian regime promised to stop assassinating its opponents in the west, which it did. If the radicals try to implement their plan, it would be the first attempt since the Mykonos trial.



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Visfor Voy Voy! Is an Iranian expression of great frustration. A play on the film and comic book adaptation "V is for Vendetta". Get it? Object to Iran, and put energy into Pragmatic (not reckless, dangerous or foolhardy) Opposition to it.

Well Ollie, now you've gone and done it again! And ruined the surprise!


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Is it a gossip or a rumor?
Or a fact?


Anglo Phile

Iraj Khan

You seem to have underestimated Mr Bani Sadr's divine apparitions. The man has many channels to the Divine, only two of them were used this time. My question is why his divine channels were not working 35 years ago when he claims Khomeini lied to him about a democratic republic?!!!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Isn't it interesting how regime supporters have nothing but orders for people to "shut up" and follow them.
35 years ago it was to "shut up" and follow them in chanting "Death to Amrika."
Now that Haj Agha has discovered (after 35 years) it needs to kiss great Satan's behind, all Iranians have to "shut up" again and let Haj Agha do his kissing.
What they can't understand is how the more they order people to "shut up" everyone becomes more and more vociferous and louder in exposing Haj Agha and cronies.


dale 72, radical egalitarian, vegan

Radical hardliners in Iran and the US are cooperating to sabotage the efforts to end the nuclear crisis. The reason is that in a hostile environment, the hardliners assume more power and their efforts to inflate the military and unite the people behind a facade of threats is increased.

If the moderates fail, the hardliners gain.


Mohamad.Purqurian Peace is not subjugation آشتی کردن تسليم شدن نيست

I didn't even need to read the first paragraph completely to realize it was (at least) a propaganda for Mehran Mostafavi, if not using him for other agenda.

Whether you agree with official Iranian position on nuclear energy or not, a nuclear scientist is like a chef. He can only cook the food. You decide whether to eat it or not.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

mahmood delkhasteh aziz you really know how to give it to the IRI Regime up the &^%% while I disagree with many of your beliefs and views, I defend your right to express them always in any future Iran. You give a breath of fresh air to many during these very dark days for Iranians. No force opposes democratic culture in Iran, except extremists both left, right, democratic systems is another thing all together as they are in practice doing a worse job than the USSR which at least admitted it was on the wrong path. It is surprising the sheer stupidity of this regime, not only from the stand point of not being able to produce a team of educated and knowledgeable elites with all the resources at their disposal.

The mullahs have no idea how much more harmful it will be for them and their followers by not solving the political problem on the Iranian side of the equation outside of the control of the USA and UK, with Nationalists who are Monarchists and accepting a total surrender to Iranian Culture above Arab.

Original Shia Teaching with out a corrupt and politically involved Clergy for their own followers and own selves personal gain at the expense of the whole country is the only acceptable version of Islam, one that does not interfere, one that can progress with time and that does not claim it is on gods side for a god that has always shown for all time to those who believe that it does not take sides and humanity is the servant of the one power not the other way around as the IRI seem to think by their interference in lives against nature and any of their own gods teachings.



When a deal is done, new players will be replaced with the old players no matter what I, you, and others say. There are elements or bodies that have to be eliminated or displaced. One gets hung or executed for the sake of the privet domain to secure information leak to the public. In this phony nuclear game that started long time ago against Iran, the players involved had to use every tools to elevate themselves to the higher position against the other.

United States and its allies made Iran as a monster to justify their movements in Middle- East and beyond for more control on the most precious commodities called "OIL and GAS". Russia and China that were new comers a few years ago had to respect the super power Untied States at the time until both get more situated in the world financially. Now the direction of game has changed more favorably towards EAST. Russian- China pack is more stronger that USA and Europe pack. Syria is a good example of East positioning itself more higher against the weak WEST.

The rapid rapprochement of guys in the WEST toward Iran does not mean Iran, now, is a good kid and wants to curb its nuclear ambition by dismantling a 45- year old crusade towards the nuclear energy that started during Shah era. Iranians know that they deserve it no matter who is ruling Iran. If Untied States and its allies can have it so does Iran and other countries on the other side.

We all know, there are Iranians who love to betrayed their country for extra cash on hand. By referring to history, Iranians have seen how the course of their life has changed by people who sold out their countries for nothing. Agha Mohammad Khan Ghagar chef, democratic government of Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran- Iraq war and the inside information given to the WEST by locals, and other Iranians who leaked most sensitive information that one Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated inside Iran.

Now, Russian and China are so involved in Iran that WEST realized by sanctioning Iran, they not only loosing a country but also they also loosing the whole region of Middle-East.

So people who like to write "BS" about Iran-US deal should shut up their rythric and let the deal go through. I am sure most of you prefer WEST over EAST.