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شمیرانزاده Researches (reporter & tv journalist) and presents information (Social,Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels

پناه بر یزدانِ کردگار ... باور بفرمائید که ما مردمانِ غیب را شناخته ایم و اما اینان هیچ گونه شباهتی به اینها ندارند و جن و پری در مقایسه با ایشان شرف و آبرو بیشتر دارند ... بیچاره والدینِ اینها ... با سپاس از روشنگری.



خدا به داد این نسل ایران برسد


WalterHero Lost in the Wind !

You See ! the sexual REPRESSION of Iranian nation screams for freedom , and once there is real sexual freedom , then the political freedom follows even more easily , even at Shah's time there was not that much of Sexual freedom in Iranian society as a whole , of course there was that Shahre No ! or the whore house in .that south part of Tehran , famouse for it's pleasure providing place !
Now , there is no more a Whore house ! or houses around the cities , but the Islamic Stone age has some thing called Sigheh , or Islamic way of prostitution , there is a need for a total sexual freedom as whole society .What is see increasingin Iran after the revolution is the growing number of Homosexuality and Perversion of sexuality to the level of a sickening unheard of , jsut have a lok at
you would see what i mean . What more is that the Iranian females are supper arrogant , and look down on Iranian men and are so hard to please , they are a major cause of all these perversions among men , because the Females have such a high demand , such as handsomness , a lots of hair , money a car , everything sucks in Iran man !


Sayyad Sha'er visit:



Henry Konani

An amazing collection of images presumably born out of Iran, echoing the nation's transitional sexual and cultural identity. At the same token, let's not get ahead of ourselves... this artistic shock and awe campaign may stress young Iranian's desire for social freedom, but as part of a moral and political discourse we cannot even begin to describe these images as part of a movement or organized front countering religious zealotry.