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Just got my latest Trita email, no, this one for a change is not asking for money. This Trita email has a professionally produced anti-sanction video making the usual bogus claims which the regime and its lobbies have been making, blaming hardship due to 34 years of graft, mismanagement and outright thievery by the regime on sanctions. Nice try NIAC Lobby and its lifetime Leader, Trita, but no cigar.


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Nice Editing Trita!

So one of the NIACis goes to Iran for the annual Chelo Kabob, Zoolbia fest and shoots a clip on the streets of Tehran. Then a hand full of NIACis in DC are given a script to read from. They then edit the headless rants into the original clip and proudly post it on YouTube as some genuine anti-sanctions piece.

Brilliant! Give me that petition to sign and here is my $100 contribution!


Mr. B

I think we go the email at the same time. If NIAC is trying to fight the claim it is a government tool, this exclusive video straight and fresh from Iran, certainly does not do anything to change that image.

My opinion is that the tell or sign it is produced propaganda is in the same exact style-shots of the headless, faceless commenters. It is unlikely all of them would look that similar unless they were produced. All of the voices also sounded exactly the same, like they were a singular group, or a team. One even forgot to take off his official flag of the Government of Syria wristband. The last official flag wristband any Iranian trying to come off as sympathetic, should be wearing. Almost all the comments about the green movement were cynical, adding "... wear your green shawls while standing on red carpets...", which is a tone you would take if you disrespected the Green movement. And the claims that factories were being shut down by the sanctions. All point to a manufactured propaganda piece.

Let me remind everyone exactly what we are talking about:

All the major factories in Iran, the ones that employ the most people, that are the most important, that would be anywhere near affected by sanctions, are owned by the government. The government that the US and it's allies now wish to punish in return for Iran pursuing it's unexplainable nuclear program. The cost of Iran's adventurism is that some countries will choose to sanction you. Stop what you are doing, and the sanctions will be lifted. Only a government trying to push off their own real responsibility for creating the conditions for sanctions, would attempt to make a film hyping the impact. Only the truly guilty beg for such mercy.

This presents us all with a dilemma. Do we side with Iran and defend the attempt to go nuclear as our right? Or do we side with the rest of the world, and understandably express consternation as to why a nation that has over 900 years of combined oil and gas reserves, would need of all things, nuclear power now? Why not wait until 900 years from now?

I am being generous in putting aside the so far mostly unproven claims that Iran is really after a bomb, and merely wants to put it's own cold war stake in the ground. From which to continue it's Islamo-Marxist attack on the same old usual Western lack of morality and sinful decadence. We all know that is the real goal here. Sound familiar? Can you say US-Soviet detente?

So, there are your choices. So what do we do?

On the one hand you cannot by any means sanction Iran's Cold War strategy and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead self destructive tack.

On the other hand, the West is largely responsible for almost all of the Middle East Mess we have now inherited.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Voice from Iran recorded in the US!!!

None of the voices and faces in this professional!! video sound or look like a native of Iran. Trita and co have been so out of touch for so long with Iran that they have ignored the substantial change in the local dialect and accent of the youth.

Having said that, sanctions are not the solution.



Sanctions are not good for ordinary Iranians. There is no doubt about that. But this is a poorly done propaganda piece. Those people in the video don't seem to be living in Iran.



Why is she saying she doesn't want any headache (partially showing her face)? She is saying all what IRI is saying, why would she get in trouble (even if she is really in Iran and her video is not added to a tape from Iran). The same about the guys.
I suggest NIAC changes the end screen to the following (instead of their usual standard slogans that is shown). I am willing to bet there would be much more positive responses:

"If you support democracy and human rights in Iran,
You Can't support IRI,
Because IRI punishes the very people who fight for change"