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قلاده بر گردن سگان امام حسین در مراسم اربعین

تاریخ اسلام را که الحمد الله نخوانده اید و نمیدانید . دانش شما از اسلام فقط گفته آخوند ها است . اگر روزی حوصله کردید که تاریخ اسلام را تحقیق بکنید ، بنی عباس ، بنی امیه ، بنی هاشم ، همه با هم پسر عمو بودند ، واسم جد بزرگ پیغمبر اسلام عبدالمناف بود ، که این ها فرزندان عبدالمناف بودند . دعوای این پسر عمو ها برای ثروت و حکومت بود که خصوصا با شکست ایران در مقابل اعراب حرص و طمع اعراب بیابانگرد برای ثروت و فرمانروائی تحریک شده بود . حتی خود شمر که سر حسین را برید ، دائی ابوالفضل بود . منتها وقتی که شعور و دانش آدم دست آخوند باشد ، همین می شود که امروز شاهد هستیم .


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Precisely for these back-warded and retard kinds of cultures/ideologies the Islamic Regime in Iran was “allowed” to be established (similarly in other Muslims nations) and continue to survive so the Masters could continue getting most out of their Servants… shouldn't be to anyone surprises why every powerful/advanced nations would want to compete (or go to war) over controlling these “Ablah-hon” (Retards) and their lands….

For those whom still believing in “For an Islamic democracy” or “ISLAM is all about 'SOCIAL JUSTICE'” or similarly like others still chanting “Ya Hossein Mir Hossein”, you will be loved, admired, rewarded and supported by the Masters nations…



That is the sad truth in all its painful and callous manifestations.


Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

Does your dog bite?


Anonymous Observer

Do they feed them Purina or Iams? I feed my little puppy Blue Buffalo. It's quite healthy. They should try it.

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IRANLOVESISRAEL Shlomo would love to entertain you and your significant other at his Kabab-Hammoom parlor in your next trip to Tel Aviv.

Does anyone know what people name their pet dogs in Iran?

I mean if the guy with ghalladeh on the right is called Mammad and he wants to be Imam Hossein's dog then it would make total sense for others to call their pet dogs Hassan, Akbar, Ali, Mehdi, etc. Or there are some flaws with my logic ....!?



The two in the picture are good candidates for becoming IRI U.N Ambassador and IRI future Ambassador in U.S.



No dear whatever your name may be, there is a better way of getting rid of this theatre of the absurd. It is to get rid of the Islamic Republic which encourages and (much more importantly) pays these morons for this behavior. You take out IR and see how fast these "Madahs" clean up their act.

By the way welcome back, we thought we had seen the last man standing.



The remedy to this social disease is much easier than what you think: Just "unfriend/defriend/dislike" them on your fb...........