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30,000 Iran spies



Over the past 34 years of its existence, the Messianic Islamist Republic has steadily increased the strength and expanded the geographical theater of operation of its Intelligence Services, chief among them, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, known as MOIS.

A 64-page report titled “Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and security, a profile” produced by the Pentagon’s Irregular Warfare and published by the Library of Congress Federal Research Division has been made public.

The report makes for some disturbing reading.

“MOIS provides financial, material, technological, or other support services to Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), all designated terrorist organizations under U.S. Executive Order 13224.

In Latin America, Iran’s intelligence agencies—MOIS but mostly the Quds Force—use Hezbollah to achieve their goals.”

What is the  Democracy Central, DC, going to do about it? 


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Fred jan
What do you mean by messianic Islamist republic?



For the past 34 years, the core leaders of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic have been talking about their duty being that of facilitating the coming of Messiah, in their jargon, Agha Imam Zaman, ergo the Messianic Islamist republic.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

As always too little too late.

Tower Commission Report (1986) identified active cells of the Ministry of Information working under the guise of trading companies from Buenos Aires thru to Baltimore and DC area, it named names and what did do about them: NOTHING. Even the sensitive parts of the report were taken off the Net.

Nothing new. Yawn.


Sayyad Sha'er visit:

I'd suggest reading "Lightning out of Lebanon".


Nasir Khosrow Poet, scientist, philosopher, mystic and traveler

The report's contention that the regime's intelligence establishment provides aid to and cooperates with al-Qaeda in Iraq is complete rubbish and fantasy. Members of Iraq's al-Qaeda are currently swelling the ranks of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighting the Assad regime, which according to you guys the IRI is helping via the Revolutionary Guards. Why would they aid the very people they are fighting in Syria? This makes no sense. Also the primary funding donors of the Iraqi al-Qaeda are supposed to be Saudi, the IRI's nemesis. The Salafi-Wahhabi ideology of al-Qaeda also precludes it from cooperating with a Shi'a Iran. Nor would partisans of either Grand Ayatullah Sistani or Muqtada al-Sadr stand by and allow Iran to cooperate with their arch-enemies inside Iraq.

This report is propaganda for the public consumption of people like Fred and his other neo-con brethren of Academics and real spooks won't buy it.



I can't wait for the day when the Mossad model is adopted throughout the world....doing only lovely charity works.....olive plantation.....housing (de-housing) settlement(un-settling)....magnet know......these kinda things...