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این ها پیشمرگان امام حسین هستند و اسمشان لشکر خرسان کو* سوراخ است


khaleh mosheh

Well it can get pretty chilly in mid day sun of Karbala.

I think next year they will have to have Imam Hussein riding a sledge pulled by huskies. It is imperative that we get all details of this historical day as accurate as humanly possible....

Please excuse me ...I can not continue as my sobbing is making me all bleary eyed....Oh Imam Hussein...Ya seyed o'shohada



Precisely for these back-warded and retard kinds of cultures/ideologies the Islamic Regime in Iran was “allowed” to be established (similarly in other Muslims nations) and continue to survive so the Masters could continue getting most out of their Servants… shouldn't be to anyone surprises why every powerful/advanced nations would want to compete (or go to war) over controlling these “Ablah-hon” (Retards) and their lands….

For those whom still believing in “For an Islamic democracy” or “ISLAM is all about 'SOCIAL JUSTICE'” or similarly like others still chanting “Ya Hossein Mir Hossein”, you will be loved, admired, rewarded and supported by the Masters nations…


Imam Zaman

Didn't a Bear eat Imam Hossein and blamed it on yazeed ?



"why do you think these people dress like bears?"

well, for all practical reasons this is a very good question and the answer can readily be looked up and is such. Those days and that juncture of history there was no Chuck E. Cheese for the children to be entertained and celebrate their birthday, etc. So, the wise men of Mesopotamia came up with the clever idea of dressing up as a bear mascot to entertain the children. That's also where the legend of Chucke E. Cheese began but later it was turned into a big rat mascot and the rest is history.