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Israel’s Operation Orchard & an Iranian



A little after midnight on September 6, 2007 at least four Israeli Air Force (IAF) jets crossed into Syrian airspace, they destroyed a clandestine nuclear facility which was under construction. Operation Orchard had succeeded, all IAF jests including the escort aircrafts safely returned to their bases.

Although after extensive sanitization of the area by the Syrians, a year later IAEA inspectors still found “significant” traces of uranium at the destroyed site.

Yesterday, a 64-page Pentagon report on the activities of the Messianic Islamist Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence was made public.

Page 33 of the report states:

The United States obtained intelligence information about Iran’s nuclear-warhead design in 2004. Likewise, Western intelligence agencies obtained similar information from IRGC officers who defected, such as General Ali Reza Asgari. Although there were many others as well, Asgari’s defection was significant because he was deeply engaged in establishing Iranian links with Hezbollah. Asgari seems to have provided intelligence to the Israelis and may have been the source of the intelligence they used in Operation Orchard to strike Syria’s nuclear reactor.”

Like the Israeli attack which neutralized the existential threat Saddam’s nuclear facility was posing to Iran, the existential threat to Israel from Syria was neutralized based on information from an Iranian, no less, a former deputy defense minister.

Time and time again it has been proven; regimes in power have no effect on the undeniable historic, cultural and strategic alliance between Iranians and Israelis.


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The so-called undeniable historic, cultural and strategic alliance between Iranians and Israelis should facilitate the true understanding and full recognition of the national right of Iranians on the nuclear issue.....otherwise it'd prove itself to be fabricated and false.............Nuclear technology, around and because of which all this noise is being made, is our undeniable historic right; it's also our strategically legal property, regardless of the regime within.........Israel has to learn how to live with nuclear Iran.......She has to understand that the time for her absolute hegemony in the region has long passed.



Based on Your Majesty's MOSADic faith any so called 'Muslim Iranian,' like this 'traitor' Asgari, who does 'treason' is honorably embellished with an 'Iranian' only title.
Well, what would then be a treacherous 'Jewish Iranian's' honorary title? 'Israeli,' perhaps?