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گفتگو با نیک آهنگ کوثر روزنامه نگار


از واشینگتن با شهره عاصمی از تلویزیون اندیشه - گفتگو با نیک آهنگ کوثر روزنامه نگار


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Thank you Shohreh Khanoom for a great interview and the probing questions. Your professionalism clearly came across.

This was supposed to be a conversation about Nikahang Kosar’s journalism and it started out that way, but he cleverly steered the conversation towards the corruption and the crimes of the Rafsanjani Family, which no one disputes. But you managed to bring it back to the topic at hand towards the end.

One of your final questions really summed it up when you asked him if he was a journalist or a person involved in politics. His answer was also illuminating and clearly showed what the underlying problems are.

He stated that he was an “advocate journalist”! But his behavior on this whole episode makes him more like a “Velayat-e-Faghih” journalist; the reporter, the judge, the jury and the prosecutor. He completely missed out on the fact that as a reporter his job is to put the information in front of us and let us decide what we want to believe. He completely underestimated the intelligence of his audience and assumed that he could determine the right or wrong because, “he knows these people and has the documents”.

At the end of the day, this whole episode between Mr. Kosar and Mr. Hashemi is about the dealing and the wheeling between two people who wanted to get something out of a transaction; Hashemi wanted to leak information about his rivals and get it posted on Khodnevis, and Kosar wanted to get material for his book.

There is no high moral ground there, and he should give his journalism degree back!



فرامرز خان عزیز از لطف شما بسیار سپاگزارم. از اینکه با دقت این ویدئو را نگاه کردید
وقت گذاشتید و نظرتان را با من و بینندگان دیگر در میان گذاشتید ممنونم.