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An Assessment of the New



First of all I would like to thank Said for all his efforts in upgrading The quality of the posted material and the participation of the bloggers indicate that we are all committed to see that succeed and remain an important part of our community.

The upgrade and the re-design of the site has created major trade-offs for the bloggers and the viewers. I will mention some significant ones here.

Ease of Use – While posting items such as video clips, pictures and news items have become significantly easier, finding material has become cumbersome. One has to constantly scroll down to find new items. For example, this morning and just by chance, I saw Rezaei’s Shafaf Sazi clip which was buried at the bottom of the pile. His clips are always funny and of the highest quality, but because of its positioning it received minimal viewing.

Layout - In the past, the featured blogs on the main page only had the title and the blogger’s name associated with them. Therefore, one could squeeze a couple of days’ worth of blogs in a small space for quick viewing. The “disadvantage” of that arrangement was that you needed to open the item and see what it was all about and if you wanted to read it and make comments. In the current setup because you see the picture/video and the beginning paragraph, you can almost say what the blog will be about and whether you want to open it or not. This has also reduced the number of clicks on the blogs.

Another key difference is that in the previous arrangement the significant items were at the very top. They generally reflected the “Editor’s Choice” and they stayed up there as long as he wanted to. In the current environment we don’t have that and one could argue that it is more democratic! Also gone are the Iranian of the Day and the Iranian Prisoner of the Day which I believe were both very important and significant.

Comments and Toops – In my opinion, the single most deficiency of the current set up is the elimination of the Recent Comments section. The arrangement allowed us to quickly glance at what was being discussed and see if we wanted to jump in and contribute to the conversation. That feature, at its core helped us to get to know each other better and form a community, even at times a disjointed and a hostile one!

The introduction of “Toop” is also a mixed blessing. While it allows us to quickly show our pleasure at a certain post, it has resulted in a significant drop in the number of comments. In the past, if we liked a post, we would take the time to not only thank the blogger but also by saying something relevant (!) add to the conversation and invite additional comments about the post and the comments. Now, in most cases, we just “Toop” the blogger and we are done. So in a way, we have become passive readers than active participants in the subject matter.

In all, I hope that through rigorous participation of the bloggers and some fine-tuning by the owner/administrator, could be more like a community of people who share thoughts and ideas about our culture and politics, rather than an aggregator of items about Iran, something like Huff Post Iran or BBC Farsi.

Here is Shaneh by Martik.


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DoNotShootMe If it's well written and well directed and you've got good actors to work with, acting is easy. But making sure all the ducks are in a row is the hard part. It's very rare. John Lithgow

" VIEW MORE " tab is missing from the recent comments section.


Esfand Aashena

The new design is SUCKS TO CANADA! I used to think it's cool but now I think we're missing everything. We don't need an Editor but we need organization of material like it used to be on visible and for a while for everyone to read for a few days.

Everything that was good organization on that site was achieved by what we experienced and needed over years of usage. This one is too fast and no good! I hope we can get back to the old organiztion of stuff and not so much fast paced where we are all one on top of each other!


hamsade ghadimi

well said faramarz. too much white space in the new format... in the old format, you could browse many titles of blogs, news articles, videso, etc. in one view. i also do miss the "recent comments" section the "toop" is copy of which is a copy of balatarin. there seems to be no organization on the new format. at any rate, i wish the best for mr. amin and hopefully he can get it together. :)


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

One saying that is appropriate for me is, "the night hides the world, but reveals the universe" from the standpoint of subject relevancy and greater viewership I believe the site will do better now with all the bells whistles and simplicity, yet those of us from before saw another experience and it was very entertaining and enjoyable as it was if and may have wished the changes were just improvements of the old platform. In my experience, Good CEO'S, start from a place THEY you say to themselves, "forget where we are at, if we start entirely from scratch, what is the best we can do?" It's bold and is where game changing actions and the competitive edge comes from.

Neither Genius nor Wisdom is appreciated by the consensus during their own time, it is only generations later that the consensus is capable of understanding the words, the views and the actions of the past that were rooted in Genius and Wisdom.



I am so glad that the Velayet Faghih of JJ is gone and it has given its place to The People choice. There were no rules except what JJ felt like that day. It gave room to favoritism and unfairness. In fact that is the reason I am back here at Iranian. Com after nearly 2 years.


Doctor Mohandes Beware. BS detector onboard!

Thank you faramarz

Even though i have to admit that i agree with many of the things you brought up, and aside from having to do a little more work searching around the site, I'd dare say that i don't see that much of a difference there compared with the previous one.
I do think that the prisoners of the day should be brought back in. Having a recent comments section really is not a necessity, and as it can be seen from Soosan khanoom's comment we the Eyrate Eyeranians can always have those good ol' italian mob! style arguments in one form or the other (hey...are you eee esstupid or ee vaat...hey hey...) you know what i am saying?? I mean look at her own comment reeking of judgmental statements and innuendos and ....

I am not sure if tooping something would necessarily take our option of thouroughlly checking matters out away from us! we still have that.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Kyle ... hmmm !!... have we met before ?




An Assessment of the New !!! I guess this assessment was only by the designer not anyone else



Ufff, definitely not my cup of tea.
It looks to me like one of those sites my daughter is a regular visitor of.

So, as I intend to finish off my not very prolific commentator's career, I'd like to thank all those with whom I've exchanged words in the past. You Faramarz, in particular, for I've always enjoyed your witty comments and your diplomatic, yet clear, stand on many issues.

All the best to IC.
Greets from Guadeloupe.



C'mon Rea!
Ever since you were exiled in Guadeloupe you have been unhappy. Please move back to France and start contributing here. You have a unique perspective on things that will surely be missed.
p.s. I have friends who used to do work over there and it sounds very depressing.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Come on Rea ! Don't be such a party pooper ! Is it that bad?

Hope, you reconsider it and stay !

: )