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All the hype about Hagel changing US policy towards the Middle East is just not accurate. Obama is nominating Hagel because Hagel has the same view towards the application of US military as Obama.

Obama's policy in the past four years has been about no massive intervention (boots on the ground), use of deadly drones, special operations (sneakers on the ground), and sanctions when negotiations are not getting anywhere. He has also provided by far the most military support to all of US allies in Region, including anti-missile defense shield.

The policy will continue to be the same with Hagel at Pentagon.

At this point, the only thing that the Regime can receive by walking away from its nuclear ambitions is a civil program through IAEA and spare parts for the aging airliners. Now, if the Regime dramatically modifies its behavior in matters such as the human rights and terrorism, one can anticipate the lifting of the sanctions over the next few years, otherwise you will see another N. Korea in Iran, although it is sitting on some of the largest gas and oil reserves in the world.


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Obama is canceling out the good choice that he has made with Hagel ... at the same time he is nominating the worse CIA directer ever.. it seems that this may well be a political show ...
Hagle nomination will not get approved but The CIA guy gets through ... No surprise if that ever happens ..

In his first term, Obama demonstrated that he is a better Teleprompter reader than G. Bush ... anything else was basically the same !

Now let us hope that he is going to change in his second term but I do not put my hope on that !



I do think he will get through the nomination process. He will be no different than Leaon Panetta. They espoused the same type of sentiments about him before he became the Secretary of Defense.

Obama does not act or decide alone on matters of foreign policy. In fact, no US president ever has.

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