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Saïd Amin @SaidAmin

Saïd Amin is a tech entrepreneur born in Tehran, Iran. He is the Founder of World Singles Networks (IranianPersonals, etc.), a leading provider of niche online dating services, the owner of & NIAC Board Member.

Seattle, WA

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Esfand Aashena

@SaidAmin I liked the old homepage organization much better, it looked more like an online news magazine. This new home page while some has positives, it looks like a duplicate of the belog section! The old homepage had featured articles/blogs in the middle of the page which looked good.


Anonymous Observer

The layout is all screwed up on my computer. I'm using Chrome for a browser. Is that the reason why?



I root for USA, Mexico, and Iran or any underdog countries!


Bavafa   Free copy of all e-mails, posts and voice conversation at NSA depository, no sign up is required and it won't cost you a dime only your freedom. Mehrdad

Can some one believe that women MUST be allowed, just as men, to watch the game in the football stadium and still root for Iran?

If so, then you know who I favor in this world cup.