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Abbas Esfahani

Two other individuals, one on and the other a resident of the US who hails from a Scandinavian country, recently used the same wording, i.e. "island of stability" to describe the Mollah Regime. Is this a case of coordinating a common message or mere coincidence?


Abbas Esfahani

Dear AO, after Qaddafi was overthrown, it emerged that a number of individuals and groups in the West had benefitted from Libya's largesse. I've wondered that if and when the rotten Mollah Regime falls, how interesting it would be to see what is discovered in the files of its Ministry of Intelligence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc and the relations with certain self-styled "peace-and-justice-y", "Grand Bargain-y" type individuals and organizations.


Anonymous Observer

Dear AE--I am against an attack on Iran by anyone. But if you look around here and elsewhere, the most vociferous "peace activists" are also the ones who makes claims such as "the Great Satan has been defeated."

I also find said [fake] "peace activists" to be the biggest warmongers when it comes to an opportunity for the Islamic Republic to attack someone--even if it's one of their boats annoying an American aircraft carrier.


Abbas Esfahani

AO jaan, I too oppose an attack on Iran that would kill innocent Iranian civilians, and I recently said so on I agree with your observations about the hypocrisy of our friends of this ilk. When the jihadists were (and still are) blowing up civilians and troops from the US and elsewhere in Iraq and Afghanistan left and right, they were hailed as the heroic resistance to occupation. But, when they fight the hereditary Assad Baathist regime and clients of the Mollah Regime in Syria and Iraq, they are takfiris, Wahabis, Saudi tools, "trained by Mossad", "not true Muslims", etc, etc


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The borders are so under control that Iran is the largest global exporter of black market body organs (from dead prisoner bodies in the country with the highest execution rate in the world); and the largest re-exporter of heroin (from Afghanistan) - something like 20000 MT of heroin (and even larger quantities of Opium) to the rest of the world (Europe, Middle East, China, Far East, US, Latin America name it). So basically the drugs come in and out of Iran - across two borders. And they own and operate several large operating ports (and airports) where they bring in wholesale consumer goods and electronics into Iran without any import duty for resale. Yes, Commander Jafari is absolutely correct, the IRGC have incredible (unbelievable) control of Iran's borders. He should be very proud of himself and all this illicit business smuggling that the IRGC is involved in.


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