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Young, jobless, uneducated and poor. Religion has not been able to employ all the dispossessed. There are only so many Maddahs you need. More than 25% of the work force is jobless. All this in the background of multi billion dollars bank accounts (multiple) of the leaders of IR. Where is our outrage?!!


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

solution to problem of thuggery in Iran: Arrest of entire leadership of Islamo fascit regime leadership and their armed supporters, Their speedy trial at the people's Revolutionary courts and the verdicts public execution, preferably in front of Chinese and Russian embassies.



Several days after the three-minute video was widely published, Sadegh Amoli Larijani, Head of the Iranian Judiciary, announced that according to Sharia and existing laws, there is no difference whether the perpetrators used warm or cold weapons, and that the ruling in the case is moharebeh [enmity with God], and the punishment is death by execution.
A YouTube video was released on December 1, in which a building surveillance camera captured images of four young men on bikes, equipped with a dagger, attacking a passerby on a Tehran street, robbing him of his briefcase before the eyes of passersby. The images showed one of them dealing a blow to the victim’s face with the dagger, before the four men fled the scene. The four men were subsequently arrested and were put on trial on January 2, 2013, and two of them were sentenced to death for hurting public feelings.

The widespread distribution of the short film of the assault in Iranian media and YouTube once again highlighted the issue of security and street violence in Tehran. But Commander Esmaeel Ahmadi Moghaddam, Iran’s Chief of Police, said at a conference a few days after the video surfaced that he has no knowledge of the incident. He said that he is not informed of all the robberies that take place in the capital, but if a reporter informs him of the incident, he would follow up on it...."read the rest at the link!



PS. IR has to kill them what else are they able to do? Train them? God forbid! Create jobs?! How can they? They have to spend the pittance that is left after stealing, in Lebanon,syria and Gaza to buy regional loyalties. All this mess and they are still encouraging increased child birth! If these guys (IR) were not so good at self preservation, I would say they are insane.



Death Penalty is Savagery.
To makeup for years savagery in Iran and show the world that Iranians have respect for human rights and life, all forms of executions must end. At the time of Regime change so needs to change the savage ways of the Islamist. Best punishment to end cycles of violence is imprisonment and rehabilitation.



The whole story doesn't make sense.

Worst of all:
"According to this security official, between the evening of Monday, December 24, 2012, and Tuesday, December 25, many “thugs” were arrested.".
So, good old IRI is protecting Iranian X-tians now?

I'd never post this crap on any forum where I still have credibility when it comes to IRI prisoners, political or otherwise.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

We all know who is responsible for the root causes of these crimes and its not those committing the smaller robbery.

It's time for the west to let go of its policy of using all elements of her power to continue to impose their IRI extremists on Iranians.

Another day another thousand human rights crimes and inhumane executions, Iranians need to remove those who lied about the late shah and his team and left Iranians in this mess, compared to where Iran was undoubtedly going before she was thwarted from within at the hands of Liars.

We really Need to honestly look at Savak and listen to the former Head of Savak, when he says that human rights was only used as a trap to deceive the Iranian people and that Amnesty International was using lies by people who were themselves torturing and killing Savaki's who were defending Iranians, when they said that Savak was Notoriously torturing people. At least for the record, we have people who can say that they, not anyone they had personal contact with ever under any circumstance knew of any cases of torture in Savak. I think people also need to know what were the secret practices of Savak and what were the very tough controls that were put in place, both human and not, to prevent Savaki's from breaking their own practice and committing any crimes. If Iranians continue to think based on deadly deceits, manipulations and the work of the "Free Worlds Media" one can not honestly expect any different from the people of Iran to do the Bidding of the USA, the UK, France, Germany for Iran.

If we rise Up, It needs to be for the Right Reason,

Not For Islam,

But for Freedom & Love both of which require moving forward based on the truth and acknowledging the ugliness of the anti-monarchists that brought the IRI.