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Neither the U.S.A nor imaginary heroes topple this despised Islamic regime in Iran. People with their raised fists, roars, and red blood need to be first organised to be able to crush this regime. Only thanks to an organised movement freedom will come.


The lack of such an organised movement has left the arena for the regime for further bloodshed. Millions of chests can be ready to confront the regime, even if the bullets of mercenaries are loud and temporary suffocate their voice of freedom. Only when the people are organised, they can win the battle.


Unfortunately, and even in the worst-ever conditions of our people; I do not see enough stimulated and responsible sources among all activists on how to form such a national movement to free the country from the plague of the Islamic regime.


Sadly, yet the people of Iran must wait until all conditions are “rife”! What actually rather suits the regime! If such a movement no longer remains as a dream, it should simply be formed without wasting time and wasting away revolutionary demands. It should learn from all experiences of all peoples around the world in the recent century how to free the country. It should realistically use any tactical method and independently use any international assistance to hasten the fall of the Islamic regime which is the main enemy of our nation and each day of its life costs us irremediable lives and damage.


What is the problem of unity?

One reason, among others, such a movement cannot be formed is because cannot convince our people of its secular and democratic unity. A movement which does not follow the least of people’s wishes since the 1979 revolution, namely the wishes for Republic, Democracy, and finally Secularism sinks today like a heavy stone in the depth of people’s apathy. If Monarchists and the MKO want to join such a movement, then they have to duck to water, by abandoning their personal or religious ambitions for the throne or another Islamic form of regime.   


In a free Iran, far from any eventual ambitions oa shah / mullah’s similar dictatorship, all political authorities will be directly elected by people. Such authorities consequently must be secular and democrat -- their political background must be clean with no ties or sympathy for the last two dictatorial regimes. They should oath to unconditionally respect Human Rights, secularism and democracy; they should be independent--our people's interests should never be bargained by whims of key powers.


Why I say "no to Islam, King, and Ideology!"

Through the two dictatorial forms of regimes in Iran and the fall of any ideology regime in the world, our society has learnt not to be a lab of another experiment. National state will be the fruit of Iranian people’s struggles for freedom from any dictatorial regime for ever; our people will never bow to any ideology or religion of submission. In other words, in my opinion, any regime picking or inspiring its legitimacy from interest groups like monarchists, Islamists, communism, and right-wing nationalists cannot be a guarantee for secularism and democracy and thus not an option for our future state.


An Iranian democratic movement should immediately present its political programme before the fall of the Islamic regime, otherwise cannot be reliable. The programme must contain effective solutions to free the country from the long yoke of backwardness and dictatorship caused by monarchy and Islam.


It is to explain how to prepare the conditions for unconditional democracy, social justice, gender equality, development of national economy, rehabilitation of an Iranian identity, reviving of art and culture, negation of Islam as state religion, elimination of all religious institutions, removal of all religious influence from education, judiciary, and all aspects of social life.


What is the ideal regime like?

Any new regime after the Islamic regime is expected to bring all criminals of the regime in the last 34 years, and their collaborators, before an international court for their crimes against humanity. However, we should not ignore the fact that the essence of such a process is not the individual punishment but the rehabilitation of our country. As such, the process should emphasise:


-  No Iranian woman is half that of a man

-  No Iranian can be punished for his political or religious belief

-  No dungeons, no torture, no political prison can be anymore tolerated

-  No Islamic jurisprudence under form of amputation, stoning, lashing, human humiliation,  genital mutilation, forced veil…will be ever be permitted.

-  No death penalty under any circumstances.

In fact, by condemning the norms of such a medieval belief system, such a court will mainly contribute a lesson to our history, and a bid of return to our civilised pre-Islamic identity and norms of the modern intenational community.


The Movement‘s foreign policy

As we know, the key powers are traditionally interested in the economic gains. The EU has long ignored that their barrels of Iranian oil cost many lives in the hands of Islamists’ squad deaths. Russia and China have not yet learnt Human Rights and ethical standards in politics. The U.S.A, despite sanctions and rhetoric of animosity, can be satisfied with some reforms by and within the regime.


US conflicts with the regime have nothing to do with the trampling democracy and Human Rights in Iran, but because of stirring sectarian conflicts in Iraq, and the Mullahs’ atomic ambitions which can be a danger for Israel and the interest zone of the West in the region. Many accusations on the Islamic regime are also true of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other allies of the U.S.A. Washington has already found compromises with any dictatorial regime in the past. This can be also the case with the Islamic regime. For the matter of fact, if today the bellicose Mullahs refuse to enrich uranium for their nuclear programme and do not disturb the U.S.A in Iraq, the U.S.A - Iran’s conflicts will not be necessary taken into consideration.


With or without the Islamic regime, the U.S.A wants to advance their strategy in the region. In the highest probability, their “regime change” can mean a replacement of another regime's faction--they might have already found or will find new allies within the factions and outsiders of the Islamic regime, a kind of an Iraqi model of a Shiite government for Iran. Another option might be “à la military coup d’état” of Muslim generals in Pakistan. Our democratic and secular movement cannot rely on any foreign agenda.


Difference between such a movement and the Green Movement

In some critical conditions, and under pressure of a chain of crises, the ruling class in Iran may be further divided into several cliques and power-hungry factions. The ruling apparatus may even seek for handles with the inner or outer interlocutors. In another word, the Islamic regime might seek compromises with its outsiders, namely the Green Movement, or the U.S.A via its strong lobbyism and the "false" opposition in the West. A democratic movement should avoid accepting any possibility which keeps the Islamic regime or one of its Islamic factions, including the Green movement, in power.


Human Rights, Achilles Heel of the regime

The fact that a nuclear Iranian regime will have greater bargaining power to use as a lever to intensify its dictatorship must be recognised; therefore an Iranian intelligent opposition movement should take part in any international campaign against the Islamic regime’ s nuclear ambitions. However, it should not be forgotten that the greatest danger is not the regime’s nuclear programme, but its existence itself. What practically can be used from this conflict is to internationally further isolate the regime. Therefore, the Iranian opposition, beside of condemning the regime’s nuclear programme, should always put the priority on the question of defending the basic rights of people which are on a daily basis violated by the Islamic regime.


The nuclear conflict is intentionally propagated by the Islamic regime and its front, Green movement, Islamist residents in the West, lobbysts, Toodeh-Party and its conciliator line, to mask its totalitarian character; it is a cover-up to associate its parasitic existence with the "national “right of having a nuclear programme for the "peaceful" cause of the nation. The lobbiyst groups and factions of the regime highlight the topic for the sake of the regime.


No stone must be left unturned; every occasion must be used to confront our main enemy, the Islamic regime. The regime cannot legally be forced to give up the right of nuclear programme--the country is expressly allowed as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. This also included enrichment of uranium; we should associate the regime’s nuclear programme with its Islamist / Jihadist ambitions, or war against humanity and drastic violations of human rights in Iran. Only so we can challenge the regime’s nuclear programme.


It is wrong to reduce the whole legitimacy of the regime to the right of atom, for Iranians the problem is the existence of the regime itself with or without atom. In the nuclear dispute, both the regime and the U.S.A are adding fuel to the flames and making all nonsense of assertions to attempt a dangerous escalation. This is however not our main problem, one should argue that the Islamic regime is a totalitarian regime with a capacity of thousands of brainwashed Jihad, Allah’s worriers, who can blow up any "enemy" of God. So, nuclear technology in the hands of such terrorsts means a new weapon for Jihadis. Alone because of this Jihadist character, a nuclear arsenal should not fall into the hands of Islamic regime.


Ethics of the movement

Nevertheless, there are no military solutions to atom ambitions of the regime. Neither blind economic sanction can solve the problem. Not only these are highly immoral, but also counterproductive and even exacerbate both Mullahs’ mafia and repression in Iran. Neither military nor economic sanctions must be accepted by an Iranian democratic and secular movement as long as it does not merely target the regime.


What should the movement immediately do?

The solution is to internationally further isolate the Islamic regime. All diplomatic, cultural, and sportive contacts with the Islamic regime must be suspended. All foreign accounts of the regime’s officials must be frozen. Their mafia activities in the Persian Gulf and around Iran must be internationally under control. International mandates must be asked to be issued against the regime’s officials for their crimes against humanity. There are sanctions that can be proposed on the regime’s officials.


Position of the movement

The outstanding point is the illegitimacy of the regime because:

-  Its Supreme Leader is unelected, and his repressive institutions permanently violate Human Rights. Therefore, the UN and the Council of Europe must be demanded to approve resolutions which put the regime on an equal status of fascism, racism, and criminal organisations. Such resolutions are not beyond judicial facts, but legal contributions to elaborating a charter of principles for the totalitarian regimes like that of the Islamic regime in Iran.


- In the meanwhile, such an Iranian democratic movement, once formed, must try to represent Iranian people in the UN as the only legitimate delegation of people.


- In short, although a common platform is difficult to all opposition groups because monarchists and MKO do not respect the least purposes of the people since the 1979 revolution, we all activists and intellectuals must speak up for the unity and attempt to convince the sympathisers of these two opposition groups to join the secular and democratic movement once it is formed.


In conclusion

- Such a democratic and secular movement must be immediately formed and respond to the following four major aspirations of people:


- Organising and leading Iranian people’s struggles to sweep away the Islamic regime entirely, it means all its Islamic relics like the Green movement, all Islamic institutions, and all its suppressive organisations.


- Forming a temporary government to organise a constitutional assembly for a new constitution based on the universally adapted norms of democracy, secularism and Human rights. The new constitution is only legal when it is approved by the majority of people in a referendum supervised by the international inspectors.


- Preparing conditions, as sooner as possible, for a democratically elected parliament and government based on the right that people can elect and dismiss all key authorities, from the head of state to the local authorities.


- Transferring the power to the hands of the new government.


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cyrous moradi I am interested in Mathematics , literature and International relations. I wish to publish my stories . No publisher dares to do so. I think they have good reasons !! No body waste time and money to buy and read my books !!!!

Dear Sir;
How many Iranian are living in Germany? How many in the city you are living? And how many in your vicinity? Try to organize Iranian society just in your district. I am not talking about any political approach and ideology. Just something like the other nations has in Germany. Like Indians or let say even bangladesheses. This is something like a drill for your ability to make Iranians Unified. You cannot. Although most of Iranian living in Germany is educated most of them even will not listen to for a moment.
What does this mean? It means even in a very democratic atmosphere (suppose Germany is) we not make our national unity materialized. These kinds of rhetoric writings and telling empty slogan and defining the International policy of an Iran in a remote era is really nonsense and silly attempt.
Have fun and enjoy classical music
Cyrous Moradi



Dear JR, I didn't see any solution, as you promised in the title. What you have presented here as your ideal regime, is obvious items that everyone wishes to happen. Also, your mentioned some facts such as yogurt is white and water is liquid. What else? How you organize people? As Cyrous said, try to get together with couple of your friends (not just on facebook) and do an actual thing. See if you can do it. Good luck anyway.


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Cyrous Moradi, nice try but seriously don't try and educate morons, they will only lower you to their level of idiocy and then beat you with their experience. No point holding a discussion based on dishonesty, for example he equates a king with dictatorship, I am sure at least one person in his life has tried to clue him in to reality with no success of course. See "Why I say "no to Islam, King, and Ideology! Through the two dictatorial forms of regimes in Iran and the fall of any ideology regime in the world, our society has learnt not to be a lab of another experiment."


amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Jahanshah Rashidian as you can imagine anyone with can't follow your solution for Iran, can you enlighten us as to what forms of government Mussolini and Hitler were? Stalin or Saddam? None of these countries were recognized as Monarchies. When you are dealing with a Despotic Tyranny like the IRI, your ideas are not workable. You mislead many people to a need less death. Your article shows you are not aware of that much. The modern media can be proud of Manufacturing such an ignorant, distracted and misguided thinker.


Jahanshah Rashidian

Of course such a short article does not take all views and is not about to convert all views into a constitution. It needs your proposals. Please name the missing points and describe them shortly. I am sure any view serves new awareness.

However, I tried in this article to show some problems of unity which seem to be reflected on our likely passivity. The mosaic form of our opposition is something which cannot be united so easily. Let me tell that I am not an activist or affiliated to any political group and thus have no particular interest or ambition in politics, unless I see the abyss full of errors in front of us and therefore try to find another system of judging for those errors.

What distinguishes the Iranian opposition from elsewhere is the fact that we have monarchists and the MKO. They are well-organised part of the mosaic opposition while having personal or ideological power-hungry ambitions. These two disturb the unity of a solid and transparent opposition.


Jahanshah Rashidian

I am sure the monarchists are overflowing with gratitude towards the Pahlavi dynasty. I beg you, what you propagate here and there is derived from your emotional ties rather than the historical facts and analogies comparing with and adapting to our time.

I am neither a historian, like Milani, to pass a judgment on the Shah in details nor it is my aim. I only conclude that I am a republican and am attached to my values. Whatever background the Shah and his dynasty have cannot change my values because I think, independently from the monarchism’s balance sheet, it has been overthrown by the people of Iran and now only belongs to our history.



Dear JR,

I agree with you with a need to organize Iranians. Ultimately when things get bad enough these Persian cats will form herds and put away difference.

But as we call for Iranians to come together we must not use divisive language. We all want the same thing but we have different labels and are divided over minor difference. This has allowed for the Regime to remain for 34 years.

We all want a government not run by a mafia but one that respect the wishes of people. A government that works to bring economic development. A government that is not in conflict with the international norms and laws. A government that respect human rights. A government that is secular and allows for freedom of thought and religion. A government that uses expert and scientist and not mullahs for finding solutions to its problems.
It is not for me or you to decide if this needs to be inform of a Republic, or a some form



of a monarchy.

We can all agree but commit to live with what Iranian people decide.


Jahanshah Rashidian

Let us keep to the facts, Mr. Reza Pahlavi and the MKO fight for their own ambitions: Mr. Pahlavi dreams to restore monarchy, the MKO wants to continue political Islam. None of them bothers about people and their future.

There must be an umbrella covering our needed unity. To this issue, the ambitions of these two trends do not match. They rather confuse and disappoint our people than unite.


esfand Cho Iran nabashad, tane man mabad

@JahanshahRashidian3 "Mr. Pahlavi dreams to restore monarchy". Where does that come from? To my knowledge He has made no such statement.