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An entire generation is being completely wiped out; 34 years of Islamic rule, over one million dead, an economy completely dependent and on the verge of collapse, a worthless currency, ruined childhood dreams, and a youth population without any hope for their future.

Marg bar Shah, Marg bar Amrika, Marg bar Esraeel; the death chants, is all the Iranians got.


esfand Cho Iran nabashad, tane man mabad

and for what? are they still trying to export their so-called revolution? fill their pockets with even more money? what purpose can justify all this misery?


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Revolutionary Guard 'running Iran drug trade'
MEMBERS of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps have seized control of drug trafficking throughout the Islamic Republic, using the multi-billion-dollar trade to establish links with a global crime network and further its goal of undermining the West, former regime officials say