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Obama's New Portrait in Tehran!


تصویری  جدیدی از اوباما در کنار شمر بن ذی الجوشن در انتهای بلوار کریم خان و مجاورت میدان ولی عصر تهران نصب شده است. در زیر تابلوی بزرگ جمله معروف شمر در سال 61 هجری نوشته شده که  می گوید:" با ما باش ، در امان باش


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B. Hossein Obama,

Silly Mullahs are threatened by his middle name. The president of the US named after the holiest of all shiit characters.

Sad thing this Shemr guy is much better looking than AN or others in the IRI and that's a great picture of Obama. I don't think the commissioned artist drinks the same cool aid as the IRI.


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

"Ba Ma Bash, Dar Aman bash", the slogan that describes IRI.



بنا بر تاریخ طبری، شمر دایی ناتنی امام حسین بود.
عکس این حسین در کنار دایی ناتنی چیز عجیبی نباید باشد.


khaleh mosheh

He must be the protagonist of the drama- Imam Hussein if he is so juxtaposed against the bad guy Shemre. As also been pointed out they have picked a remarkably good picture, definitely coming across as the good guy.



IRI has killed two birds in this image. First: Shemr despite of wearing Chinese copycat Louis Vuitton boots and clothings, has a British face very similar and possibly related to John Cleese, see this image:

Second: It's an attempt to ridicule the popular Green chant of "Obama... Ya ba ma" back in 2009. Iranian people in this picture are being put down when the encriptic message is from IRI to the people of Iran that both British and the American government are in full support of the regime, but nation and people will be silenced once again. One picture is better than a thousands words. Yazid and Shemr without their services the British crown could have not survived. Our Khomeini looked like Sean Connery and now our very own Shemr looks like John Cleese.

Perhaps we should open their embassy before things get any worse.



Funny Persa Khan.
You know, if it wasn't for all the killings, tortures, detentions, corruptions, inequalities, injustice, incompetent and the religious stuff, I could've liked the Islamic Republic for its entertainment value!



Funny thing is that IR used many resources to get Obama elected during his first run in 2008!!! Just ask NIAC!!!