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Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Tehran's Stock Exchange is only the tip of the iceberg. Practically ENTIRE Iranian economy is controlled and used and abused by the so-called "revolutionary Guards"
Mostly abused though: from high level smuggling, to export of Iranian boys and girls to Dubai, to developing Oil fields, this entity gives Behemoth a new incarnation.
The fact that the entire market system is based on fraud does not take the Guards or IR off the hook. IR is simply a most blood-thirsty, cruel, neo-Liberal Capitalism, with a Shiite Muslim face.
Mostly shiite though.



A savvy investor in Tehran today, should short IRI equities and go long on "Shemr-ebn-zeljoshan" Mutual Funds and take some liquidity by investing in Imam-Reza gold coins as a hedge against implosion and hold some cash on the sidelines in form of Dollar and Euro. Diversification is the key. Oh, and one last thing, have a valid passport ready at all times.


Nasir Khosrow Poet, scientist, philosopher, mystic and traveler

If Wall Street, City of London and all other Anglo-European stock exchanges can be a tool of international Zionism, the Tehran stock exchange can be the tool of the IRGC. But the question is why do you people cry about the politicization of the stock exchange in one instance but not the other?