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I have had been out of the discussion in the past in judging NIAC. However, recently just a few months actually I have been trying to observe their actions. Who are they? What do they deliver?


They claim they represent Iranian American community. They also claim that they represent Iranian American rights and also speak against to human rights violation inside Iran by the Islamic Fascist Apartheid racist regime of Iran.


I really don't think they represent Iranian American.  I found out that Trita Parsi has been the president of this organization since its inception.


There is no broad representation of Iranian community and there is no annual voting amongst their board members.


They are a nonprofit organization thus they get funding from the government.


But these are not main issues with them.


My issues are when Mr. Parsi and his organization started speaking out against Sanction against the Fascist Regime. Although I understand sanctions are hurting the average Iranian, but when I posed questions to Mr. Parsi for an alternative solution...he had none. 


His organization is another lobbyist, I don't know who they lobby for but they are not representing me.


You are against sanction, then pleas start working on the alternative. We have to eliminate the Islamic Fascist Regime of Iran, and no political opposition has been able to come up with a solution.


And all these organization have cowardly failed the Iranian people and Iranian nation.


Another point I am against NIAC. They pretend they have spoke against the human rights violation inside Iran. Although, here and there they have said something, but most of the times they have been late in their responses as well they have been slow to react to the needs of Iranian community and Iranian people.


When I raised the questions in a professional way to Mr., Parsi his cornies started attacking me and calling me a right wing fascist.


NIAC just recently took actions I support of MS. Nasrin Sotoudeh.


That is once again another evidence for a late reaction to human rights violation against the Fascist Islamist in Iran. That is after many Iranians started writing to them.


NIAC claims if you are criticizing them you are a Neocon. I don't belong to any political party. But I am an Iranian who HATES Islamic FASCISTS in Iran.


I now belong to the group who questions Trita Parsi, his group and the agenda.


I believe the truth will come out one day.






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playing devils advocate: we all say we want to get rid of the IRI, but do we ask ourselves who will replace the IRI?

That aside, I'm a proud member of NIAC. Sanctions hurt people. Military intervention will not succeed and will likely turn Iran into the next Iraq. Change in Iran must be organic.