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Thanks much for your blog, NK.

Perhaps need to remind all the genuine Iranians of our Iraqis neighbors' devastating sufferings for going through 13 years of similar sanctions before their country was occupied by the UK/US coalition armies in 2003 under the false premises of finding WMD in their homes basements!:

May GOD forbid of the same happens to our country. Ameen


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Islamic Republic of Hell is as much responsible for any and all hard ship on Iranian people, as Western powers imposing them.
In a country with half the population below the absolute poverty line or on the poverty line, nuclear power is only needed for ruling thugs, not the people in the streets.
Shame on all IR supporters who don't say a word about crimes of Islamic Republic of Hell.



In your opinion how should Obama deal with the Iranian nuclear issue and also the human rights crisis in Iran. If you were a supporter of a (politically) secular democracy (which I think you may be) what would you advise him to implement as his policy toward Iran? Please no irrelevant material, just straight forward policy suggestions.


Nasir Khosrow Poet, scientist, philosopher, mystic and traveler

Lift all sanctions without preconditions, including ones imposed in 1979 and still ongoing (i.e. frozen assets since the 1979 Hostage crisis), and establish full diplomatic relations. On top of this I would initiate a multi-departmental investigation led jointly by the US Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service into every group, political action committee, think tank and lobbyist who has in any way, shape or form acted as an emissary of any foreign power inside the US towards the US Congress and the Executive Branch who has been instrumental in the present ongoing policy towards Iran, and shut them down. When this is accomplished, I would implement a brand new foreign policy which has nothing to do with the precedents of the past 34 years. I would also force Israel to either sign into the NPT or open up all its facilities to inspection by the IAEA, or both.

That said, I believe there is no real nuclear issue to resolve -- this is an excuse -- because what we do know of the Iranian nuclear program does in no way indicate a weapons capability program nor is there any a single piece of evidence produced so far for one. The human rights question is also a red herring, especially when pressed by the United States which possesses one of the most checkered human rights records in the world today and whose human rights violations at home and abroad far outpace that of the Islamic republic by quantum factors.

I do not support the creation of a Western style democratic system in Iran unless this system adopts features which 100% guarantees Iran's complete national sovereignty, comprehensive territorial integrity and absolute control over its own economy, commerce, finance, banking and, above all, natural resources. If a so-called Western secular democracy in Iran (like the one imposed in Iraq and Afghanistan) means the imposition of foreign control and international corporatocratic leverage over its policies and policy making, then my position is that the IRI should remain in place until such time in the future when such a situation may emerge allowing Iran to establish as much without becoming a vassal or puppet to any foreign power.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

TIme for opening the U.S embassy in Iran. I do not think so Americans are going to be more welcomed in anywhere else on this planet as much as they will in Iran. Iranian youth are the most pro western youth in the region. They are done with radicals and fundamentalists and hate all those death slogans ..

Sadly, sanctions and war , will have negative effect and will alienated the youth. Those who impose sanctions and war are well aware of this fact. As the matter of fact they want this negativity. That includes both the hardliners in Iran as well as the hardliners here in the west. Both are equally needed to be blamed. I, however, am not sure that continuing to put up with a radical government in Iran is anything different than what you are suggesting as a foreign control ... It is a foreign control already ! What people lack in Iran to make things move forward toward a permanat reform is a trusted leadership. There is none.


Nasir Khosrow Poet, scientist, philosopher, mystic and traveler

Glenn Greenwald on Guardian (October 2012): "As Mohammad Sadeghi Esfahlani and Jamal Abdi recently documented in Foreign Policy, the sanctions regime, while devastating ordinary Iranians, is having virtually no effect on their leaders - other than to strengthen their grip on power . . . . "