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What happened to the unique premium experience of visiting


Where are our Iranians of the Day? Our featured videos and stories at the top of the web page? The full and lively interface of stories, articles, photo galleries and videos? Why/Who decided to turn into a blog site?


Now I know Iranians take personal pride in blogging - we were afterall among the first in the world to blog for freedom, human rights and individual liberties. But this is taking it too far! I mean, if folks want to blog or post status updates, tweets or what not let them do so on their respective social networking sites. has caved into the hype that everything has to be mediated through social media! I can't help but think there was some ulterior motive or incentive to subordinating what was a community website for iranians from all backgrounds and degrees of internet savy to join in on the discussion. Now we are isolated from each other. I still can't get over the design and layout - pathetic!

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