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ثواب آب دادن


آب مایه حیات بخش است، آب دادن کار خوبی است.

قبل از ذبح شرعی به قربانی آب میدهند، در افسانه تراژیک صحرای نینوا،  آب برای نوره کشیدن و شُرب نقش ویژه ای دارد.

آب دادن به جوان ایرانی پیش از قتل او ثواب دارد.

امروز کلۀ سحر در "پارک هنرمندان" تهران، این جلاد پیش از به قتل رساندن یکی از دو ایرانی دشمن خدا (محارب و مفسد فی الارض) با آب دادن ثواب مضاعف کرد.

و الله اعلم.




پ.ن. به اینجا هم سرکی بکشید.


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چیزی برای گفتن نمیماند...فقط برای فرستادن...که آن هم لعنت است
لعنت به این آدمکشان بیشعور....لعنت بر رژیمی که آدم کش بار میاورد.


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

بگیر به بند به کش ....... گور خود کنی به دست خود.....

اوج گرفتن این اعدام‌ها چه در ملا عام (برای زندانیا‌ن معمولی‌) یا مخفیانه (برای زندانیا‌ن سیاسی) هدفی‌ جز ایجاد وحشت و ترس بین توده‌های فقیر و زحمتکش که قربانیان اصلی‌ سیاست‌های جاه طلبانه هستهی رژیم دزد فاسد و آدمکش ولایت فقیه هستند و جلوگیری از یک انقلاب تمام عیار تودهی بر ضّد نظام ظلم و ستم ولی‌ فقیه ندارد.

زهی خیال باطل.......



به گزارش خبرگزاری های خود وحوش، برای ٢۰ دقیقه اجساد این دو انسان را آویزان نگاهداشتند تا ایرانیان بیشتر "عبرت" بگیرند و در همۀ آنزمان خواهران آنان در پای جرثقیل ها در حال ضجه زدن بودند.

رواج توحش و از بین رفتن قبح قتل انسان، یقه خود وحوش را خواهد گرفت.



everyday I think when will I wake up from this 34 year nightmare. What it is interesting is that your detractor above has a blog on the same event. You would think s/he would be glad that the issue gets more publicity but, no he comes here and bad mouths your blog (on the same exact topic as his). Go figure!



At times like this just remember Mahatma's quote, which you recently reminded all, about being ridiculed and the rest.
I'll keep my eyes on the prize, Iran and Iranians' emancipation, nothing will detract me.


Jahanshah Rashidian

I hope that in its second term the Obama administration imposes adequate sanctions on the officials of the Islamic regime for their flagrant intention of frightening Iranians by publicly killing people.


Mort Gilani

These savageries could only come to a halt by Iranian public not a US president. Iranian public that is currently making an entertainment out of these public display of savageries have had moral and political support from democratic governments more than what Chileans, Argentinians, Koreans, Romanians or even South Africans were offered. It is not hard to find where the problem lies when one asks how difficult it is for people to separate themselves from these shows.


Artificial Intelligence

Iranians under the IRI are literally 1400 years behind other nations in politics and governance....this is pure savagery but what else can be expected under Sharia?


Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

Barbarism at its best!



Such injustice. If they were Basij thugs of course they could throw people down from bridges, stab and shoot them at will, roll over then with cars and all sort of other IRI sponsored thuggery. They weren’t, they were two inexperienced young men who made one mistake and seem more confused that frightened by what happening to them. Rest in peace.


maziar 58 Maziar

It seems like Grad week of "eedam" hanging in Public all over our Motherland.
Just by reading on