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Where is my Toop!






The day that the frustrated bloggers got angry and took to the streets (well, to the Site)!


Many of the bloggers on have been frustrated lately. Their copy and paste material was not making it to the main page and was being buried in the bottom of the pile. To make the matters worse, even their comments were not getting “Liked”! They were livid. They complained about the corruption and unfairness at the Site and how the “Insiders” (Khodi) were getting all the action and the attention. They were quite unhappy.


Rafsanjani was the first one who expressed his displeasure. He said that in order to save we needed to have “free election” to the main page. Rahbar was not pleased with that comment and said that the election to the front page of the site was “the freest in the world”! Rahbar’s spokesman at Sepah said that the election to the main page should be “engineered” so that the Site can be preserved. The Guardian Council declared that one needed to be approved as a “Rajol Siasi” to be featured. Ahmadi wanted Mashaei’s blogs to be posted. Ghaalibaaf, Velayati and Haddad Aadel said that they will form a coalition of 2+1 and they were certain that their nominee could get more than 60% of the Toops! Khatami wanted to blog too but said, “They want us to participate in the blogs, but under their condition”. Asgar Oladi wanted the banned bloggers Moussavi and Karroubi to be unblocked. Things were heading for a collision on the front page!


On a critical day, the Reformist bloggers posted their material and waited anxiously for the results. They were certain that their voices had been heard and their YouTube clips, quotations and copy and paste material would finally be featured on the main page. They didn’t have to wait for too long. The results came out fast and once again the established bloggers got 63% of the Toops and their material was featured prominently on the front page. The Reformist bloggers rushed to the site with their angry comments.


At first they chanted, “Where is my Toop” and “Like my Comments”, but soon things got ugly. There were chants of “Death to” and “No more Viewership”!


The Regime reacted by blocking access to the site by disabling Facebook and Tweeter, but the bloggers kept posting angry comments. At nights, the bloggers took their laptops and iPhones to the rooftops and typed, “Allah-o-Akbar”! The international community was watching all of this in complete disbelief. Nobody was quite sure what was happening at


Nothing like this had happened at since JJ sold the site and left almost 34 years ago. People could still remember him when he came on the site and said, “Dear bloggers, I have heard your voices and your demands for additional capabilities like blocking others and deleting comments”.


With those words JJ got on the plane and left and now for the first time the bloggers were reminiscing about the “good old days” at!


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dohelzen منم آن مست دهلزن که شدم مست به میدان دهل خویش چو پرچم به سر نیزه ببستم

شماهمه بهم دیگه دل میدید و قلبه میستونید وقتی نوبت ما شد
تا یک زهر مار نوشتیم اینجا بما میگن تو ازقبیله ما نیستی . بله ما شدیم از قبله سیاهای افریقای

I would write blogs only if my blogs would get some coverage. the current setup is designed to bury and hide old information.



Fight on Rasta Man...Don't Give up the Fight

Look into the Crystal Bowl Soldier Man!


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

Although this obsession with instant gratification and rapid public acknowledgment is understandably when discussed once a day, it seems a bit peculiar.

"Lean Production" is a concept often used in today's Industrial Relations courses, and vastly implemented in north American factories. This "fat-lessness" and absence of dead weight sort of reminds me of the new format.
Old format had its own fare share of dead weight, here that becomes impossible.
Although we probably don't need toop for the news, and no graphics either. Just post it in one line, it would take a lot less space too.


salman farsi   For an Islamic democracy


ما بالاخره نفهمیدیم این توپ چی‌ است.


maziar 58 Maziar

Aan kaas ke Nada...........




توپ چیزیه که اگر بی‌ هوا تو سری آدم بخوره آخ آدم درمیاد. ولی اگر توپ دست بچه همسایه باشه سبب کدورت و رنجش میشه

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“Death to”, lool.

Real gem, love your writing. ;o)



The problem for me was the new did not work with Google Chrome, a browser I preferred because it was faster that IE.

It still doesn't. So when I access via Chrome and try to paste something I wrote elsewhere or paste a long link, I have to re-access via Explorer.

I'm not sure if any readers here use Firefox. I wonder if they have the same problem.



Admittedly the new system is prettier but the old system was more convenient by far because it had an index and you could see rapidly what was available. You also were not limited to Internet Explorer if you wanted to cut and paste. The latter ability is essential for me because some times I write here first and sometimes I write on Enduring America first.

Either way, I can't transfer what I wrote to the alternative site unless I switch to IE. In that case if I wrote on first via Google, I have to rewrite the whole thing over again on EA.



I think that you got transferred to me by mistake! This is not the Helpdesk!