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Islam disturbs evolution of Iran



Iranians could have continued evolving into their advanced culture and being today a great, free, and advanced nation if this process had not been stopped by the Muslims’ invasion 1400 years ago. This 1400-year old belief system is now politically re-grafted on our society after the 1979 revolution disturbing progress in democracy, economy, social justice, ethics and all fields and process of human evolution.


Islam in general and, worse, political Islam in particular can never be in harmony with the evolution of human species. People under Islamic domination are the prisoners, trapped in the dark era of terror until the unsupported preys to Allah's clutches. Under such circumstances, the subjects have no motivation to evolve, at best they have to beg and clamor so that their sinister does not worsen.


During the 1979 anti-Shah revolution, people were looking for a quick demise of the Shah’s dictatorship at any price. They were not aware of a totalitarian state, which could flick out of Islam -- a bitter ignorance for which Iranians are today paying a colossal price.


The politicised Islam under the Mullahs’ regime has since 1979 committed the most hideous crimes since the first invasion of Islam on Iran in the seventh century. On its black records, one routinely sees torture, rape before execution, application of Sharia by stoning, amputation, lashes, state terrorism (chained killings, kidnappings, mass killings in / out of the country) -- all these crimes are well-documented.


Some non-Semitic religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucius, Baha’i or nature religions in some African tribes reflect their direct cultures and are the outcome of their daily lives, wishes, and ideals. For them, the religion is tending towards the emergence of their needs and conventional norms. They qualify their faith as a source of morality, what consists in acting and living in such a way. They understand their human conditions because faith / religion suggest a supreme being(s), and a pathway to an ideal life here and after. Not all these aspects of these religions can objectively explain Iranians’ belief in Islam. We see Islam as a false patch imposed with sword on our culture since 1400 years ago. However, little Iranian intellectuals have criticised Islam and its background because of fear. From 1400 years ago on, the Muslim men of sword prohibited such contemplation. 


Islam cannot accept the evolution because it considers itself as the only valid and devine pattern to guide humanity for all time. The 1400-year-old imposed Islam demands omnipresent role in daily attitudes of Iranians whose ancestors were once forced to believe in it and today are forced or mesmerised to follow. Islam with its dictates-teachings on murder, rape, torture, enslavement, humiliation, misogyny is today a legacy of its prophet Muhammad left for the Islamic regime in Iran. All these immoral commands of 1400-old-religion show deteriorations, but contain no impulse for evolution. Little scientific progress in the Golden Age of Islamic Caliphates was not because of such impulses, but despite of Islam. Indeed the Islamic rough credo constrained the process of a normal evolution.


As an omnipresent and omniscient doctrine, Islam has continued to remain for many centuries as a pivot character formation, mindset and moral pattern of our mesmerised Muslims with no any impetus for their evolution. The entire evolution in programming causes and effects have strategies of temporal changes and achievements, what actually is as un-Islamic for the two following reasons:


1- feeling that a change is highly appropriate for each phenomenon, including people’s thoughts, feelings, and ethics seem to discord major teaching of Islam, which by contrast is a social order promoted by violence and based on submissiveness of the Muslim community, "Omma".

2- Islam opposes any reform and inner evolution of its limited field.


Concretely said, Islam is against formation of institutionalised ethics in a level of the international institutions like the Human Rights Organisation, Amnesty International, and The Hague Court. Such modern institutions bear modern ethics protecting human interests. These jeopardise the Islamic domination over the community. Iran is not the only country with a crisis of totalitarian regimes, but the only one with a totalitarian regime that is also characterised as a force of Islamic occupier. Iranians need more international support than other Arabic oppressed nations because Iranians do not fight against their corrupt despots, but an Islamic occupier force.


We know that, unfortunately, a number of factors stand over humanitarian factors. Historically meant, the “civilised” world is not that civilised and so evolved to avoid sacrificing its humanitarian values for the lucrative interests, though our species could only survive if it is adaptive to the basic humanitarian values. Despite the fact that in a clash with religious domination, the West created their humanitarian institutions, it ignores now the plague of political Islam. Independently from its attitude, western values today trigger our integration into international community and make us more vigilant to protect ourselves. The more isolated we are, the more we can be trampled by the aggressors of both inside or outside.


My issue is that Islam and evolution are like fire and water, two complete opposites. I do not mean that Islam can eternally stop the motion of evolution, but can disturb, slow down and charge it with huge human casualties. I am not evoking the clashes between creationism and evolutionism because it does not help Iranians. What seems to me important is the fact that all religions adapted their credo based on the mindset of people. These are more or less formed by a historical process in interaction of people’s cultures and psychological needs, let alone the fact that none of them proves a source of divinity and all of them have been historically product of human mind.


 Those old cultures which shaped up religions are not representative today, therefore all Semitic religions, expect Islam, had to be reformed and updated. Because of its multifaceted nature of a totalitarian social order, Islam cannot be reformed; otherwise it loses all its divine sense. It is incompatible to our today's criteria and the ethics we need, especially for conscious Iranians who feel themselves today as the 1400-year-old hostages of their captor, Islam. Islam represents today for an increasing majority of Iranians the Islamic regime.


 With the advent of the Islamic regime, the people of Iran feel themselves the prisoners of a diabolical domination, ghastly memories of the past 1400 years are gathered in an emotion of increasing hate towards Islam. The bestial countenances of the 1400-old crimes, enslaving, looting, raping, humiliating of Iranian people are all represented by and in the attitudes of the Islamic regime.





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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

The greatest example of backwardness was expressed in public attitudes towards the late shah and his team.
Russians do not have the level of Ignorance and mental poverty Iran was suffering from and their path towards people power/democracy is following the same path as Irans, the Uk, Holland and many others gradually.
They are not showing the same public retardation we saw in Iran.


Esfand o Atash

So deeply has islam been seared in to our psyche that not only did they beat us up during a 222 year occupation that we now beat ourselves up every year during ashoora, we praise the names of our conquerers, and demote our own heroes. Islam is the ultimate franchise!


Jahanshah Rashidian

Find out the common denominator of backwardness in the Islamic world. No improvement is steady possible there. The bigger, or influential, this denominator is, the more destructive it inhibits the progress. See the societies where Islam is more embodied and their effected course of progress today.
In extreme cases, most people remain backward and uneducated. It would be wrong to dismiss the importance of this religious factor. Let's realise and point out the factor of sterility in the economic, democracy, and individual freedom. The statistics speak out; the Islamised societies stand alone in a sea of illiteracy, obscurantism, despotism and economic backwardness.


Jahanshah Rashidian

Mr. Amin. The words are not merely emotional tools, but also, and in more cases, they straightly and rationally tune up realities. In our case, the reality is Islam as an inhibiting factor of our progress. I.e. we cannot ignore, alleviate or turn Islam into Green to keep it in power. Its colour little counts. Learning from history: Renaissance had no colour.


Saïd Amin Saïd Amin is a tech entrepreneur born in Tehran, Iran. He is the Founder of World Singles Networks (ArabLounge, IranianPersonals, etc.), a leading provider of niche online dating services and the owner of

The challenges you speak of are not limited to all Islamic countries. From Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, etc., the "sea of illiteracy, obscurantism, despotism and economic backwardness" that you singularly attribute to Islam is shared among many nations across the globe. Singling out Islam, or any other religion, is a convenient scapegoat, but not the root of the problem. The culprit is not religion, but rather humans themselves.

All that said, it's nice to have a civil debate that does not sink into accusations and name calling that I see many engage in when they do not hear what they want and/or their emotional buttons are pressed. How we agree to disagree matters.



Mr. Admin, killing, destroying our identity & culture is "NEVER" acceptable.
Excellent blog Mr. Rashidian.
Excellent comment MRX2412
There were two distinct cultures in antiquity. The Aryan culture of Eurasia which it's pillars were: working man is a noble man, everybody worked, happiness is most, harmony with nature, no social cast, no religion, etc. The Semitic culture of Afroasia (southern desert area) which it's pillars were: people are not equal, slave worked and elit enjoyed, masters of superstition to control slaves.

Islam is the ultimate Abrahmic doctrine.


Saïd Amin Saïd Amin is a tech entrepreneur born in Tehran, Iran. He is the Founder of World Singles Networks (ArabLounge, IranianPersonals, etc.), a leading provider of niche online dating services and the owner of

"Islam in general and, worse, political Islam in particular can never be in harmony with the evolution of human species.". Hearing "always" and "never" is a red flag as it is often a far too extreme and inaccurate stance that ignores the realm of possibilities or worse yet, the truth.


Christopher Proud Infidel.

محمد هو نبي كاذب وكيلا الشر.


Kourosh Ighani

Islam impedes progress. It is not the only reason for our country's stagnation but it is definitely up there. When we learn to replace superstition with reason only then can we witness an Iranian renaissance.


Christopher Proud Infidel.

Mohammed is a false prophet. An agent of evil, look at all the destruction this so called peaceful religion has wrecked. Thousands of innocent lives destroyed all in the name of some jihad. What part, tell me what role did these innocent civilians play in this war except to be made into some public show as they were brutally massacred by their oppressors. I say it now and I say it again, Mohammed is a FALSE PROPHET, and agent of evil and that born from hell itself. I pray who have lost their way to his deluded sense of "peace". Peace be with them, and may God watch over us and keep us safe from the evils of Islam's teachings. If this makes me an infidel then I am proud to be one.



This is excellent article by divaneh. MUST READ. Please read all the ensuing commentaries; educational and insightful.

By Divaneh:

دین ستیزی یعنی روشنگری

این هم دردی است که گاه افراد روشنفکر بیان می کنند که ما دین ستیز نیستیم و به عقاید مردم کاری نداریم. چرا نیستید؟ مگر دین ستیزی چیست به جز روشنگری؟ دین ستیزی و مومن ستیزی دو مقوله متقاوت است. یکی روشنگری است و دیگری نفرت پراکنی. دین ستیزی مبارک است و مومن ستیزی منحوس. دین ستیزی را باید تشویق نمود و با مومن ستیزی باید مبارزه نمود. دین ستیزی را روشنفکر می نماید و مومن ستیزی را متعصبی دیگر.

اسلام ستیزی و مسلم ستیزی دو امر متفاوت است و نباید یکی شمرده شود. اسلام ستیزی مبارزه با جهل و آئینی بدوی و تفوق جو است. مسلم ستیزی این است که برای مثال گروهی تند رو در امریکا به نفرت پراکنی در مورد مسلمانها بپردازند و خشونت بر علیه آنها را ترویج بدهند. اسلام ستیز در صدد کمک به مسلم و رهائی او از قید و بند جهالت است و مسلم ستیز به دنبال آزار نمودن ایشان. این دو بسیار متفاوتند و یکی دانستن آنها ترفند روحانیت برای نا آگاه نگاه داشتن توده است.