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Healthcare or Maseratis?


Interestingly enough, the Regime picks and chooses when, and if, sanctions are biting the Iranian economy.  At any given Friday prayer service, Khamenei will boast Iran's resilience in the face of Sanctions while demonizing the Americans for futile attempts to 'hurt' Iran.  But when it comes to the international stage, Iran's state-run press has a different message: 'Obama, your sanctions are hurting Iran's sick.'


Fortuntately for Iranians, Medicine isn't sanctioned. Unfortuantely for Iranians, their Regime is nothing more than a self-interested, corrupt and  soon-to-be-nuclear, oppressive body. They care about nothing more than their own backs, and reputations.


In the last 6 months alone, Iran has imported close to 60 Maserati Luxury Cars. These cars sell on average for about $100,000 dollars in the states. So with inflation, tax and transportation, these cars must cost a minimum of $400,000 dollars in Iran.  What does this mean?  First of all, clearly there is a means to buy these cars - more importantly however, if you want something in Iran, you will find a way to get it. So why, and how, can the Regime suddenly blame sanctions and the West for an inability to medicate its sick?  Whats holding them back from the things they want?



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