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With pointed questions, Hooshang khan quickly got hot under the color.
If he wants to become the President of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic, he has to read his constitution more carefully and SMILE !



In my opinion the parts that were treated seriously were the strongest. Format of a comedy show (such as Jon Stewart) is inappropriate for a program dealing with serious atrocities of the Iranian regime such as pubic hangings.



Ps. Thanks Faramarz for posting.



The Saman (news) part was hilarious at parts. He is really getting good at this. I usually have quite a few chuckles when he does the news bit.
The doctor was "yakh" as usual. I think his part should be changed, or at least he should be taken behind the scene.
Masih Alinejad's part was good, she is very intelligent, she nailed Amirahmadi, but she doesn't belong in a comedy show.
The "letter" part is usually so-so. Today's was good.
All my opinion. Shoot me if you wish.