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G. Rahmanian

Faramarz jaan,

One of the greatest finds! However, the guy may mean the IR's current Yazid.

Here's why I say so: When the war between IR and Saddam broke out IR supporters began chanting, "Death to Saddaam Yazid Kaafar." Anytime he heard that slogan, a gentleman in our neighborhood would respond by saying, "Death to our own Saddaam Yazid!" By that he obviously meant, Khomeini.


This comment was removed by the Staff for violating our Commenting Standards

This comment was removed by the Staff for violating our Commenting Standards



I always struggled with Ta'limaat Dini as you can tell!


G. Rahmanian

Thanks my dear, Faramarz. Glad to be back.

And as DM has famously said, I don't really know why I was banned, to begin with.


شمیرانزاده Researches (reporter & tv journalist) and presents information (Social,Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels

در سالهای قدیم؛ زمانی‌ که تعزیه به اجرا می‌‌رسید؛ خوب به یاد داریم که در اتمامِ نمایش شخصیت‌های دوم و سومِ تعزیه حرف حیا زشت حواله خاندانِ ابو سفیان ( پدر،پسر و یزید ! ) می‌‌کردند،انگاری این رسمِ آن جریان است و یادگاری از عمر کشان.

با سپاس از فرامرز خان.


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

so this guy has fornicated with a several thousand years old corpse and want to let another several thousands year old corpse know about it, How can he be sure if it was the right corpse?


Shazde Asdola Mirza My archived blogs and stories are at:

For four years, I wrote pieces for IC - some good and some ...

However, I could never imagine that IC's top of the 1st page would one day look like the attached picture.

Now, I very much like Faramarz and his sense of humor; but I don't think that even he could believe his eyes, when this stand-alone crudely doctored picture (Yazid Nanato Gaeidam), made the headline.

I am repeating myself, and other friends who have written to me: IC was a high-quality web-magazine ... unfortunately without an active editor it is going down the tube.


Saïd Amin Saïd Amin is a tech entrepreneur born in Tehran, Iran. He is the Founder of World Singles Networks (IranianPersonals, etc.), a leading provider of niche online dating services, the owner of & NIAC Board Member.

indeed, the site is no longer a magazine with an editor in charge. sure the algorithm in place now needs work and will evolve/mature/improve in time. if a piece of content ends up at or towards the top, it's due to user engagement and how the algorithm weighs that engagement.

the old IDC was seeing a steady drop off in volume of submissions and quality (based on feedback from JJ). hence, why so many Farsi pieces were increasingly being featured. also, little to no new members were signing up - not exactly favorable metrics for a site.

one of the best things that can happen on is to usher in new members and their perspectives. God bless people my age (almost 40) and up, but new blood of all ages would be a major plus. in the next few weeks, we'll give it a good marketing push and we'll see if the aforementioned goals can be realized.



Shazde Jaan,

This picture speaks to our glorious culture. We may call it rude and crude, but in the privacy of our thoughts, we like it and laugh about it.

That's why I posted the picture. We need to come to terms with ourselves.



You never know, maybe the owner of the car is an Imam Hossein-loving Iranian woman.
But disgusting nevertheless.