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Islamic Republic's New Fighter Jet



Islamic Repubic just unveiled its new fighter jet Ghaaher-313. Notice the amateurish resemblence to the US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter! Even the choice of colors and the thunder bolt on the tail wings!



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Sayyad Sha'er visit:

The bottom is a picture of the F-35 (US jet). The top looks like a Saegheh. All of Iran's new "jets" are subsonic alterations of the aged F-5 Tiger. This isn't news, it's a joke. Iran would be wise to purchase MiG-29's and deck out its aging air force. Everything else in its inventory (sans the below-functional F-14's) is pure trash.



Did they made only one?
Since very week they are reviling one new weapon and they are all home made: the economy should be bursting by the seams by now. Every man, even woman in the country should be working and hiring some more foreigners.
This government only can produce Imamzade and that’s it.


Drafsheh It's easy to stand with the crowd, it take courage to stand alone

good comment from Yolanda:

I do have some doubt! Apparently, they can't refine gasoline up to the standard and it is why Tehran's air is polluted, which kills 4000 annually. They can't make commercial planes that they have to buy them from Russia. They can't make a lot of different pharmaceutical products and medicines, so they have to import them.........they can't make construction cranes, so they have to buy the Japanese made cranes to hang Iranians.............all the simple stuff they can't make, but they can make military jets?

Their fighter jets are as real as Manti Te'o's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua!



Thank you! Drafsheh
Thank you!



Wow, NIACis and Regimis are all here in full force! Yesterday (Feb. 1) must have been a payday!



Some of these folks are the same one who saw khomeini's picture on the moon.


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

This is an accomplishment if it is true. Now it is very seldom that you can trust IRI. It could very well be just looks and not even be able to fly.

Another issue is not just to manufacture but also maintain such planes. For that you need good economy and that is something different. Say IRI makes 70 of these planes, the cost of maintainance is going to be a lot and puts a lot of restraints on the regime.


maziar 58 Maziar

Thanks for the advancement of our hamvatans at all levels making or copying.
But READ Mr. Divaneh's commet again and think....
Another war is on the table get ready for Breaking News.


ayatoilet1 B.S. from Argooz U., M.S. from Massachosetts I.T. PhD from Oxfed U; Post Doc @ Kharvard U; Big Shot @ Sheikh Mir Hassan Bank. Plays for a band: Ayatoilet & the Shits. The Supreme Dr. Ayatoilet Kh Kh Kh!

A few quick points: First of all technological improvement (in any shape and form) must and should be applauded by all Iranians. Building modern jet engines (domestically) is a tremendous technological feat - the metallurgy, the controls, the fundamental understanding of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics - is absolutely non-trivial; AND the instrumentation, skin, air frame construction is a huge deal too. Once you master all this for one design and figure out the relationships and issues, its relatively faster and easier to whip forward to higher level designs and applications. Including civilian ones. this should be applauded, and puts Iran in an elite family of nations. But secondly, more importantly, there is a fundamental correlation between technological advancement and social and political advancement. Look at any advanced civilization and these very same engineers and scientists will be the ones that 'open' paths for significant enlightenment and political change. Any contact with the outside world, any engagement at all....that comes from all this will eventually mean the end of the Mullahs. Its the grand irony of the defense program -- it can come back and bite the regime in their rears. You need to be enlightened to advance technologically. There are countless examples of how these very same scientists and engineers in Russia and Nazi regimes (for example) undermined their own regimes - satellites broke down unexpectedly, bombs did not fire off at critical times, some vital programs got delayed, etc. etc. I say go for it - - keep advancing. Love it!! Make us all proud. God bless Iran and Iranians.


Iranian Canadian Artist Iranian Canadian Artist and homeless in Canada from 1995 is so bad Canada for living is worst as Iran in Human Right

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