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Enforcing an apology for the English cartoon of Netanyahu violates the freedom of expression



Last Sunday, the Times published this cartoon of Netanyau. Soon after, the paper was attacked by the Israeli government and various Jewish lobbies. The acting editor of the paper, Martin Evens, declared: "On behalf of the paper I'd like to apologise unreservedly for the offence we clearly caused. This was a terrible mistake." The cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe, as Evens put it: "by his own admission - he crossed a line."

Such an apology for depicting a truth about the wall for which so many people have been killed shows the limits to the freedom of expression in the United Kingdom and the power of Israel over much of the British media.

Compare this with the Danish cartoons caricaturing the Prophet Mohammed, which nobody apologized for -- and which, in the western world, many western writers and cartoonists in fact spoke out to defend under a banner of freedom of expression. Where are they now? Where is their banner in defence of the freedom of expression? Why are they so quiet? Why do they defend the freedom of expression selectively? Why are they not condemning the Israeli government for successfully muzzling their English counterparts, and worse, forcing them to issue humiliating apologies for exercising their freedom? Their total silence, among many other things, shows their lack of belief in the freedom of expression.

We Muslims who understand Islam as a discourse of freedom support the total freedom of expression, whether it is exercised by Danish cartoonists, English cartoonists or anyone else.



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You are factually incorrect, as you usually are in your middle school level compositions you write and it is your hallmark, where you say:
“Such an apology for depicting a truth about the wall for which so many people have been killed…”
Be as it may, apologizing for the cartoon was WRONG, WRONG and WRONG.

Please say hi to Mr. Bani-Sadr.


شمیرانزاده Researches (reporter & tv journalist) and presents information (Social,Art) in certain types of mass media and also working in diffrent european tv channels

محمود این چی‌ چیه آخه ؟! به ما چه مربوطه اسرائیل و فلسطینِ گور سوخته ؟ خاک بر سرِ همشون کنند، به فکرِ آزاد کردنِ ایران از دستِ ضحاکیونِ اسلامیه باش، ول کن و حاشیه نرو.یادت نره که تو ایرانی هستی‌، اول ایران و آخر ایران .

به ابوالحسن خان هم سلام برسون.



This is, Designated for Iranian Issues. There are plenty of sites that are designated for Israel/Palestine issue.
Mahmood shame on you for posting such useless post. This is exactly what Mullahs want, Iranian worried about 3 million Palestinian Arabs who do not care about Iran and sided with Saddam Hussein when he planned on invading Iran and killing as many Iranians as he had bullets.

So you are helping mullahs that are on a tour terror in Iran with public executions and amputatins.

Long Live Iran.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Mahmood joon

You obviously have no clue that the owner of the Sunday Times (and not the Times as you say), meaning Rupert Murdoch, is Jewish on his father side and one of the most ardent right wing supporters of the state of Israel among the media moguls. Now I ask you: do you think a paper owned by Murdoch would embarrass the Israeli government so recklessly that they have to apologize for it within 48 hours?

To call you naive would be and understatement;


mahmood delkhasteh

Dear Roger,

If you have read the BBC article which I have attached, then, you will see that it also talks about Murdoch and in effect, it implies that it is Murdoch who played an important role in extracting the apology.

Why a Murdoch paper could publish such thing? I can not be certain about the exact answer/s, but, at least, it could be two reasons for that:
1. After the verdict of Levenson enquiry, Murdoch's empire is deeply weakened in England. Actually before that I pubished an article about the collapse of Murdoch's empire, which you can see below and might re-publish it here soon.

2. The role of agency is always important and if such agency is conscious and courageous enough always can utilize the existing cracks which exist within any structure.


P_J. An Iranian!

Dear Mahmood,

What can you possibly expect from the right wing newspaper that has become the Times of London?
A rag owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns, it's shameless brethren the RIGHT WING Fox News; the Israeli mouthpiece controlled by the Israeli interest and ready to crawl submissively in order to please Israeli Lobby.
This newspaper does not represent independent, free thinking people or free press, in the same manner that Fox News represents only a small vocal minority in the US.

Shame on them for violating/breaking the required principle(s) inherent in the INTEGRITY of FREE, independent journalistic principles!


Roger_Rabbit Framed

ooookh! You hurt me Mahmood. You hit me where it hurts most. I can hear the cracks in the walls of my empire. Stop it please. Have you no heart? Even the orthodox Jewish Lord Justice Levenson and his Jewish legal team didn't hurt me as much as you did. Why can't you Bani-Sadr supporters cannot tolerate a liberal pro Israeli and mildly anti-Semitic Australian that I am. Stop hurting me Mahmood.

Signed: R Murdoch

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akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

This comment was removed by the Staff for violating our Commenting Standards


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

BiBI is devil on earth !
He survived this election in Israeli but more than half of the Israeli people wanted him out !


tehran e azad

زنده باد ايران و إسرائيل
مرك بر جمهورى اسلامى


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Jenabe Mahmood,

How a people who were descriminated against by Nazi Germany could act like Nazis themselves?

That's the question.