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I wonder what NIAC Lobby and its lifetime president have so say about this.
They were against adding the terrorist Quds and revolutionary Gurads to the terrorist list.
But, you are right,all excuses are used up and it is either breaking the back of the Islamist Rapists through airtight sanctions or, as NIAC Lobby wants, accepting them and sharing the region with them.
Either way, it will be soon.



Trita: "Am pretty pleased :) Most of our positions-on diplomacy to sanctions-which once were "non-starters" are held widely in mainstream now..."



For a while and when the "negotiations" with P5+1 was ongoing, the Regime talked about easing Assad out of Syria and meeting with the opposition. But once they realized that after Assad it is their turn, they have hardened their stance and even are escalating the enrichment activities at Natanz.

In a way these are good moves because they will get us to the end line much faster.