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AElko @AElko

Pennsylvanian girl married to an Iranian-American

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"Sedayman" are you the same poster as AElko?

Well, if you are posting this twice it is only fair that I post my comment again, so here it goes, c/o khalehmosheh

Why do I have a feeling that we are going to see the video of this blog again.


AElko Pennsylvanian girl married to an Iranian-American

I am not "sedayeman". Just a Pennsylvania Dutch gal who married an Iranian student in the 1960s. This is no joking matter.



No joke intended. This video was posted by Sedaye_man earlier and when Soosan Khanoom thanked you for posting the video, SM responded. So a totally natural assumption. Thank you for clarifying who you are. Do you know who NIAC (the producer) of this video is?


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

What if the ones who are pushing for sanctions go and live in Iran and see how it feels to go hungry.

Thanks for the clip AElko.


AElko Pennsylvanian girl married to an Iranian-American

My sister in-law has breast cancer and can't get the appropriate chemo. Iranians supporting sanctions really need to do some soul searching.



What If for a change NIAC stood for regime change or had a position other than that of IRI on the International seen.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

Liked the video very much. Thanks for posting it and welcome to this site.

I should say that sanction is not a peaceful alternative to war as it is mentioned in this presentation. There is no what if....
Sanction is an act of war on a nation. PERIOD.

Besides, sanction for what? For a nuclear threat that does not exist. These bullies should first sanction themselves for owning nuclear weapons before they butt-kissing the U.S to sanction Iran and / or to go to war with Iran.



sedaye_man "Civilizations flourish the most where the masses are passionate about their liberties." - Gary Gross




Since the lifetime leader of NIAC Lobby refuses to answer legitimate questions about this federal court documented relationship with the Messianic Islamist Republic, going as far as “blocking and deleting” questions posted on his blog; this is the only way one can pose questions to his lifetime Leadership.
What if Iran through sanctions can be rescued from abyss, like the other Apartheid enslaved country, South Africa was?
What if, just like what is happening in Burma, through sanctions Iran can be put on the right trajectory?
NIAC Lobby, respond!