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The Islamic Republic cruelty to man and dogs and its supporters in the West


Thirty-three years after the Islamic Revolution the goal of an Islamic socialist society has come true. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in the world where man and dog are equal. Truly. Man and his best friend are given the same respect. Supportes of the Islamic Republic can count this as another one of its great ahievements alongside the liberation of the Holy Shia sites of Karballah and Najaf.  Alhamduallah


Scattered around the densley poulated urban centres of Iran live Iran's dispossessed. This underclass are visible and live and sleep  underneath the bridges, pavements, back-alleys and junctions of Iran's sprawling metropolis.




Living mong them are the stray dogs of Iran's. Like Iran's workers, the poor and drug dependents they have also been treated as an outcast by a religion which labels them as 'Najis'. No one give s a shit about either of them. They are treated as if they were Kuffars (athiests). For Cats are not treated better but are 'tolerated' underneath cars and trash cans as if they are people of the books. If a frisky cat commits a sin by standing in your path  they are kicked out of the way.  Even since the monstrosity called the Islamic Republic came into power reports have emerged that munucipalities have poisoned and killed many stray dogs with the tacit support of the legsilator  These pcitures confirm the report. The treatment of the dogs are no better than Iran's street children who are forced to beg or selll junk on the streets.




And what about the defenders of the Islamic Republic in the West. Take Soraya Sepah Ulrich, a regular 'expert' on Russia Today and writer for Global Researcg.Org. It does not come as a surprise that for so many of the Ali Shariati/Mossadegh supporters and defenders of the Islamic Repiublic chose to live in the USA despite their long standing hatred of everything the USA does and stands for. Ms Ulrich is noted on record as being a staunch supporter of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad praising his courage and announced enthusiastically that she voted for him. Ms Ulrich like all defenders of the Islamic Republic is silent when it comes to the state murder of her compatriots, torture and imprisonment (Iran's issues are a domestic affair) although she has plenty to say about Israel (Israel's domestic issues are a public aggair) despite the fact that as a US tax payer she contributes to the oppression of the Palestinian people she supports. However, I'm not criticizing Mr Ulrich on her political view points today. I'm not criticizing Ms Ulrich on her Vidal Sassoon hairstyle sans hijab and glamorous outfits she wears while telling other Iranians to content themselves with what they have and not be influenced by VOA and BBC Persian and other  western media outlets. I'm asking Ms Ulrich, who reveals on her Facebook page (which is public) that she is  a dog owner (she owns a husky) which she even takes into her car whether she would continue to be silent about the treatment of dogs. Drivers in Iran can have their dogs confiscated in the public or if they have them in cars. I wonder how Ms Ulrich's husky would fare in Iran today?. Is cruelty to dogs an 'internal affair' Ms Ulrich?



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amirparvizforsecularmonarchy I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

Who is the Picture of the Ugly Man/Brother with two ear rings and white face paint just above the picture of the Huskies? He definitely needs a hair cut!


Jahanshah Rashidian

Alongside many other pro-reformists, as a number of pro-hardliners, (AN and Khamenei) like Ms. Ulrich, Afrasiabi, Ommani, Jalehho and many with bogus names and multiple accounts… were active on the former
I wait for the new editorial policy of Mr. Amin that is supposed to explain his guideline next week. If materials from such regime’s supporters emerge on the new front page, I will protest the editorial policy, as I did with the, if no satisfactory results come up, I will quit the new version of too.