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Freedom, Independence, Islamic Republic!!!!!!!


Freedom Iranians undoubtedly had from the mid 1960's until Iran was thwarted and betrayed by her so called friends in 1979.......  Of course for the multitude of Iranians who do not know what freedom is, we have to give them the right to make mistakes based on their ignorance.  After Iranians harm one another with their Ignorance as Iranians did in 1979, those that can admit they made a mistake are deserving of forgiveness based on changing from Ignorance to gaining knowledge about what freedom is.


Independence we also had from the 1960's....... while it was the King and Prime Ministers official job to meet with the Ambassadors of the USA, UK & France, no orders or ultimatums were ever accepted and the interests of the Iranian people was always the top priority of the various governments that existed.  Despite full opposition to Iranian Industrialization by the west, Iran Independently moved forward and Independently created the largest growth in middle class as a result of industrialization.


Acting with Independence to serve the needs of the people of Iran, helped create the largest growth in skilled work force, by percentage in the world in addition to the largest growth of middle class.  Iran unlike other oil producing countries because of the lack of corruption was progressing towards becoming a developed country with several independent anti-corruption agencies.  Where there was Peace, Progress and Human Rights in the late shahs Iran.  The west used propaganda to fool ignorants.


Islamic Republic We did not have....... And today Yes we do have it.  The Picture Above is of Ali and what the choices of a nation in 1979 did for him and a few other thieves, murderers and liars.  While no one can deny that the anti-social criminals who represent the corrupt islamic authorities have enjoyed progress, no one can say that Iran is progressing the way the late shah had intended and dreamed for Iranians.  His Patriotic tears in 1979 make sense in terms of his selfless sadness for what Iranians had lost.


What doesn't make sense is how some Iranians are not prepared to change their perceptions when it becomes obvious that many self serving liars of the past were intentionally misrepresenting the peace, progress and human rights Iranians were enjoying in order to in some cases seize power and in others to thwart Iranians from the best days of their lives up until then.  In particular when they see that "the USA is at war with the people of Iraq", why do some Iranians accept words from the US Media saying we are after Iraqi Freedom?  At least in this case Europes Media Exposes the USA's Crimes. 


It Is the Job of the Main stream Media in the West to Condition the Minds of People of the USA and even the world, with the aim of making the work of the US govt easier to implement so they can achieve their real goals, their interests.  And so Criminal US acts which are serving solely Americans at the expense of the world are being represented by themselves as the best thing since sliced bread, like the Iraq war, when the USA knew no WMD existed and intervened agressively or when the US media knew the late shah was no dictator, crook or autocrat and yet intentionally misrepresented him and his government as such to everyone and with the help of Europe which was United in the Plan to Undermine Iranians as the USA paid Khomeini to have armed and trained basiji's to take power, something no true supporter of democracy or human rights would do . 


The only difference between th USA war against Iran and the USA war against Iraq, is when the USA was at war with Iranians in 1979, it did its harm with the Unity and support of others in Europe, but when it went to war against Iraq it did it with the opposition of othrs in Europe (the main reason being who wanted to get rid of Saddam in Europe? Very Few Countries because he was already a dictator, a mass murderor and user of absolute power againt the law, so he was doing for Iraq exactly what the west wants for the middle east, why start a war to change a team that are achieving western Interests for Iraqi's).


The war agaisnt Iran had the Unity of the West because Iranians had a great King, who's team was advancing the lives of Iranians to the best of his teams abilities and so in this case Uniting the west was easy to do. To this day no country or media, neithr US nor EU has clued in their own public regarding the truth about Iran before the revolution, the shahs team, they never presented a balanced picture or gave true information to their public as the goal war regime change of the late shah.  Did they take sides? Well they never complained or objected when their own News authorities falsely called the late shah a despot and a megalomaniac and backed and funded the khomeini regime to come to power. This was infact because the USA was at war with Iranians and used deceit and manipulation and coercion to harm Iranians away from their freedom, independence, development and democratic progress they were taking steps towards achieving. 


Is it not obvious that the best hope for democracy in Iran is going to be by those who put Iranians First above Democracy, i.e. Irans Monarchists?  That is to say that it will not be at the expense of Iranian Culture or Iranians Independence?  Iranians Lost a truly Great King, who's number one priority was Peace for them and others around them.  It is time to get our perceptions correct and start being knowledgeable regarding what is false propaganda created outside of Iran and fed to the public versus what is the truth.  Until we can do this, we can blame no one but ourselves for, today over 30 years of Ruholah and Ali doing To Iran what the west wants in terms of weakening, dividing, corrupting and thwarting Iranians.


It is our own fault for our own Ignorance, when some call the late shah a coward because it is they still can't even fathom what it means to have been a King of Peace, Progress and Human Rights.   How can we expect a better result for Iran, when many Iranians are unknowingly speaking the exact CIA and MI6 line that Savak Mass Tortured, Mass killed and the Shah was a Corrupted Dictator and organized their media and reporters to print known lies, when they themselves are so much worse as it has become absolutely clear today as the USA and EU are in conflict with one another over the USA going in to Iraq?


At least start to admit that 1979 was a total mistake and it has gone against the true roots and culture of Iran based on Celebration like the New year and Having Fun and admit it has taken on the form on non Iranian corrupted Islamic roots, which the West loves for not just Iran, but Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, from Afghanistan to Morroco.



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I Love Waterfalls and Find One of the most humorous things in the world; is the notion that Americans are a greater force for good & more civilized than Nazi's, Mullahs and Communists.

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