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چرا تجاوز در ایران مثل هند حساسیت عمومی را برنمی‌انگیزد؟





While Indian men are protesting the rape of women, some Iranian men on this website enjoy publishing sexually provocative photos of Iranian women and call them whores and other names. There is a direct connection between considerting women sexual objects or calling them whores and the rape of women! Both come from a profound lack of respect for women as human beings.




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Dear Persa:

Yes, you are right. Also, there are so many factors that come into play regarding the need for many men to humiliate women, which is more prevalent as we go from Western societies to the so-called developing ones. One factor that has long been overlooked and I will be discussing in the part # 14, #15 of my series of articles "Conceptualizing Gender" is the concept of Hegemonic Masculinity, which is one type of masculinity among several other ones. However, it is the dominant type of masculinity, the one most men of every patriarchal society wish to possess.

There are several elements that define Hegemonic Masculinity, among them: Repression of emotions (as this is not considered a human trait, but a feminine trait), Not having anything similar to a woman, Endless assertion of their Heterosexuality by constantly talking about women in sexual terms, letting others know that they are sexually interested in women. It is because dominant men are so afraid of being as Homosexual, because they are much more homophobic than women and other men. This applies especially to the Iranian culture which is a homo-erotic culture.

In Iran, the unnatural separation of women and men for over so many centuries has made Iranian men (and women) psychologically (and not sexually) homosexual. At the same time, because of the separation from women, there are many men who do have sex with other men, without considering it to be real sex. But no-one should know about it. In the sex among men, those who play the “active “role” are considered superior to those who play the “passive” role, which is inferior because of its similarity with the role of women (in the men’s mind). Here, we see another trait of Hegemonic Masculinity: in the competition between different types of men with different masculinities, the man with Hegemonic Masculinity would always play the “active” role.

The competition between men is much more than that and varies according to their social class. In the middle and upper middle classes, besides the above, having more education, more money, more professional status, a beautiful wife they can show off to other men (trophy wife), bigger houses, latest models of any car considered fashionable. All of these and many more are the traits of Hegemonic Masculinity.

Back to the obsession of the Iranian men to show that they are very sexual and interested in women; as I said before it is a sign of their insecurity regarding their sexual orientation. Some of the male contributors of this website feel obligated to constantly refer to something sexual in their jokes or comments, publish “sexy” photos of women, and with the help of a few friends, both show their sexual interest in women *and* to disparage them. The first one tells us that they are heterosexual (which is the most important trait of Hegemonic Masculinity). The second one is supposed to make them feel superior by insulting women (and clothes that show more flesh automatically allow them to do so).

It’s all about Masculinity having been constructed as rough and tough and dominant. These men, who are constantly preoccupied by their manhood / masculinity, have been conditioned to think that they have no choice but to maintain this learnt attitude because it is the core of their identity created since they were little boys. However, men are able to change their misogynistic and domineering masculinity and adopt different types of egalitarian masculinity.

I wrote too much. But let me finish by saying that men who are for women’s equality and liberation would never use women and their photos as the object of their amusement, their disgusting comments and their Predatory Attitude. Voila.



خانم آزاده، بقول هدایت "در وجود هر ایرانی یک حاجی نهفته است." منظور او این بوده است که برای ایرانی میزان تحصیلات او، طبقه خانوادگی او و حتی دین و ایمان او نمیتواند وجودش را از تعصبات فرهنگی که قرنها با آن عجین شده است آزاد کند حالا میخواهد مسلمان باشد یا یهودی و غیره. بسیاری از این تعصبات روی مسئله و گویش عامیانه "خواهر و مادر" دور میزند و تعصبات مهجورانه ای که یک فرد تا آخرین قطره خون از ناموس خودش دفاع میکند و مواظب چشم و دید پلید مردم میباشد که مبادا به ناموسش حتی یک خط بیافتد. ولی اگر خواهر و یا زن فردی دیگر بد پوشید و بد آرایش کرد، هم آن زن تحت توهین و تمسخر قرار میگیرد و هم به مرد او تهمت بی ناموسی خواهند زد. ناگفته نماند در ایران هم مثل هندوستان مردم بهمان اندازه در مورد تجاوز جنسی تعصب دارند و میدانید که چنین جرمی در ایران بلافاصله مجازات اعدام به آن تعلق میگیرد. ولی این الزاما و تماما دلیل احترام اجتماع بزن نیست، و بلکه بیشتر بخاطر تجاوز عنف بمال و متعلقات دیگران است، مانند خواهر، مادر، فرزند و یا همسر کسی. همین روحیه حاجی-نهفته-در-درون، از هر فردی یک قاضی شرع میسازد که تصور میکند بعنوان مرد میتواند از متعلقات دیگران نیز دفاع نماید. یعنی پلیس میتواند توی سر دختر بدون روسری بزند و اورا تنبیه کند، چرا؟ بخاطر فریضه امر بمعروف و نهی از منکر که برشانه هر حاجی گذاشته شده است و یا اگر عکس ناهنجاری از زنی دید، فیلسوفانه در مورد حرفه و نهادهای آن زن قضاوت نماید بدون آنکه کوچکترین اطلاعاتی در مورد آن زن داشته باشد. بسیاری از این عکسها که در اینترنت می بینیم از دختران بیگناهی هستند که در مهمانی ها و یا پارتی ها و غیره گول مردها را خورده و یا آگاهانه و یا ندانسته جلوی دوربین می ایستند و بعد عکسشان در تمام دنیا پخش میشود. حتما بخاطر دارید آن هنرپیشه زن ایرانی که بخاطریک دوست پسر نامردش که فیلمی از او را در یوتیوب گذاشت، مجبور بترک ایران شد. نتیجه آنکه تا زمانی که دست استثمار بالای سر ایرانی، او را از کودکی از جنس مخالف جدا نگهمیدارد امکان آن نیست که آن حاجی درون اصلاح شود و جنس مخالف همیشه بصورت طعمه و شکاری است که باید روزی بدامش بیافتد و نه یک مکمل او در زندگی اش. بدون شک و مطمئن باشید این فقط زنان ایران نیستند که از این موضوع رنج میبرند، بسیارند مردان ایرانی با آگاهی به این کمبود اجتماعی آنها نیز در اینمورد با احساسات شما شریک هستند، ولی از طرفی حاجی درون شان نیز باید راضی نگهداشته شود


Esfand o Atash

What I love about India and Indians is that the whole country took the incident so personally that they all protested for WEEKS. The trial had to be speeded up to appease the masses.

If this happened in Iran or Pakistan, they would say it was her fault for revealing her ankle or too much hair. If it was Afghanistan or NW Pakistan, they would have forced the victim to marry the attacker.

Well done India, you love your women like we used to.



India is a vibrant democracy and the population is not xenophobic or misogynistic like Iran.



Thank you Azadeh jon for pointing out the perversion of promoting scantly clad women that promotes sexism and misogyny in internalizing women as a dehumanized two-dimensional objects.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

In the past I have argued with a commentator on this site who used the word " whore" in describing the women whom politically he disagrees with. This type of behavior and choice of words tells more about the personality of these type of men than anything else. It has nothing to do with the way that a woman dresses as much as it has to do with a woman being a woman . It seems that the problem is the XX chromosome that she carries which allows others to be so judgmental on everything related to her.

Thanks for the blog Azadeh jan and more importantly thanks for your presence on this site.


akaDarya With life as short as a half-taken breath, don't plant anything but love. - Rumi

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G. Rahmanian

Dr. Azad,

I found a few problems with your blog and I'd like to address those problems here.

You wrote:

"While Indian men are protesting the rape of women, some Iranian men on this website enjoy publishing sexually provocative photos of Iranian women and call them whores and other names."

I could not help detecting a sexist attitude on your part where you have stated, "... sexually provocative photos of Iranian women ...."

Since contrary to your assertion I did not find the photos that were posted by my dear friend Faramarz sexually provocative, I decided to show them to several women in my neck of the woods including my non-Iranian spouse and asked them if they found the photos sexually provocative. The women were in their early thirties. None thought so.

In fact mentioning your blog to them raised some eyebrows.

If I'm not mistaken you have, on several occasions, defended women who posed nude and posted their photos on Youtube and Facebook and attacked those who made sexist remarks regarding those photos. If nude photos are not sexually provocative, how can showing only parts of on's body be considered as such?

And if, as you have stated, you believe the mere objective of the photos in question is sexual provocation of men OR women for that matter, then you yourself are seeing these women as sexual objects.

Indian men are protesting/can protest simply because they live in a democracy. Iranian men AND women do not protest in the same manner for the simple reason that protests of any kind are banned in Iran and are dealt with in the harshest of ways.

Also the regime in Iran is known to have raped, tortured, maimed and murdered prisoners of conscience. The protesters in India are seeking justice for the rape victims and are expecting the Indian judiciary to heed their calls for justice and legally punish the perpetrators.

Does the Islamist government in Iran that is involved in such heinous acts against Iranian women and men alike allow anyone to protest in support of the victims of rape whether they are raped by the law-enforcement agents or private citizens?

Furthermore, I don't know of any country where rapes are not committed. In the free world, such crimes are dealt with through legal channels. That is, we do not expect American, Canadian or German women and men to pour into the streets in protest against such inhuman acts, either. That is because the law-enforcement agencies are expected to handle such issues and not because of people's apathy with regards to such crimes.

You wrote:

"There is a direct connection between considerting women sexcual objects or calling them whores and the rape of women."

Could you please provide some links to studies that indeed show such connection?