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Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai nominated for Nobel peace prize by ruling Labour Party members in Norway : Pakistan, News - India Today

Fifteen-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by a Taliban gunman at point blank range as she travelled on a bus to school on October 9, has been nominated by the ruling Labour Party members in Norway for the Nobel peace prize. Continue reading »


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Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

who is more qualified and deserved of a Nobel peace prize - Malala or Shirin Ebadi?


Roozbeh_Gilani "Personal business must yield to collective interest."

I believe the nomination is highly symbolic. She is being nominated not as who she is per se, but as an example of hundreds of millions of females who are having their most basic human rights, such as education being denied and actively opposed to by Islamo fascists.
A great nomination indeed. I hope she gets it.



Nasrin Sotoudeh is more eligible for Nobel Prize than this girl! I understand that Malala gets more media coverage than Nasrin!
I was wondering if there is any age limit for winning the Nobel Prize?

I am glad that Malala survived the assassination attempt!

Can Ebadi nominate Nasrin?


farhangpooya In all situations, in or outside power, social problems require social solutions (در همه شرايط، در حاكميت و يا خارج از حاكميت، مشكلات اجتماعى راه حل هاى اجتماعى طلب مى كنند)

Who is giving the peace prize?
I hope it won't be anyone associated with those who promoted Taliban and Afghan Mojahedin during the Cold War against Russia.