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این ویدیو را در رابطه با بازداشت سعید مرتضوی گذاشتم
شما را نمیدانم...ولی اشک من بار دیگر سرازیر شد...


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

According to many reports Zahra was sexually assaulted during her interrogation because of her refusal to submit and in order to break down her resistance, during which her head received a traumatic head injury.
They poured cement in her grave so the body could not be accessed for autopsy.
Moratzavi was a central and direct participant in all these acts against her.

He is still alive and all charges against him are documented. We will never forget Zahra, Kahrizak,... or any other victim of Mortazavi's crimes.

Down with Islamic Republic of Iran.



ای بابا....اقلا شکنجه هم نشد؟



Thanks much for sharing & wishing peace with your heart. Always.


laylajoon Biologically produced. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and 100% fatal.

great post. I hope hajiagha does not suffer the same fate.