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Trita caught red-handed

No matter how outrageous the behavior of the Messianic Islamists, ever since its inception during the Bush Administration, NIAC Lobby and its lifetime leader has been blaming America for the lack of relationship with the Messianic Islamist Republic.

Should the Islamists again refuse to do so and soon, NIAC Lobby  and its lifetime leader will have to either point blank put all the  blame exclusively on them or their affiliation to the Islamists will be undeniable.

Above is from a recent blog entry.

Today, the lifetime ruler of the weaponized nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist Republic, Seyed Ali Khamenei, rejected America’s offer of unconditional, one-on-one meeting to iron out the differences.


Well, lifetime leader of NIAC lobby, speak up!


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Mehrdad A

The irony of this pic is like the three stooges have just received the news of Khamenie's refusal to negotiate with the US and have resorted to chemical and biological solution to mollify their despair: ALCOHOL. Interesting to see what will be the NIAC corps' next pitch but not surprising the they are hiding!



Brilliant Fredo! The axis of evil: Parsi, Aslan and Majd. Mouthpieces of the IR in the USA.



What negociation? The reason criminal Islamic gang came to power is the fact they were against western world and western values, otherwise, they wouldn't be in power. That was their campaign and their agenda during revolution.
They took American hostages, they chanted "death to America" for over 30 years. Now, after they put our nation in such a misery, negociation will be like a suicide for them. Noway,they negociate with west. Rahbar Ali Geda knows it very well, so he would never be agree to negociate.
The whole system is like a big machine that continues to destroy Iran. .. keep going forward and forward. ..It destroys any obstecle or anything appears on it's way. Big potential with big power for destruction. Our people suffer more and more. Where will be the end? who knows.

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Mehrdad A

Anyone interested in the other two losers? On the left, Reza Aslan whose photo ops with Khatami emboldened this reform-minded, anti US nationalist with fiery opposition to the Obama administration's support of the 09 Iranian uprising. On the right, Houman Majd, a relative of Khatami, who also tried to champion the reform movement abroad but got his ass kicked inside Iran. A menage a trois or 3 stooges?



These guys are such copy cats!

Reza Aslan wearing sneakers with his jacket and Houman Majd not wearing socks! That's so 90's and the message they are sending to their hosts here, sitting in their backyard is that we are too cool for the rest of you losers that came to see us!


Mehrdad A

Let them wear shoes with no socks (that guarantees a night in jail for men) and drink red wine in America (better not talk about this one in jail especially overnight) but shed crocodile tears for the green movement in Iran. Their supreme leader just dumped a crap load on them.


Jockshe American born Iranian (ABI) female and state champion in free style wrestling. Second year law student at the University of Chicago. You can bet your bottom $, I can feetileh-peach you like hulu!

Ali Khamenei will negotiate when you hold a gun at his head and give him two options, a) sign on the dotted line, or b) your brain will be splashed all over the paper. It has been long time overdue for America to give him the options! And I hope it will be the latter!


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

Fred I am disappointed at you, I thought you are stalking Trita closely and following all his steps. You have missed his article that covered Khamenei's speech. Ahh you have to Google for it, I have closed that window and am too lazy to search for it.

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به رغم ایجاد جو خوش بینی نسبت به حل و فصل مسائل میان ایران و آمریکا پس از استقبال مقام‌های دولت احمدی‌نژاد، آیت‌الله خامنه ای در سخنان روز پنجشنبه خود گفته که «امروز اگر کسانی بخواهند سلطه آمریکا را مجددا در کشور برقرار کنند، ملت گریبان آنها را خواهد گرفت.»

وی مدعی شده که «سیاست خاورمیانه ای آمریکا دچار شکست شده و آمریکایی ها احتیاج دارند برگ برنده ای رو کنند» و این برگ برنده به تعبیر رهبر جمهوری اسلامی، «کشاندن ایران پای میز مذاکره است.»

آیت‌الله خامنه‌ای افزوده است: «من دیپلمات نیستم، من انقلابی‌ام و حرف را صریح و صادقانه می گویم. شما (آمریکایی‌ها) اسلحه را مقابل ایران می گیرید و می خواهید مذاکره کنید، ملت ایران مقابل این چیزها مرعوب نخواهد شد.»

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