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1976-1981 Views of a well informed Journalist



In the following weeks I would like to present the views of a journalist, who followed the events in Iran very closely. It shows how different the politics of the Shah werde compared to the mainstream version of today, let it be iranian or the foreign papers. The intention is not to protect, support oder discredit any person (e.g. the Shah) of that time, but to update our knowledge, to compare and to be aware of the events going on in our region today. Some similar development seems to be underway. The most appropriate way would be to forget one minute the politicans (Shah, Islamic and so on) and to look at IRAN as a a whole, as an idea and obstacle to the plans of other powerfull countries in the world.



Juli 1977
Shah Says 'Colonialism' Behind Attacks On His ·Energy Policy
In an interview with French radio correspondent Edouard Salier, the Shah of Iran discusses the international attacks on Iran and the country's
plans for future areas of development and investment.

Q. What do you think is behind the attacks regularly
made against your country?
A. First of all, this began with oil; there is no doubt. When we began to shake things up, let us say, 50-50 percent, with Mattei (Enrico Mattei, the Oil Maverick who headed up the Italian oil complex ENI, and worked with the Soviets to undercut Rockefeller's hold on the European market in the early 60s - Ed.) at that point attacks against my country began. Mattei was killed but the attacks went on. Before all this there had never been any Iranian students making a noise abroad.
Iran had never been called into question by the mass media, American or European, but it began then. We continued our policy even more' strongly until we took complete control of our hydrocarbon resources about 5 years ago, then it became almost a mad hatred.

How could an Asian country dare? Well, we go forward with events: It is they who are behind events. Finally, a few months ago, even the highest' leaders of the West admitted that our energy policy was a good one - a true one - and they proposed exactly the same thing we had proposed 4 years ago.
The difference is, how can a small country dare to propose things that would not please certain interests which are very entrenched? The biggest cartels - I call them the entrenched interests, but it is purely and simply colonialism.
Q. Could you sum up the interests you have developed? (referring to further steps towards national development -Ed.)
A. Yes, the first step that we took, and which was already connected with this, was with nuclear energy, with the French and the Germans then with
the Americans. We even talk with the British, the Swedes and with everyone. That is something which is known. One talks about fusion, about plasma, hydrogen, separation of hydrogen from water and all that. A little is already known about solar energy. Well, I can say officially that we are ready even to invest, if need be, in these centers of international research, to assure our future.


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schamsi Schamsi

And please, do not comment with hate, but just in an objective manner.


Zendanian An injury to one is an injury to all.

خانم/آقای شمسی محترم
آیا شما تضاد و تناقصی بین حمله ی لفظی شاه به استعمار، و مدیون بودن حکومت خود به استعمار، می بینید؟



Generally speaking, when a dictator becomes a reformist and revisionist, that is the first step to his demise.

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I´m sorry, My Farsi is no longer that good that I can understand all of it...
Well first to zendanian: Male is the answer.
Again I just can repeat, that we should view tha past realistic and without any ideology.