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Washington And Tehran’s Perpetual Search For The Upper Hand - The Daily Beast

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, just poured cold water on the idea of bilateral talks between the US and Iran. Although the Obama administration has sought talks, both Washington and Tehran agree on one point: They are both skeptical about the prospects of future diplomacy and suspicious of the other’s intentions and capabilities for peace making. Continue reading »


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Here is a poem by the Unknown poet and inspired by Dr. Seuss children’s books called “We Don't Like You Trita!”

We don't like you Parsi Trita
Even if you ate Sangak, lavash or pita

Say what you want on your site
America is not Sweden, you have the right

Don't go around saying you're one of us
No way, you just got thrown off the bus

You are not anti-war as you claim
Just a lobbyist, after fortune and fame

You tell Obama "Roll the Dice", there is no pain
But why should Iranians suffer from the Grand Bargain

And when you say NIAC is so good goodie
Well then, let us look under the hoodie

NIAC is neither Iranian nor American
Democrat, Independent or Republican

We don't care for you Parsi Trita
'Cause you’re a goatee, not a Cheetah



I was waiting to see how Trita will turn Rahbar’s outright rejection of talks into a pro-Regime spin.

Well, he didn’t disappoint with this blog. The two key points of his incoherent babble here is first, the US and the west should offer Rahbar a face-saving way out of this corner that the Regime has painted itself into. And second, the Assad Regime is surviving thanks to the Regime's help and the House of Saud is falling soon making the Regime a regional power!


This is a wish list and not a professional analysis.



LOL, He is channeling Major Yahya Safavi::

"Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, former IRGC Commander and Senior Advisor to the Supreme Leader on Military Affairs, said that Iran is regarded in terms of politics and military as the first power in the region, and the role of the pious Iranian nation to this end is of prime importance."


iraj khan Peace Is The Way

Excellent and wise analysis by a really gifted Iranian, thanks for posting it.


choghok Your enemie's enemy is necessarily not a friend.

I think if Khamenei really thinks that Saudi Arabia is going to fall into its hand he must be high on something really strong. No way in thousands of years that gulf nations and USA would see that happen.

Also no way that People of Syria with so many dead would allow Assad to rule as before. Even if Assad takes control of Syria it will not be a Syria as before. It will be a very unstable country that can explode in any second, maybe if Russians and IRGC soldiers in every street corner they can keep the calm.

Trita is suggesting that Khamenei is gambling on that, in that case he is really desperate, and you know what happen when you gamble while in despair.


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The region is in such a volatile mess. I am curious to see what happens w/ Saudi Arabia's succession process. Suffice it to say they are in a tenuous situation that could deteriorate very rapidly. We'll see. The following article may be of interest to you: "With Prince Muqrin’s Appointment, Saudi Succession Crisis Looms"