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P_J. An Iranian!

Once I saw sad pictures of starving North Korean citizens eating grass to fight starvation, overcome hunger and to sustain themselves! Then we learned that Kim Jung IL, the late North Korean leader, had access to nothing but the best, eating things like beluga caviar and sipping snifters of Remy Martin cognac, the most expensive brandy, watching the first run American picture, while North Korean citizens starved.

Why do you think that Khamenei is any different? These inhumane, unjust and IDIOTIC sanctions are imposed on and are squeezing Iranian populous, not the Mullahs! Consequently they will have no immediate real affect(s), except creating misery on those most vulnerable, justifying Mullah’s claims and strengthening their grip and creating hatred toward West!

One wonders as to whether or not they are REALLY fighting the Mullahs or WHAT??!!