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NIOC board membership


National Iranian Oil Company board members 1962 and 2012. What a contrast, huh? in 1962 they were Western educated forward thinking technocrats. Today they are Hezbullah and Hamas terrorist group, card carrying members. Siphoning billions into theirs' and the supreme leaders' offshore bank accounts. America! you still want to negotiate with these low lifes??


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Roger_Rabbit Framed

Would have been be nice if Mr Ghaffari had provided us with some names although many of the former board members are known to those in the 'know.' But in all fairness the lower group have shown to be more committed to their own cause, as unpleasant to us as they may be, than the old bunch. For example I challenge you to name even one FREEMASON among the present board members.
I don't think any challenge is needed when the same question is asked in relation to the former group.

You know what I mean :o)



No sweat, my father (far left) was a freemason (as i am one). something to be proud of. if you know nothing about freemaonry, i suggest you google it. Freemasons, espouse free thought, free speech and free conscious. Not one religion in the world I know subscribes to that.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

"Not one religion in the world I know subscribes to that."

Bahaiis claim the same :o)



An none in the below group is ever going to imitate wearing CHARLIE CHAPLIN's comic clothing like the all above! Never!

Just to take a note of, America & Its Cronies!


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Jenab-e Mahmoud Ghaffari

Dear Sir Thank you for your informative blog. We also like all Iranians pay attention to the following info:

New faces in NIOC board

Date: Saturday, September 04, 2010

The main board of National Iranian oil Co. (NIOC) underwent dramatic changes which would stand for three years.
According to the ISNA, the definite members of the new main board of NIOC are as follows:

-Iran oil minister Masoud MirKazemi
-NIOC’s managing director Ahmad Ghalebani
-Managing director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Co. (NIORDC) AliReza Zeighami
-Managing director of Iranian Central Oil Fields Co. (ICOFC) Mehdi Fakour
-Legal affairs manager for NIOC Payam Bathai

Abdol Mohammad Delparish, director of corporate planning Dept. of NIOC, and Mohammad Ali Emadi, head of NIOC’s Research & Development Dept. have been also listed as reserve members on the board of directors.

Hence, Mahmoud Mohaddes, director of exploration Dept. of NIOC, Abbas Khanifar, director of NIOC’s human resources Dept., Mahmoud Nikou Sokhan, director of financial affairs at NIOC, Gholam Reza Hasan Beiglou, managing director of National Iranian South Oil Co. (NISOC), and Mostafa Zeinoddin, former director of legal affairs at NIOC left NIOC’s board of directors.


G. Rahmanian

Right after the revolution many bazaar merchants got their children into the oil company without proper qualifications. Thousands of qualified employees were either sacked or forced out of their jobs.

The whole idea of the revolution was gaining control over Iran's natural resources.


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Good one.
Don't leave out their select group of west residing, NIOC compensated lovelies.
Haji nuke lover chemist who works with the regime friendly lifetime leader of NIAC lobby is a perfect example.



You got it, its all about controlling the wealth it has always been. These are 40 thieves of Baghdad. A Mafia.