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Hey Joe, This is how to get the Mullahs to talk to the U.S.


The big news this week (from an Iranian perspective) was that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei rejected direct talks with the U.S. This was after multiple signals from the U.S. including a blatant expression of interest from Joe Biden - the Vice President in a speech the previous week to a foreign policy forum. It just can't get more blatant, more direct, louder than that!! Right?


As we all know the Supreme Leader is a Western Puppet anyway, and I don't know who they are fooling - with a blank check in the Caspian Sea for Western Oil companies exploiting Iran's sea bed stealing billions (maybe even Trillions) of dollars of Iran's natural resources, and with direct and indirect assistance from Iran to the U.S. campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan - and record trade with both countries despite what is apparently supposed to be global sanctions against Iran!! But just setting all these facts aside ... you can humor us a little!!


What if the Ayatoilet was actually for real, and wasn't a British Intelligence asset like all Islamists everywhere? What if he did in fact reject direct talks? What would it take for their to be direct talks? Well, I have an idea for Joe Biden - look at Michele Bachman's simulation - and you you get an idea of what in fact the U.S. needs to do. 


If the Ayatoilet was for real, he would tell you that with U.S. military bases surrounding Iran, two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, and despite the announced withdrawal from Afghanistan the U.S. still has 66,000 troops in Afghanistan ....and Global Sanctions against Iran....why should Iran accept a friendly hand of talks? Does it really make sense??


And with U.S. historically undermining Iran for over 50 years - why should there ever be talks with the U.S. I mean it wasn't so long ago that the U.S. asked Saddam Hussein to invade Iran, then supplied him with arms and chemical weapons - that lead to massive destruction and over 1 million deaths on both sides  - why should any U.S. administration be trusted by anyone?


Not to even consider CIA backing for the rebels in Syria (The Ayatoilet's Ally) or even CIA backing for the MEK, Jundallah, Kurds, Azeri's and Ahwazi's trying to splinter Iran... I don't get it - on what basis should the Ayatoilet want to talk with the U.S. Joe, even the idea is ridiculous. And you know it. 


I mean after toppling Mubarak, toppling the Shah -- staunch U.S. allies - who can ever count on U.S. support? Why? Really Joe - why? Why should the U.S. be trusted? 


I can think of only one reason why the Ayatoilet might consider talks - and it revolves arround the notion that these Mullahs are sex hungry! (I mean they were raping young boys on the war front, and they are all dominatrixes - right? They routinely rape young women political prisoners in jail). My reccomendation embodied in what Michelle Bachman is supremely good at...see the photo Joe. Go to Ghom and be prepared to kneel!! Kneel low, real low.That is what it will take Joe.


The Ayatoilet basically told you to s*** his D*** this week.


In the absence of some suction, its pretty clear that the only reason why the regime in Iran has actually survived is that it has very carefully rejected deep (direct) engagement!! They are unlikely to abandon this strategy. Their British masters have taught them good survival skills!


And anyway, the Nuclear issue (the apparent reason to have a conversation) is an international issue. Its upto the inspectors in Vienna to find or not find Iran in compliance with its Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations. The U.S. has no binding position on this - that is relevant.


(Ask Chuck Hagel, your new Cabinet colleague to explain his concept of  what relevance means!)


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