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BP's Slow But Definite Path to Death



This week BP announced that it had recieved over $34 Billion dollars in prospective claims from governments (local and state wide) arround the Gulf of Mexico - all claiming severe impact from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. 


This liability added to the $4 Billion or so in fines from the Federal government and $12 Billion in payouts already made to those impacted by the disaster combines to almost 65% of BP's market capitalization.


In addition, BP found itself on the short end of the stick in Siberia with Exxon-Mobil grabing major concessions BP was aiming to win. And in its Caspian fields, BP's production has dropped significantly.  Indeed, British Puppet dictator in Azerbaijan (Aliev), took the unprecedented step of threatening BP with serious measures for an apparent $8 Bn dollar shortfall in revenue from the Shah Deniz fields in the Caspian (that by the way is on Iran's Sea Bed).  BP controls all the oil transportation in the region with its controlling interest in the Baku-to-Ceyhan pipeline.


The only good news for BP today is that production in Iraq is growing dramatically in the worlds largest oil field (Rumala fields) that Britain mysteriously won after the Iraq invasion. So much for pushing the U.S. into war with false intelligence!! The  Brits have so far fooled everyone. Americans spent all the money and blood and the Brits have walked off with the grand prize!! Without Iraq, BP (and in turn Britain) would be bankrupt by now.


But BP is definitely getting its share of bad karma. But, if we are decent, it has to be recognized that this is one evil company, man. I mean, look at what they did to Iran alone. Planned the 1922 coup by Reza Khan (and take control away from Iran democratically elected Parliament and dissolve Iran's constitution). and after the second world war when Iran once again developed a democratically coerced the Americans to plan a coup to topple Mossadegh (Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister) -- all for Oil Then in 1979 when they needed high prices to justify investment in North Sea oil and Alaskan Oil fields, BP (and the British government) arranged for the toppling of the Shah in Iran and essentially pulled Iran's oil off the world markets to tighten supply and lift prices. Even today, the Brits have maintained a brutal theocracy in Iran, in order to turn Iran into a pariah - while they exploit Iran's oil and gas fields in the Caspian.


How deviant? How evil? How greedy?


For once, I really hope this American debacle becomes a death sentence for BP (a company once known as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company). A company established to destroy Iran and exploit its wealth ...before moving elsewhere to steal more oil and gas. And I hope Americans wake up to how they have been bankrupted - spent 3.2 Trillion dollars - for BP's war in Iraq. Its time they too woke up and buried this company for ever. F*** 'em. Sue the bastards to death.




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