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How REvolutions really Evolve. Starting with 1978/79 Ramsey Clark in Paris and in Tehran and New York

While Iranians for 34 years hold highly intellectuall and philosphical monologues and debates about revolutionary theories to try to compensate their minority complexes (Oghde) towards the "Western World", OTHERS, or better exactely the SAME responsible politicians in that Western world  are creating simple, but very effective facts, in our part of the world. I would like to focus on facts, while the British (BBC) try to distract iranian attention from those facts by ridicule iranians by terming them: "conspiracy theories". ON the pictures above you can see a few western politicians awarding the Chatham Democracy (?) price to members of the Tunesian Islamic Brotherhood, the british queen after awardment of the British Chatham Price to turkish President GÜL, representing the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, Jimmy Carter (sic!) with members of the Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood and Mr. Mursi, French Ex-President Sarkozy with the Libyan Part of the Muslim Brotherhood, British Foreign Minister with Syrian Ex-SHELL Worker Mr. Khatib, representing the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now go ahead or better 34 years back again and debate and philosophize about Revoutions, leftist, rightists, Shah=bad, Khomeini=clever, Islam, Marxism, Robespierre and French Revoution, European civilization, Democracy, dictatorship and so on.