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Mohawk Guy at the State of the Union



At the State of the Union Speech tonight at 6 PM, our Iranian-American Mohawk Guy, Bobak Ferdowsi will be sitting in the First Lady's box. Please make sure to watch it. And when President Obama will talk about Immigration Reform, I am sure that all TV cameras will be focused on him.


Way to go Bobak! You make us all proud.


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Putting all the kiddings aside, this is a great publicity for hard working, law abiding, and committed to America immigrants in general and Iranian-Americans in particular! The emphasis should be on Iran and not THE Islamic Republic.



He has another daughter and since Iranian men make good son-in-laws, he could be window shopping.

p.s. Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jewish who later on converted to Catholicism. I am sure that there is an angle here that the anti-Semite, pro-Regime folks on this site can sink their teeth into once they realize that Kerry is not going to follow NIAC/Reformers' advice.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Converted to Catholicism! Well, there is currently a position vacant in Vatican - can we persuade JK to apply?


Mehrdad A

...Certainly a pride for the 200-year melting cauldron called America and a thorn in the flesh of those who hate it including the ungrateful Iranians rooting for IRI.



Bobak Jaan - You are hanging around with the WRONG group of Americans.......taht is if you care for Iran at all!!



I did not get a chance to watch the State of the Union coverage either, I am still following Chris Dorner's fate!

So the mohawk dude got new hairdo?
any photos from the State of the Union?