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Mohawk Guy at the State of the Union



At the State of the Union Speech tonight at 6 PM, our Iranian-American Mohawk Guy, Bobak Ferdowsi will be sitting in the First Lady's box. Please make sure to watch it. And when President Obama will talk about Immigration Reform, I am sure that all TV cameras will be focused on him.


Way to go Bobak! You make us all proud.


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I did not get a chance to watch the State of the Union coverage either, I am still following Chris Dorner's fate!

So the mohawk dude got new hairdo?
any photos from the State of the Union?


IRANLOVESISRAEL Shlomo would love to entertain you and your significant other at his Kabab-Hammoom parlor in your next trip to Tel Aviv.

Putting all the kiddings aside, this is a great publicity for hard working, law abiding, and committed to America immigrants in general and Iranian-Americans in particular! The emphasis should be on Iran and not THE Islamic Republic.



Bobak Jaan - You are hanging around with the WRONG group of Americans.......taht is if you care for Iran at all!!


Mehrdad A

...Certainly a pride for the 200-year melting cauldron called America and a thorn in the flesh of those who hate it including the ungrateful Iranians rooting for IRI.



He has another daughter and since Iranian men make good son-in-laws, he could be window shopping.

p.s. Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jewish who later on converted to Catholicism. I am sure that there is an angle here that the anti-Semite, pro-Regime folks on this site can sink their teeth into once they realize that Kerry is not going to follow NIAC/Reformers' advice.


Roger_Rabbit Framed

Converted to Catholicism! Well, there is currently a position vacant in Vatican - can we persuade JK to apply?